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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MELANIE MARTINEZ "ORANGE JUICE" (K-12) {ESMR REACTIONS}

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Melanie Martinez - Orange Juice

Everyone else called them the revengeance

What I do runs your crew. We are the ESF. I

See you did it so you can't be mad at me for doing it's ridiculous. That's why I did it

I rememeber find me on instagram edges at merrill productions in me. He doubled our I

doubled our production

Here with this person I man

Imma grow and wheezing to catch my own Instagram and Instagram only at 8 and WWE triple wine

The Cantor set is down below today. We are reacting to Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez. Yeah, get it, right you call her Mellie all the time melly-mel

Orange juice. I think this is of a cater to him. I've been trying to get the K to 12 things

This original crew I would try to get the 12th thing but she finds reasons for us not to so I kid

what is bad that's

New Melanie Martinez and recently I reviewed one of hers without you. I think you were you son of a bitch. Yeah

It was our earlier

You weren't there

I made sure of it middle s give this new my teacher here is much straighter in this her hair is curly. Yeah

it is usually I

Feel like issues acrylic. Are you really gonna cope right now? Yes wrong with you, bro

To me

Video, I'm sorry. I don't

I don't have anything to drink and

Hi, yo, Millie. Martina has orange juice Oh

See it's super straight here though. It's not normal in history

About bulimia spit it out


Music just cuz like I feel like it's so like she's so positive towards woman. Yes, she is

Well, I was just funny. I was thinking that exact thing like man. She should be like the president of things better women

She's very uh, I shouldn't say things. No, that's horrible. I apologize president of women Lee things. That's what I mean. I don't know

I'm digging a hole, but she's just a great ambassador for young women. Thank boom Thanks

Who she is a lot of like I said a lot of body positivity. She speaks out about things that are truly like important like

Saying I wish I could give you my eyes because you're perfectly imperfect. Yeah, well in just

Her visuals are just so like I catch you sometimes


It's how they make you squeamish like which is just pull the chick pulls her brain out because she's putting her thoughts in her mind

and then she's

Got the or she's running out her mouth. And in that that is like literally the most beautifully sang song about bulimia, you know

They'll be like the topics she covers and body image. Now you have body dysmorphia and stuff like that

It's she does a good job of covering them in such a like artistic way

I you know, it's subtle and very straightforward at the same time. That is something you could

Man, that was that was good. I was gonna ask about her wigs

Do you think like she has 50,000 of those wigs away because I did find an interesting it, you know

I like the half the half color. If I if I didn't work corporate I would want to do happen

I like the straight look on her too. I like what she has a straight. They look good on her. So doesn't matter Martinez

She is definitely a great you said an ambassador for?

Would you say for young women young women but I won't change that for most women. Yeah, it's fantastic. She's she's dope

Mushiya, I would like to know a little bit more about her personally. Like I wonder if she has an autobiography

I'd actually pick it up. I'd read it. You know what I mean? Like cuz she seems her

WikiWiki Melanie. Alright, man, I see y'all know we're huge money Martinez fans. We've done a bunch of her songs

I would finally do you hate your toe?

So I will continue to push on my on my journey educate to 12. In fact it alone. I will

Hopefully I don't have to but we love young man

thanks for always rapping with that money videos and giving us the lowdown on her life and things to come if you have

Okay, if you have been rocking with us for the last few minutes, man

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That was it, baby


Good, there it is. Ooh, dr. Hurt. Nope