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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 마대캡3 만져보자! Let's try UMvC3!

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Guys, there's a game that I want to try out and introduce to you today.

Which game do you think that is?

It's a fighting game that I really, really like.

It's one that I like watching more so than playing.

But if I were able to, and if Korea had any interest in the game,

I would have played this game, no questions asked. Guess which game this is.

I see the correct answer already.

I see one correct reply. The name of that game is...

(Ultimate) Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I wonder if I'll be able to do this, considering I haven't played in a while.

Do you guys remember this music?

This was the song for MvC2, too.

I hear "I wanna chicken bokkeumbap".

If you look here, the Capcom lineup is all on this side.

And the Marvel lineup is all over here. It's styled like a comic book.

Here's the random select.

And the DLC characters - Jill Valentine,

and Shuma-Gorath.

First, let's go with the moust famous team: Justin Wong's.

Yeah, there were a lot of tourneys for this game.

It was the most played game alongside SF4, after all.

There aren't really any now though, of course.

The MvC series is over now, more or less.

Characters in this game have very wide health differences.

Characters with a lot of health, like Hulk...

How much health does he have? I think it's 1.2 million or 1.3 million.

If you were to compare to it SFV, Hulk effectively has 1300 HP. Approximately.

Phoenix has 4 million, or 4.5 million. Somewhere around that.

But she's still top tier, regardless.

And the loading times are fast as hell.

Did you see that loading time?

Did you see that loading time? It was barely even there.

Those loading speeds are the same on PS3 and Xbox360.

It's not because this is on PS4. It's the exact same.

To start off, the buttons are Light, Medium Heavy,

Special attacks are always launchers, so we just call it launcher.

Assist #1,

and Assist #2.

So it's these 6 buttons. 4 of them are attacks.

Ground dash, and there are character specific airdashes too.

If you press 2 attack buttons simultaneously (2 of L/M/H),

it acts as a shortcut for dash. Holding back will give you backdash.

It cancels into itself too, so you can do dash, backdash, dash, backdash...

This is how you played.


dashes are cancellable by crouching.

Dashcrouchdashcrouch... Etc.

Same with backdash. Backdashcrouchbackdashcrouch...

If you want to approach quickly...

You can move around like this, in this game.

These are some of the basics.

Combos kind of look like this, usually.

For switching characters,

You see how it says A1 and A2?

You can switch with the character by holding down their corresponding button.

They'll appear with an overhead attack.

This game has a ton of unblockables.

There's no game that can compare to the amount of unblockables and left/right crossups that are in this game.

Doing a rising attack like this is an overhead.

While you're pressuring like this...

You can do a rising overhead here.

You can't help but get opened up.

There's a universal mechanic called Snapback, where you use 1 bar to force your opponent to swap characters.

The one who blocks first will die first. Every single character in this game is absurdly strong.

It's this kind of game.

If you get hit, you're dead.

Solo combos are pretty strong, too.

It's this kind of damage we're talking about. Getting hit once means death.

There's another universal mechanic called Advancing Guard.

It's done by pressing any 2 attack buttons (L/M/H), while in blockstun.

Look how far I get pushed away.

Did you see that distance?

I got pushed half a screen away! Defense is crazy good.

But because it's UMVC3, you can plow your way through it.

Like I said before, you can still do your same mixups.

If you call your assist, it's still the same.

How are you gonna block this overhead?

And you see those bright red "X"es beside the timer?

That's the X-Factor mechanic.

If you really had to compare it to DBFZ, it's kind of like Sparking Blast.

But Sparking Blast is the most watered down version of X-Factor you can possibly imagine.

The less characters you have remaining, the faster your health recovers.

But you can only use this once.

Only once per game. Regardless of the character.

When a character turns on X-Factor,

they start glowing red, and a red gauge starts draining.

While that gauge is draining,

your health recovers crazy fast.

Your speed and damage output also increase.

Some characters can utilize Lv1 X-Factor better, while others benefit more from Lv3.

There are also infinites that are only possible during X-Factor.

Wait, wrong button.

Your combo structure can change, like this.

Yeah, there are a lot of infinites. Every character has them.

