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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY Gem Stone Soap, Corinne VS Pin #38

Difficulty: 0

WELL HOLO there glitter critters

Corinne here!

And you're watching Corinne vs. Pin!


Did you know you can get gem-stoned?

Yea, it's a thing.

It's not quite as intense, as a holo-high...


But, it can still mess you up, pretty bad.

Like this one, for instance, right here

You can lose a WHOLE DAY on this mammajamma

Oh, it's too late. It's already pulled me in with it's...

Reflective amazingness...


*thud* WOO! Hehe...

How long has it been?

Oh, heh. Only five seconds?

this sh*t is strooong

Today, I'm trying a project suggested by Laila,

and Darkstar 101,

Gemstone soap!

Y'know, it's been around the internet for quite some time,

a bunch of you have requested it,

But i'm guessing it's because BuzzFeed Nifty,

just came out with this video.

But I'm an OG internet user,

So I remember this project,

and this project.

So you know what? Were gonna try all three!

Because I am an over-achiever.

And, I really like gemstones,

and I want them, to all be pretty.


-I'm gonna get another hit-a-this.


*intro noises then white noise for dramatic affect*

Alright, here we gooo.

Internet research land.

Let's do this!

I mean, this all seems pretty easy,

You're just supposed to use a pre-made soap base,

And y'know, dye it, and cut it up,

and blah blah blah...

But where's the fun in that?

I think we should try makin' our ooown soap.

From scratch!

How hard could it be?

This recipe seems pretty easy.

And, I already have all these oils!

But I do need some lye...

Yes, and this recipe links to this lye...

Which says it's drain cleaner?

Maybe my local Lowe's has some.

Yes! Here it is, right here.

It says 100% lye,

and it's 100% sodium hydroxide.

I think this is exactly what we need.

Aisle 32, Bay 8, here we come!

Gotta hurry up too, cause they close in 15 minutes!

Trying not to speed, trying not to speed.♫

Aisle thirty twooo mofos!

We need the 100%...

I don't see it...

Oh! Is this it?


100% lyeee.

I would be LYEin' if I said I wasn't a little scared.

Alright, it's straight up dark outside right now,

and, i'm still rockin' the sunglasses.

Okay... Ooo lookin' good, lookiiin goood

Don't lie, you know you think i'm sexy.

I don't give a f**k, I don't give a f**k.

Okay, I think we have all the ingredients that we need!

I probably should read on and see how to actually make this stuff!

Woo! hehe...

That's kind of a long time...

And, what the f**k, wait,

There was no mention of zinc whatever in the ingredients list!


What the hell, ingredients list?

And this says it needs to sit for like a week?!

Okay, ain't nobody got time for that,

F**K this! We're usin' pre-made soap base!

I bet they sell some good -ish here on the internet.

Course they do!

I just have to wait two days now...


*elevator music*

Okay, yes, here we are,

Two days later,

and it feels like a FABULOUS day to make some soap!

I'm going to start with this opaque soap first,

and yea, all we gotta do is cut it into small cubes,

put it into a measuring cup,

and melt it, in the microwave, for 20 seconds at a time.

You just gotta make sure to stir, in between each interval.

Kitty! Nooooooo.

Hey, psst! No! *snap snap snap*

Down, down!


Now i'm just pouring the soap into my cake pop mold,

That I used for the lollipops, actually!

Last week!

I'm probably going to use this for everything but cake pops!

F**k you cake!

You suck!

Yeah, no one likes cake. (sure...)

Now, I just have to add food coloring, to each little section,

and give it a good stir!

I kind of added, different levels of food dye,

to the different sections,

so we could have, like, an array of colors?

I guess?

A skim started to form, on some of them,

so, I just removed it,

and carried on!

I kinda felt like, a plastic surgeon, or something.

Is that weird? This just got weird, I'm sorry...

Eh, I have stuff to do here...

You're in the way...

You're just gonna ignore me?


Aaalrighty. Yeah, that's fun.

Okay, so, now I'm going to melt some of the cleaaar soap.

And then basically doing the same pouring,

and coloring process,

as I just did with the opaque soap.

It's not that hard to figure out.

Now, I'm just going to pop this situation, into the freezer,

So it hardens faster.

And while that's happening, I'm going to try the BuzzFeed gemstone soap approach.

Okay, all we gotta do is melt some more clear soap,

pour that into some cups,

I thought it was going to make six, but I only had enough for four,

so four it is!

Lucky number four!

Now, I'm just melting some more clear,

and, adding just a touch of food coloring,

and yes, this is, the color I think that we want...

