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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Subnautica | Part 56 | NOTHING BUT BONES DOWN HERE...

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody. My name is Markiplier,

and welcome back to Subnautica.

Now, you may not be able to hear it,

But if you listen closely, you can h-h-hear the screams

of hell from where we are.

Because were currently down in the Inactive Lava Zone,

Or as I, have recently discovered

"The Very Active Lava Zone with a lot of living creatures,

and a lot of horrible monstrosities." ( ͠° ͜ʖ ͠° )

And we're gonna get to that in just a second-


But I wanted to point out,

I'm currently running out of space for these lockers, so, *Inhales*

I know I wanted to build a locker for every single one of these,

but I actually don't have any more Titanium-

And in order to get some, I would have to go back up to the Surface,

And I'm not gonna waste you guys' time with that.

So I'm gonna read four names,

Instead of just a normal three,

So first up is Gretchin Wenther who said:

"I'm watching this to unwind and relieve stress after taking the A.C.T. today.

Love you Mark, you always help cheer me up."

So thank you so much Gretchin for watching,

I'm really glad these videos can make you a little bit happier,

After some stressful testing,

And to follow up that really nice comment, Uh-

Shortyplays1 says:

"Mark, you need to try to scan the Sea Dragon-Leviathan,

without being attacked like this so he sees this."

That is-

By n- far,

The worst idea, I have ever heard

in the history of Subnautica,

And i-if you actually want me to do that,


But, okay..

I'll try my be-hest,


Next up is Dinnerbone,

Uh- Who said:

"Mark I'm so proud of you.

Watching the series,

I have watched a "Bitchy-Baby-Boo"

develop into a less bitchy man.

Keep up the good work."

Thank you for that Dinnerbone.

Uh-I'd like to think I've replaced my-

"Bitch-Baby" nature with a more,


Type of nature,

Uh- That doesn't actually help anything while I'm down here, but

Makes me feel better. (Are you sure about that Mark?)

And last up is Galaxyghost who says:

"If you hear recurring chirping inside a powered vehicle,

That means you've probably have a Lava Larga-

Larva attached."

*Looks at the ceiling as if Macho Man is going to land an elbow drop on him*

I'm not sure if those sounds are a Lava Larga, but

It's also- *Mumbles*

Creatures that I don't wanna hear.

"The weird material in the lava zone is Kyanite.

You must've had something bugged with your game,

because you should be able to mine that."

Okay, so that's good to know-

I- I don't know what to do about it now though.

Uh- and then, three (Three?):

"Next time put a condom on Big Box Barry."


I- I'd like to think that's not my job to

Personally do that sorta stuff,

but, I- I'll have the-

th- Sex Talks,

with Big Bocks Barry,

And uh- the responsibility he needs to take

as a father from now on.


As you can see-




The weird.. creature-

I-d don't know what you are,

and I don't know why you're here-

Are my lights even on?

Oh, there we go.

Now I can't see anything still-

Okay.¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_


What I need to do,

before I go any further in here-

I know you guys are dying to see the Lava Dragon,

but I,


the Alien Research Lab.

I need to get to that,

because the story,


paramount for this.

If I don't do that-

and I'm not entirely sure where I am

by the way.

I'm a little bit lost,


I'm gonna try my best to turn this-

180 degrees, back round,

And to stick my ass-

back through the crevices,

that I dragged it through-

And I'm killing creatures on the way,

And just, get-

back-- OH what is thaaaaaat...?

Is that a Laaava Ray-



YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL~♪ ( ͡°з ͡°)

To me~♪? (Says Mark half-disgustingly)

Oh boy.

I don't like that at all.

With my luck,

I'm gonna run Smack-Dab into the very

center of the Dragon.

And I'm actually going deeper,

into this hellhole.

And, uh-

not at all, coming out of it.

And I never will. And I'll never see

anybody ever again.

Oh m-hey, you gonna s-

Oh~ good.

Get rekt bitch.

Okay, this seems to be generally kind of upward so,


I'm gonna assume that this is the way I came-

Well you know what they say about assumptions.

They lead you directly into the mouth of a

Sea Dragon-Leviathan,

That wants to eat you whole and even if-

Even if everyone tells you that it can't damage your-

Big, Giant Cyclops,-

Something tells me that's still going to try to

Eat me dead, and I'm gonna-

Be dead when I get eaten,

But not for AWHILE, but-

Until I ..pass through its digestive tract...

Then I'll be dead.

