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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: INSTAGRAM - Expectation vs Reality | Hacks & Tricks for Perfect Pictures | #Fun #Anaysa

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Click some of my Pictures want to post them on Instagram

mine too...

Ok I am sitting here at sofa and you click pictures

and mine click here with this background

now lets see the pictures

Nice Pictures na :-))

so post them on Instagram

she ruined our pictures now its our turn to take revenge

Click one more

How is it possible!!

now both of us will click her pictures in that pose

this is not fair

Our good poses look weird in Pics

and your weird one looking nice

I am the Master in Instagram Pictures

you'll have more fun in the video as

today we've brought for you Instagram Expectation vs Reality

now will you please click good pictures

now give 1,00,000 Likes fast

but we don't have them

we borrow that from you all

so what are you waiting for hit Like and enjoy the video

have you seen its so easy to take pictures like this

otherwise taking pictures at your home is a curse

Someone is sneezing, shouting, farting... :-))) somewhere

Now you know how you can take good pictures without any busy background even at your home

Oh Mom its us

Oh God.. even I have a doubt about it earlier

no matter if my hair is looking weird...

turn aside...

he's making slow motion pic

Hi.. I am your new neighbour

I wish too to post slow mo mov of my hair on my instagram

but what should I do with these broomy hair

so what I say...

Have you listened to Parachute Aloe Vera

she used to do massage her hair well whenever she step out

this makes her hair manageable

as the oil contains aloe vera makes her hair soft and silky

and then she asked me always to take slow mo mov or pictures

so nice... look here..

give me my camera back

not in the age to play with these

so what... should I do kidney Operation at this age

I ain't giving it... now go away

its looking nice

move to that branch

this is awesome those who don't have glass window in their home

they can do water spray on glass of photo frame and then click awesome pictures using it

I wanted to post my picture like this... with #motivation

but I ain't be able how to do it

but bhaiya its too easy in real

Mummy he is having an affair with our neighbourer Kanta

have you clicked the picture

yes and the boomrang too

now lets hold all of our stuff

this is an awesome idea to enjoy the picnic even at home

if you don't be able to go out

Party!!! in my garden...

and here I uploaded all the photos

and did you follow us on Instagram at

and now they all the tricks too

so hit Like

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