And we're just supposed to pour that in on top of the clear.

But, I don't think this is what's supposed to happen.

It kinda all mixed together and now there's no more clear.

Let's be clear, I wanted some clear...

Whatever! Doesn't f**king matter, moving along...

Y'know, I'm thinking these should go into some ice water,

so that they harden a little bit before I pour this next layer in.

Uh, yeah, we're just gonna melt some more clear,

add, a couple touches more of the food coloring,

and yes, this layer is a little darker.

Yeah, and that kind of worked a little better!

Uuum, it's nice and separate now.

I need a little separation right now!

Yeah, I'm gonna have to take a break!

What aren't you getting about this?

Yeah, and we need one more layer, I guess,

uum, this time, I decided to just go balls to the wall,

and just add black in there.

Black like my soul.

And I'm just gonna let it sit in an ice bath until it's completely hardened!


Soap makiiing is fuuuuuuuun.

Alrighty then! I think our cake pop mold, situation has hardened!

So, we're just going to pop out the opaque ones,

and chop em up into weird little random pieces.

This is actually kind of difficult, cause it's soap, and it's kind of slippery.

You would expect, this situation, to be very clean,

It's not clean, it's actually very messy.

This soap is messy.

So here we are, choppin' up our little pieces,

and, this is what we got!

Alright, I got this soap mold, situation, here...

Yeah, I actually bought a soap mold.

Because I'm a professional,

and I buy the appropiate soap making accoutrement when I do projects.

That involve soap.

Yes, I will just be adding a few of my chopped opaque pieces to the soap molds here...

And then just pouring in some more clear, melted soap.

This, I guess, is what it's supposed to look like?

I'm feelin' like these bubble here, aren't going to be a great thing,

so, I'm just going to try to peel back,

the first layer of skin,

after it forms.

And it's a little messy,

but, it's totally worth it,

because it looks a lot better, when it's cleaaar.

Let's be CLEAR, I already made that joke...

While those are hardening,

we're going to put together our third and final, gemstone soap experiment.

Yes, this is very exciting!

We just have to chop up, the rest of our little soap pieces here...

The NON opaque ones...

And actually, I wasn't really sure,

about how much to fill the cup.

But I just put a bunch of my little non opaque


opaque chopped pieces,

into the cup!

Now the instructions say

to melt a quarter of your clear soap,

and also pour that into the cup,

but I think my cup may runneth over.

if I pour a quarter of the soap in here,

so, not gonna pour all of it in there.

Now, I just have to melt some of the opaque soap,

but before we add the opaque soap in,

I'm gonna add some HOLO SPARKLE DISCO DUST!

For all those galaxy disco divas out there!

Yeaaah, now we pour it in there!

And, it's not really mixing in like I thought it was going to,

so, just kinda use your chopstick here,

and, POKE IT IN!

Maybe if I put it in the microwave for a little longer like the instructions say...

It'll all mix together a little better.

Um, unfortunately, no, no.

That just helped it spill all over the goddamn place!


Luckily, this is soap, so, it shouldn't be too hard to clean up.


I'm also going to use the ice bath technique,

that was employed in the BuzzFeed video

Because MY PATIENCE is running very thin...

ALRIGHT, now...

Is the moment of truth!

We, get to cut, all of our soap into the gemstone shapes!

Starting with the BuzzFeed version!

Alright, here we go here.

Yeah, you just have to cut it... like this!

And then some more angled cuts at the top here...



Just gorgeous!

Let's give this sh*t a whirl, huh?


Moving on to the second attempt...

Uh, this seems a little less practical,

because, when you start cuttin' things up...

The soap comes out very small like,


I don't know who has f**kin' soap like this in their house.

Crazy people, have tiny soaps like this in their house.

I know kids who like to eat soap!

This would be prime, soap eating territory right here.

But they do look pretty cool.

Not gonna lie, I like this technique.

Super cute. And for our third and final attempt,

it's shapin' up very nicely.

There's lots of facets in this project.

A lotta in's, a lotta out's...

It's looks pretty galaxy like to me.

Y'know what, you can color me flabbergasted!

I'm actually pretty surprised any of these turned out lookin' half way decent.

If I was plannin' a galaxy get-together,

Maybe i'd give some out as party gifts!

A get out of my f**kin' house and wash your hands gift.

As always, we wanna know what projects you wanna see us try here on the channel,

So leave your suggestions down below!

And as always, make sure to subscribe,

like up this video,

and i'll see you later!

*snip snip snip*

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