Somewhere in,

The actual-


Not in the Lava Zone, but in the river,

There's another alien base

that requires this orange artifact. And

what I've been told, I haven't looked

this up to confirm this, but what I've

been told and the reason I need to find

that alien base is because I need to use

my orange artifact to get in there and

then I need to *sigh* get another artifact from

there to be able to use it to unlock the

lava zone one. So I can't progress without

it, so that's why I have to backtrack and

here is... aha

Okay this isn't the tree, but this is the

forest where the tree was, so I... I will

be back when I find it, and trust me I

know what I'm doing when it comes to

getting lost

so you can count on me being gone for

quite a--SORRY! quite a while, so I'll be

right back.

Uuuh Momma Bomba! Ah man, this still blows my mind that this is

all here

I mean I know it shouldn't, cuz' it's a

game but even so.. God, I just can't help but

imagine that there is stuff like this

hidden down in our own oceans, because

we can only map as far as radar and

sonar will allow us to see the ground


What if there's underwater under, under

the floor of the ocean; cave systems just

like this?

Miles and miles below, penetrating into

the crust of the earth, and there's just

weird, disturbing life that lives down


that is a- that is a horrifying thung that I don't

want to think about it too much but it's

a possibility because we don't know... WHO


that get eaten by those things know. I don't

know what's over here... it might be

something- what is that? Ooh, is that it?

What is that?

Okay-- ah! well this is something. Okay this is

definitely something

This looks like precursor, but it looks

derelict and crashed and just... kinda-- kind

of not doing so good if I had to venture

a guess

Whoa, how did I miss this? This is just

around the corner. The plateau just

before you drop down into the

braintree thing, if you take a corner

that's kind of like off to the side-- is this-

is this an entrance, noooo ─=≡Σᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗthat is not

an entrance, ok. SO what are we dealing

with here? Is it- is this the thing that I

was looking for ? I'm going to assume

that it is my-- My, the gravitational pull

feels weird here

Ok, so there's got to be a way in; I think

my best bet... Is that me crashing into

something or something crashing into me?

I don't know which option I want more,

but I think this might be what I'm

looking for, because otherwise why would

be a giant precursor installation here,

as derelict as it might be?

So I'm gonna- whoa. Hey Warper buddy! Oh, ok, alright then

Well i'm gonna go down there and I'm

gonna see what I can-- what I can do

about this. Lemme just eat up before i go down

I've got my orange artifact on me and

I've got, more importantly, my Keep Calm

Kitty poster, which is definitely gonna

keep me brave and calm in the face of

sure death... which i think i'm going to

find-- Wow, things look a lot-- a lot bigger

once you're out of the Cyclops and

actually on the ground here

Whoo boy. Oh mamba jamba, what are you?

I'm just checking the sides first before

i go on the top or around the bottom, just want

to be thorough about this, and give a sweeping

search.. Some kind of skeleton down there?

Yeah, that's not- that's not machinery-- ooh

Something's not happy with me being down here...

But, that's definitely a skeleton, of some

sort, and we've got just... looks like just a...

Kind of a hole there, but not a way in

Oh, that gets trapped down here, that

must be what the shiny thing was I saw

Right! Let's get moving. Go around the sides

Yeah, it's got a lot of damage

I don't know what would have caused this

damage, besides, like, internal power

failure causing explosions and whatnot,

but.. something happened here and it's...

Whatever it is, it's not friendly

Ok. So I've looked pretty much on every side

of this thing; it doesn't seem like

there's an entrance right now, the big

docking bay that I would have guessed to

be an entrance, seems to be closed off

so, I'm just gonna assume...

*bang* Sorry about that!

Sorry, sorry - I'm just going to assume that all

is right in the world and I move on with

my search for this thing, and this is not

what I'm looking for even though it

looks definitely like what i'm looking

for. Cause I- I checked every side of that

thing and... Whoa, wait a minute! Okay, maybe

I didn't because, holy shit, I- how did I

not see this?

What the fuck is that? What is- is that

unfinished textures?

Really? No way! How did I- how did I miss

that number one- I'm just going to go out- agh

I gotta go on the suit..

How did I miss that? Ok, I almost missed

that. I was just about ready to give up.

Holy shit, let me in there.. what the fuck-

Ok, I found... *rumbling noise*.. alright then- I found what

appears to be an unfinished area.

It's untextured... and this kind of here

What the heck is this? Is that a map? Was that what

they look like, just the interpretive art?

Ah, that's graffiti that's what it is

Whoa, just like glowing walls that- whoa,

what the frick is that? Hello? What the hell? Is that like-

is that like an aquarium in there?

Woah, the inside of this is an aquarium

What the hell... I mean I know this is

unfinished, so like, none of this has

all of its polish, but- wait that's...

This- is that an entrance to it? Should i go in there?

Oh, its some sort of medical bay?

They were studying something? Holy shit...

Where am I..? I'm literally in an

observation area inside- is this where....?

