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Welcome, and welcome to "How to Be a YouTube Gamer, Part 2."

If you haven't watched Part 1, click here.

...anytime now.

If you followed all the steps in the previous video,

you should've made your first video by now and posted it to YouTube.

But that was only the first part. Now you need to learn the "in's and out's" of the YouTube website itself.

These tips may apply to videos other than gaming, so take notes 'makeup-gurus',

Some of this might actually work.

This is the YouTube video page.

Which will probably change to something stupid sometime in the next couple of months

because YouTube tweaks the website more often than

George Lucas tweaks the original trilogy.

This, is the like and dislike button.

The higher amount of likes, the more reputable your video looks

Remember, if the ratings are disabled,

it probably means the video got so much hate that you should just click away.

And over here, we have the comments.

This is where anyone, and EVERYONE can voice their opinion.

Which is actually pretty terrible.

Some comments are supportive,

some are hateful,

some are clever comebacks,

some are ten year olds supporting their favorite YouTuber,

some are Darude - Sandstorm

some are links to shock sites,

we have something here for everyone!

Unless you disable comments on your video,

which only the most butthurt of people do!

Congratulations, now you know how to navigate the basic YouTube interface.

But wait! People still don't watch your videos?

Assuming your videos are actually good and people just aren't watching them,

here's some tips on what to do.

To get people to watch your videos, you have to have advertisements.

Advertisements are the key to any good marketing strategy.

Go to a popular YouTuber's channel, and type something along the lines of:

"Dear _____, your videos really inspired me to make my own YouTube channel.

Now I have over 10 subscribers, blah blah blah," you get the idea.

It's a subtle way of saying "Please check out my YouTube channel"

and almost no one notices you're advertising.

Also make bets saying,

"If I get _____ subscribers, I will do ______",

with that ______ being a stupid prank that you'd probably never do.

When you get that amount of subs,

Just repost the bet with a higher amount of requested subs.

Also remember to make some fake accounts, and reply to yourself with some compliments,

so people know you're the "real deal".

If people are gonna want to view your channel, you have to make it look interesting.

Make the banner a low resolution picture of your channel name drawn in MS Paint.

See all the options to sort videos over there?

Use ALL of them.

And put them together with no rhyme or reason

so it looks like a cluster****.

On the side over here where you can put other YouTuber channels,

just list off the people you say are your friends, when in reality they blocked you decades ago.

And over here, you can put links to different sites.

Just put links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

that no one actually wants to view.

You have to put your Google+ Page in the links anyway

because YouTube is run by control freaks.

When to upload your next video is the big concern.

Some people like to have a consistent uploading schedule,

for example, one video a day,

so that their viewers know when to expect a new video.

Instead, post a video whenever you feel like it.

Be sure to take an eight month hiatus,

with no explanation as to why you left until after you come back.

Then post a short, text-only video

explaining how you were "too busy" with schoolwork to actually give a crap about your channel.

Now, we wait for the subs and views to roll in.

What, you thought you could just get 10,000 subs overnight?

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.... was built in TWO days.

Keep doing what you do and the success will come in eventually.

Wow, it's been a while since I last checked out your channel.

Seems like you've went from 15 subs to 17 subs doing what you do, and using my advice.

Looks like you've officially "BECOME FAMOUS".

But now it's time to take it a step further.

How you ask?


Who doesn't want to make four million dollars a year off of mindless twelve year olds

that will defend your videos no matter how bad they are?

Well, you know who I'm talking about.

Let's go sign up for a Google Adsense account.

It only takes about ten years to process,

and then, you can make money off of your videos.

Well, the ones that don't have any copyrighted music

or Nintendo footage, by the way.

Well, you know those obnoxious ads that pop up at the bottom of your video?

Or the ones that start up before the video plays, and you end up watching a different video because of it?

Well, every single time someone clicks on one of those,

you get like....

a cent or something!

Don't worry, that adds up to like....

a dollar.... eventually.

Something optional to take into consideration is to join a YouTube network.

Machinima is the most popular gaming network...

...I'm pretty sure...

There's so many I don't really give a **** anymore.

All you need to do is sell your soul to

and you can plaster that spinning "M" outro onto all of your videos.

Because so many people are partnered with them,

joining them is like getting a follow from KingBach on Twitter.

It's cool for two minutes, then you realize

everyone else in the world also got a follow.

So it's essentially useless.

Be careful, because once you sign up,

they basically own your a** for the rest of your days.

Unless you pull a Ray William Johnson and try to leave your contract,

but I'm sure you know all about that by NOW.

Oh, and you know how you have your main YouTube channel?

Make ANOTHER channel for no apparent reason.

Twice the views, twice the money,

twice the comments on people saying you've soldout,

TONS of people have second channels.

Even I do! ...well, almost.

But let's say you've followed all of these steps, and your channel STILL isn't a success.

God knows why....

You still have one option left...


But of course,

none of those 'viewers' will actually comment or like or subscribe,

and your channel will be taken down for spam quick enough

because YouTube actually checks to see if your videos are fake or not,

and that's why the viewcount stops at 301.

If you've tried all these steps and still nothing works,

maybe it's time to find a new website.

Try livestreaming video games on sites like Twi-

uh... I mean Hitbox. Hitbox. Yeah....

Streaming is becoming a profitable niche some gamers like to use.

And when I mean gamers, I mean fish.

As in fish, playing Pokemon for thousands to watch.

On a side note, you can always abandon your YouTube channel and start a Vine career or something.

Congratulations! You've officially cemented your success as a YouTuber.

Also, be sure to share this on all your favorite social networking sites,

and tune in to next week's video,

where I will talk about how to abandon your YouTube career

and get a TV show!

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