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We are Mikomom.~

This time, we're going to make a simple pasta at home.

My husband assistant is here again.~

Husband: Nice to meet you.

You look more natural.

Husband: Not really.

Pasta, spaghetti,

And you can put just one type of mushroom in

We have two types, so we'll just mix them together.

And parmesan cheese.

Basil~ You don't have to put it in, but if you put it in, it tastes really good.

And then olive oil.

Salt, butter, pepper.

And minced garlic.

I always use garlic in the freezer after I mince it in advance.

So this is a garlic cube.

Before preparing the ingredients, boil it with plenty of water.

Oh, and the most important thing in pasta.

You have to put salt in the water when you boil the pasta.

Otherwise, the pasta won't go well with the sauce and it's be bland.

Today's pasta is for four people today.

Dodam eats almost one adult portion.

So I'm going to make it thinking it's enough for four.

The boiling salt water is ready and it's time to put in the pasta.

How many minutes do you boil? If you look, it's all written on this bag.

It says here it's 12 minutes

Each brand has a different cooking time for the pasta

Just take note of what's written on the pasta pack.

Since I like al dente which can be a bit undercooked,

after boiling it for about 10 minutes, not the full 12 minutes,

I'm going to take it out and mix it with the sauce

We always fail to control the amount of pasta noodles.

One serving is roughly this much, this much.

Do as much as you want. The pasta won't be horrible just because you made too much pasta

You can always add more sauce. We can add more salt.

You can do whatever you want :)

Husband: Enough to be full.

Yes, enough to be full. Here we go! Drop it, please.

Husband: Twist and drop

Twist and drop. Yeah

I'm going to do three big mushrooms, six small mushrooms for four portions

Assistant, please cut the mushrooms.

Husband: I'm feeling we don't have enough mushrooms.

It's enough. You always make too much.

Husband: Coz I'm hungry

When aren't you hungry?

Husband: Never

lol lol lol

Just cut it gently.

also the stems

Now, mushrooms are ready.


Basil easier to chop once you roll it up like this

Please roll it together.

Now, we have about five minutes left.

Heat up the pen.Until it's really hot.

If the pan is heated, add olive oil!

Then they drop the mushrooms.~Basil is later.

Don't lower the heat and keep it high.

Because this mushroom produces more water than you think.

It's delicious when all the water comes out.

Now, the smoke is slowly starting to come out.

Don't worry. It's not burning.

The water is coming out of the mushrooms

When the color comes out a little bit, add salt.

The amount of salt is up to you.



It turned brown.

Now, if there's is some smoke like this and it's cooked to a beautiful brown

Lower the heat and add garlic.

Stir-fry it for a while and then add butter.

Butter! Hurry up! We don't have time!

The pasta is getting cooked. Pasta~

There's about a minute left. About a minute. Hurry up. Your butter.

The butter will melt on its own, so just mix it roughly.

Also put as much butter as you want. It's up to you.

Put basil in it! Turn off the heat now.

add the cheese

And we mix


Husband: Hot, hot!


Hmm, it's good when you feel a bit of the firmness in the middle

You have to put it in when it feels a bit undercooked to make it really delicious.It's perfect!

Put it in.

Yes, I will put pasta noodles now.

But I think we made too much

We always fail to cook the right amount

Husband: It's not a failure in cooking the right amount. We just cooked a lot.


The amount is well controlled.

Oh, did you adjust the amount well?

Husband: Uh-huh.

I get it.

Husband: It's just a lot.


Next, don't throw away this water, scoop it up a little and mix it.

Oh, you're doing great. You're doing great.



Add the pasta water as you like it

And add some more cheese.

Season it with salt

Oh, it looks delicious.

It looks like 6 servings, I don't think it's 4 servings.

If it doesn't mix well,

just put more pasta water to get the right consistency

Then the pasta is hot and the pasta water is hot, so the cheese melts well on its own.

Mix it well like this and it's done!

I'll put it on the plate beautifully.

Yes, turn it slightly like this.

That's right, that's right.

You can use the wrist snap to put it in a pretty way.

This is usually one portion in a restaurant.

This is one serving for us. hahahahaha

Now, what I'm going to add to this is...

If you sprinkle the cheese lightly, it will look much better.

We used to buy a whole parmesan, but it was out of stock, so we are using ground parmesan.

I think this is easier.

It's a lot easier. You don't have to ground it.

Now, let's wrap it up. Let's wrap this up.

Olive Oil. Whoo-hoo~

Oh, I think they sell it at a real restaurant.


I'll try it.

Don't forget to get a mushroom in you bite


Well, that's great.


It smells like garlic and mushrooms.

We did't put cream in it, but just cheese makes it look creamy.

Oh, it's really good.

(I almost spilled it after eating too much.)

Husband: Let's eat.

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