I think this is the unfinished place, where

the precursor researchers were

studying the.. the- not the sea dragon, but

the sea Emperor... unless this is where the

sea dragon was, and in its escape

destroyed the facility, which might be

totally plausible, I have no idea but..

This is so weird..

I mean I- obviously this isn't what I'm looking for, this isn't

where I use the orange artifacts because

this is unfinished, now, I know for a fact

that the, uh, the other one is part of the

main game right now, but this is still

fascinating to see--

HEY, don, no no don't come in.. Don't be ridiculous

Come on, *mumbles* Ok.. SO that's, that's

fascinating. So that's either the place

where the sea dragon Leviathan was held

OR it's the place where the sea Emperor

will eventually be held, and that's- whoo

That is crazy cool but either way I

think I'm in the wrong place to get what

I need for this. There's a lot of

skeletons, just buried (*bang*) down there, and I can only

assume that the precursors were

exploring this area and trying to find

stuff out about the, th- the animals that

lived here and

something went wrong and they died, so

What's so fascinating is there's still

that giant skeleton, this humongous

skeleton, the enormous skeleton just

laying out in the main area, and what the

hell was that, too?

THAT is a creature that existed on this

planet, so in this world, in their

prehistoric times, if they don't even

have written history, but, before them

came enormous creatures, just enormous

creatures.. how terrifying with the

entire reality, how horrifying with all

of that, I cannot imagine, and I don't want to

imagine. I will- I will nevertheless

continue to imagine, because I can't

help myself now, because that buried in

my brain, but, hopefully.. hopefully, we

don't have to meet any of those

creatures in our lifetime... maybe

And welcome back, welcome back you may be

saying, but where are we now?

Oh... well that's different

Anyway, there are some changes now

because -- it's a good thing I actually

looked up before I spent an hour

searching like I did the last time -- uh, the

alien cache, or the precursor cache that

the orange artifact is necessary for

wasn't in the live version of the game,

it was in the experimental version. So I


It's located in a place called the, the-

the Ghost Canyon, I believe it's called

I'm not a hundred percent sure- it's in the

ghost canyon, or something to that effect

I'm not a hundred percent - and you may

notice that there's some slight

differences here, one: you got the

translucent douche bags floating around

I don't mean to call you douchebag that

I'm assuming you're very nice.. very nice

perfectly normal creatures of the deep

that I don't like very much, but also, I'm

literally in a place that I just saved

and then loaded up, and I think I see it?

Yes, I do? Hi Smiley Jim- oh boy, you are


Whoa... hey- Oh, crab squid, that's new

Oh no.. but anyway, so if you go in the

Ghost Canyon, which is the main place

that I just went to- GO AWAY!

Ohh, don't even think about it! Ya can't

affect me, my Cyclops is nigh invulnerable

Alright you do whatever you feel like

But, if you go in the ghost canyon, normally

you take a right to go down to the giant

skeleton, but in the experimental version

right here- ohh, that's loud.. right here, the

entrance to this weird creature,

apparently this, this creature right here

was strange enough that the precursor

set up an entire lab dedicated just to

studying this thing. Now, you know, they

dedicated resources to studying things

like the sea dragon Leviathan- and I am

now stuck on it which is great(!)

can I keep MOVING? Oh, why am I stuck on this?

HEY! ALL RIGHT! Let me go I got a little

further down - either way but I think

this is it.

Oh yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda

So I did- I did waste quite a bit of

time looking around for this thing, and I

apologize for that, I'm trying to do my

best here. Let me just pop out the

batteries because i need to switch-swap them

over. Badadaboop, ba bababoop- Ooh, these are

nice and black. Charred? Have they been

burnt? (ooh boy) and this one.. Uh are we not up to full

power, is it using them spread evenly in

the experimental version?

Ooh, hello. You go there.. you go there, and we

should be up to full ish.. and I've got a

lot of- a lot of the duds here..

Okay, good enough, ok. So, now that we've got

that i'm gonna take Mr. Fister out with

me into this place, for as long as I need

to use Mr. Fister- whoo

hey, ho man.. That is weird, it's like it

reminds me of something from Starcraft

like in the Zerg things, I think from

Broodwar the thing that shot little


no that was the Protoss. Ehh, I don't know my-

don't know my Starcraft anymore because

*mumbles* Ok, so this should

be the terminal, and that means I'm

gonna save, I'm saving the

experimental version which might ruin

my save entirely, I haven't backed it up but

I'm committed to continuing in the

experimental mode because is where all

the crazy stuff can happen but i'm going

to save, because, boy howdy, am I weird.. right

bop that bad boy down in there, oh yeah

I'm almost wasting all of my time

Alright open up for me- Ooh.. whaat's thiiis...? Whoogh...

