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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Season 6 Episode 101: Season 5 Recap

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What are you thinking?

I'm in

I'm starting my own firm

That's fantastic

you and I are the new will and Diane

she's taking our top clients

I took you when no one wanted you

this is a business decision

you were poison

there is your opposition

you two used to be on the same side

didn't you?

I'm going to destroy the competition

Alicia Florrick?

This is a restraining order

preventing you from meeting

any representative of chumhum



you don't want to make me your enemy

and you certainly don't want

Alicia and me together

I'm hanging up now

I have a business to run

let's see how that goes

I want to talk about taxation

of internet commerce

we just lost chumhum

here here

I'm looking for a comment Eli

here's evidence of Peter Florrick

stealing an election

well that was the shortest

honeymoon period in history

the grand jury is going to look like

2 witnesses conspiring

to cover up election fraud

I want Peter Florrick

all you have to do

is testify against him

going to trial could take 6 months

Jeff look at me

I need you to hold it together okay?

Look, you lost a friend

you didn't lose your husband

I lost my husband

a long time ago

when I cheated it didn't mean anything

when I cheated it did

we're not going to see each other anymore

if you need me at a political event

you call the office

to will, a real man

we could merge our firms

you would want that?

you make a deal with Alicia

half the partners will rebel

I bring ChumHum back in to the tent

half the partners will be too busy counting

their bonus money

this is David Lee

what do you think about a merger?

i think that sounds interesting

you're isolating me?

a merger would make Lockhart/Gardener unwieldy

I've come here to ask

if you will take me?

Alicia, would you want

to run for State's Attorney


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