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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Integrating Asynchronous Video Interviews Into Your Recruitment Tech Stack — Elevating HR

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Hi, Jon Brickner with HR Collaborative coming to you with this week's edition

of the Elevating HR series. And this week we continue our discussion around

Digital Transformation. And talking about one of the most disrupted areas of HR

is the recruiting space. And really the candidate experience, is not only do we

really need to bring in digital technologies to make that better, but

they can really add to that experience. So one of the techyou'll hear the

term "tech stack" — one of the pieces of the tech stack we use here at HR Collaborative

is video interviewing. I'd like to introduce Michelle Sullivan.

Michelle is our manager of talent acquisition here at HR Collaborative has

lots of years of experience including in the British Embassy. So tell us a little bit

about your experience with video interviewing and how that helps our candidates.

Yeah, so just recently here at HR Collaborative, we started utilizing

a video interviewing tool that definitely helps improve the candidate experience.

It gives candidates the flexibility to record their answers to our interview

questions whenever they have the time. It can be after work hours, it can be at night

during the weekends. It's really up to the candidates.

It also gives the hiring managers or the hiring committee a glimpse of the candidates more than just

on phone screen notes or text candidate profiles. With the use of video interviews

they are able to see the candidates on screen before they actually meet them in person.

Great! Thanks for sharing.

What are you adding to your tech stacks to make a better candidate experience?

We'll see you next week.

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