What dramatic music you seem to be playing for some

strange reason

Ohh ok... (eugh, alrighty then) So there's some kind of bony alien

own specimen case- ohh, that sounds

horrifying.. Oh yeah I'll get a good read

of that one

Ohh... so they were just as curious as i was

about these bones going to davis I'd

actually taking with them and then the

ghost of the horrible monstrosity

followed them and murdered them all.. Ok, these

fossils likely came from an ancient

ancestor of the Leviathans which inhabit

the planet today

HEY! That's- that's actually exactly what

I guessed, isn't it?

I'd like to think so anyway, ok oh its that

weird map thing again, okay

Fauna Reproductive Data - Mmm, I bet that's

an enticing read. Ok, this terminal

contains extensive data on the

reproductive methods of the local fauna

found on the planet evolved with a

single gender capable of both egg laying

and insemination. Eggs once laid usually

require genetic material from a second

individual to reach maturity. In rare

cases there is only one true parent, with

evolutionary mutation introduced by the

effects of the environment itself on the

delicate genetic structure of the child

Research appears to have been focused

around hatching conditions and genetic

variations between parent and child

this is consistent with the theory that

the aliens were invested in manipulating

the life cycle of the local species to

their ends

Why though? Why though? Why did they do

this? Why? I mean there's a lot of

questions like for research that we

humans do it was like, I don't know

because we felt like it,

I don't know, because we were bored, I don't know

because we want to dabble with powers

beyond our control

You know, something along those lines

Man, this is just weird

All this stuff.. oh really, research

equipment, hell yeah. I want to know about

the probing table, that'd be nice, and I need to

get the data

yes you're right... ooh... Okay all right then I'm

gonna.. I'm gonna assume that that means


Ok, "These local flora are being held in stasis.

The aliens evidently sought an extensive

knowledge of the planet's ecosystem. The large

laboratory table and accompanying

scanners incorporate technologies far

beyond our current level of

understanding. Hypothesis: equipment

maintenance; staff maintenance; specimen

analysis; speen- specimen gene

manipulation" What are- These alien sure

did like their genetic manipulation,

which is awfully nice of them. can they

do some manipulation on me to make me

not so terrified of everything down here?

That'd be nice

Excuse me. Abduct me, please. Mother ship- oh..

Sorry I only got the wrong hole

Bedeboop- oh that guy's definitely, ooh that

guy's all kind of uh, -???- so

anyway, now that I'm in the

experimental mode I can actually do

something that a lot of people were

recommending me but I couldn't do which

was to scan myself. *text onscreen*

*text onscreen*

*text onscreen*

*text onscreen*

*text onscreen*

Okay... so if i take my glove off now, what am I

going to see? *bang* What bumped up against me?

No, nothing so far. I am infected though, so

that's good to know

Greeaaat. I'm super infected, whoopdi doowhoopdidoo-

But, anyway we found that, so unlike what I

assumed, we did not get another key but

now that we're in the experimental mode

we should see a lot more changes

progressing more quickly as we go down

into the deep. Alright, so we finally

found out- we discovered some

interesting things about these creatures,

and this is indeed a prehistoric remnant

of the Leviathan species

I'm really happy

*mumbles* I'm

really happy that those big ones aren't

around anymore, but knowing the

precursors, were they trying to resurrect

that lost species for their own ends?

Were they trying to use something about

them, to benefit their species in

general? An- and it's weird that they would

considering the precursors are such an

obviously technologically advanced


Why would they need to? They're able to

genetically manipulate pretty much

anything including their own species so

why would they need to? But, sadly, I am

actually all out of time- taking a big

dip over here-

I know it seems like I'm just not

showing you guys everything that I intend to

but I've made a promise that I was

going to go through this

this time i was playing through again

calmly and collectively and we keep

discovering amazing new things and I

love every second of that, because every

single time I go into this game, I'm

surprised - every single thing I meet, I'm

surprised - and I love that feeling of

surprise, I do, I love it- I love knowing

that around every single corner is

something new and horrifying that I

haven't discovered yet, and yet, I keep

plowing forward despite my brain telling me

not to! So, it's still fun, and I hope you

guys are enjoying it too. I'll get that

back down to be inactive lava zone and

hopefully, the Kyanite will actually work,

and then I can utilize that in addition

to the other materials that are down

there, to hopefully upgrade my, my Mr.

Fister, who's going to take me down to the

very deepest parts of the Inactive Lava Zone

We'll get there soon

So, thank you everybody so much for

watching, and as always, I will see you in the

next video. Buh-Bye!!

The Description of Subnautica | Part 56 | NOTHING BUT BONES DOWN HERE...