Every single character.

You can approach really quickly with Akuma like this,

do your low/high mixups,

and then end the game when you get a hit.

And when a new character swaps in...

They appear from the air, so you can do left/right mixups like this.

In DBFZ, when a character dies, a cinematic plays and you return to neutral, right?

But in UMvC3,

the new character appears from the air, in the corner.

So let's say Phoenix gets swapped in.

Right side crossup...

... And she's dead. That's what this game's like.

Fake crossup - dash, backdash and hit from the left.

You can mixup like this, too.

Here's another one.

Rising overhead, into a combo.

You can activate X-Factor during blockstun, too.

If I notice an opportunity while I'm blocking,

I can active X-Factor, and interrupt my opponent's pressure.

Like this.

If you have X-Factor, you can just turn the tides using it. Now 1 character's down.

There aren't any complicated inputs, like QCFx2/236236 for Shinkuu Hadouken.

This super is just QCF/236 into 2 attack buttons.

This one's QCB/214 into 2 attack buttons.

And this is DP/623.

The super inputs are all like this. It's easy.

The inputs themselves are pretty easy.

But if you're trying to retreat,

you do backdashcrouchbackdashcrouch...

And so on.

When you do this quickly, your inputs can get a bit messy.

And this sort of thing can happen, as a result (of the simple super inputs).

Your inputs have to be clean, because of this.

One, two, three, four...


Another hit, like this...

If your team has Phoenix, she's always designated as the 3rd character.

If you can't kill Phoenix before she reaches 5 bars, the game's pretty much over.

If we use SFV health as a reference again, Phoenix has around 450 or 400 HP.

But, if she has 5 bars at the time of death, she'll revive. This can only happen once per game.

If you combine her revival with Level 3 X-Factor, she becomes absurdly strong.

See, I've revived now. I'm transforming into Dark Phoenix.

Her voice turns a bit evil,

and her HP starts draining down.

Additionally, every single normal now has a projectile added onto it.

She doesn't die from the health draining, but she can't recover it, either (excluding X-Factor).

When you combine this with Lv3 X-Factor...

Your opponent dies before you even get into the infinite.

They die just like that.

So in 3 seconds, the first character just died.

Now the 2nd character has died. 6 seconds have passed.

And just like this, after 9 seconds, all 3 characters are dead. You can win with Phoenix like this.

This is called the Chris G. Team. Morrigan 1st, Doctor Doom 2nd, and Vergil 3rd.

Because this game allows for so much freedom,

you can put as many fireballs on the stage as you'd like. As long as you have the execution to do so.

You can cancel Morrigan's projectile into flight.

And just like this, you can cover the entire screen with projectiles.

Up until here, it's not really an issue.

However, her super creates a clone of herself.

In this game, her clone can shoot projectiles, too.

There are projectiles coming from behind the opponent.

Because of this, you can now have 4 projectiles on the screen at once.

This is a strategy that Chris G. developed.

So you use this, into super...

And you can kill your opponent like this.

This is before X-Factor, by the way.

X-Factor, into fireball...

You can win with chip damage like this.

Yeah, this is all chip damage, not hits.

This isn't just a one-off gimmick Morrigan has, either. Morrigan herself is really strong too.

And so is Doctor Doom. He's not weak, either.

(Chat) Can you spend meter to escape during hitstun, or anything like that?

What do you mean, escaping while in hitstun?

If you get hit, you should die!

You should die if you get hit, of course.

Let's try Arcade Mode. I haven't done this in a while.

The boss in this game is pretty fun, too.

Damn, it uses grabs.

It's over!


Good old X-Factor.

You got hit by a light attack, so it's only natural that you die.

It's Galactus!

How will I win against this powerful enemy?

Oh no!

Hey, I won!

Everyone, I won! And now, Galactus.

Bring it!


Woah, I'm dying!

Shoryuken! Woah!


Demon flip!

Here I go. How do I want to win?

Alright alright, just die already.

Everyone, I've saved the Earth!

I saved Earth!

Look, it's raining in Space. Isn't that a bit much?

Guys, I saved the universe.

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