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Hey guys!

For today's video, as you can see behind me, I'm going to show you a few jeans.

I'm going to share a variety of them from slim to wide fit.

The brand I'm going to be sharing today is called US.

This is a brand that StyleShare launched last year.

This brand sells quality products at a reasonable price.

This is the first time trying this brand out,

and they are super nice.

'US', as the name suggests, designs jeans that are informed by customer opinions.

These jeans were also surveyed on and tried on by 1,159 people.

Although it's my first time trying this out,

I've been really enjoying these products.

All of the jeans I'm showing you today are 32,000 Won.

If you get extra discounts, you can get these on the 20,000 Won range.

That's why I wanted to share this brand with you.

I'm going to show you these jeans and share the kind of outfits I like wearing with a certain cut of jeans.

So in total, I'm going to show you 7 different jeans.

I prepared a little gift for you at the end of the video, so stay tuned for that!

The first pair I'm going to show you is this high-rise, slim fit pair.

After trying this out, I was quite surprised.

It fits nice and snug on me, which is the kind of fit I love.

There's no loose area, and it fits my body perfectly.

It's a quite basic, slim fit pair.

There's this distressed detail here as well.

I don't like it if the distressing is overdone, but this small detail in the front is quite nice.

These are super high-waisted too.

A really nice thing about these jeans is that they come in two different lengths.

There's a 'Long' version, which is 3cm longer than the basic one.

As you can see, there's this much difference.

So it'd be great even if you're quite tall.

It has a subtle wash to it as well, and the color is pretty.

But above all, the fit is amazing, and you can probably tell from the try-on clips.

These skinny fit jeans work well with loafers,

so I'm pairing them with a pair of loafers too.

With these jeans, I like wearing tops that aren't too tight, with a little bit of room.

I think it's a great cut to create a chic vibe.

These jeans are also quite stretchy.

I like jeans that fit snug on me, even if they're a little tight.

They only have this mid-wash shade, but I hope they release other washes as well

since I love the fit of this.

The next pair has a straight fit that isn't too wide, which is my favorite cut of jeans.

This is just right up my street.

Just like the slim-fit pair I just showed you, this also has a longer version.

You should check out the two different lengths before purchase.

This pair comes in three different shades.

There's light wash, dark wash, and a black pair.

I'll show you the light wash one first.

This shade is so pretty.

This is the perfect light wash shade that I love.

The washing isn't too overdone, and it's a nice skyblue shade.

Isn't the color really pretty?

I love this shade so much.

It fits snug on my waist and my hips, and it falls in a straight fit from there.

It narrows down a little towards the ankle too.

These jeans go really well with a casual top.

And I like wearing sneakers or lace-up boots with these.

I like basic outfits like that.

That's it for this lightwash denim.

There are two other washes too.

This is a darker wash denim, and this is a black denim.

They have the same fit.

This dark wash is also really pretty too.

It gives off a really vintage vibe.

As with the light wash denim, the color is very consistent

since the wash isn't overdone.

The color is so nice, isn't it?

This brand picks really nice shades.

Personally I like wearing these mid-wash, vintage-y denim with graphic tees like the one I have on.

It looks really good with tops and shirts in a nice color.

Since these fit so nicely around the waist, I prefer showing this area off

by either tucking the top in, or wearing crop tops with it.

It looks nice when you can see the top of the jeans.

These black jeans also look really basic and clean.

It's a really pretty wash as well.

These jeans don't have the blue tint,

so I like wearing these with a white tee and a colored item.

That could be shoes, a bag, or a jacket.

Today I'm wearing these with a white tee and a pair of sneakers with a color accent.

That would be a really nice outfit.

The next one's these wide fit jeans, which come in two colors: light wash and mid-wash.

I'll first show you the light wash one, which is in a similar color as the straight fit denim.

But unlike the last one, it has these washed details.

It has a really clean wash throughout.

The overall fit is quit wide so it gives off a really hip and trendy vibe.

It's a super wide fit.

Those of you who watched my lookbooks would know but I like pairing these jeans with cropped tops.

Since the bottoms are quite wide, tighter tops look nice to give the outfit some contrast.

I always pair these jeans with fitted tops.

There are two colors, a light wash and a mid wash.

It's in a different shade compared to the straight-fit denim.

This is the straight fit jeans, and it's in a darker color which gives off a more vintage feel.

Yeah, so these two are quite different.

These wide fit jeans have are more washed.

Just like the previous pair, this also has these horizontal washed details.

This mid-wash shade is also really nice, and it's not too washed out either.

It's the perfect mid-wash denim.

It's kind of an in-between shade.

I like wearing these wide fit jeans with casual and hip outfits.

I love pairing them with sneakers like Vans or Converse.

The last pair of jeans I'm going to show you

is this one, which is much longer than the previous ones.

It's a high-rise, wide fit pair.

It's the same kind of wide-fit as the ones I just showed you.

This is a bit longer, so I recommend it if you're on the taller side as well.

This only comes in this mid-wash shade, but this color is still different from the other ones.

To compare this with the mid-rise wide denim,

the wash is different.

Compared with the straight fit denim, the shade is also quite different.

It's almost in a gradient.

This is the mid-rise wide fit denim,

this is the high-rise wide fit denim,

and the one on the very right is the straight fit denim.

The wash is different depending on the fit.

This also is really wide around the thighs.

This is truly a wide fit which has a ton of room.

These look really good with tight fitting tops.

You can wear this with a pair of sneakers for a hip and trendy feel.

I can't believe these are all 32,000 Won.

I showed you 7 different jeans.

Personally, I love the mid-rise straight fit jeans the most.

It's the kind of fit I really like.

I recommend these so much since they're really great quality but they're also very reasonably priced.

I've been getting tons of questions asking me where to get jeans under 50,000 Won.

These are the pieces I recommend for you!

If this is the first time you're buying from Style Share, you'll get a 3,000 Won coupon.

Then you can get one pair of jeans for just 29,000 Won.

And now's the time to share the small gift I talked about early on.

I'm going to share a discount code with you.

If this is not your first time buying from Style Share, use my code, "어스바이잉화데님" to get 2,000 Won off.

You can get one pair of jeans for 30,000 Won.

It's such a reasonable price, right?

This code applies to other products by Us, not just jeans.

So browse through the site all you one, and pick up whichever one your heart desires!

I'll put more info on the description box,

so please check that out as well!

That sums up this denim video.

I hope this video helped you out in some way!

I'll see you in the next one, bye! [Stay safe, really!!!]

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