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>> EARLE: I'm Sylvia Earle. I've been exploring the ocean for most of

my life. I first met John Hanke at a conference in

Spain. I was there to talk about the ocean.

You were there to talk about Google Earth.

>> HANKE: We were there, and we both had to give a talk, and you said some very nice things

about Google Earth, but we hadn't really done anything for the oceans.

>> EARLE: Well, that has changed. It's now going to be possible to do something

kind of special. We'll begin by opening Google Earth and clicking

on the "Explore the Ocean" layer. Let's dive down to one of my favorite spots

off Lanai, in the Hawaiian Islands. It was on my last dive, during the five-year

"Sustainable Seas" expeditions, when I met a very special creature, who looked at me

with as much curiosity as I had about her. We can test our knowledge and fly over to

the Arctic on the National Geographic layer, and take a "Geo Quiz".

We can swim over to the Mediterranean and watch as Jacques Cousteau's torch divers plunge

into the depths of the sea. Or come visit my friends over at the Monterey

Bay Aquarium on the coast of California and see what they've been up to, to learn more

about their seafood watch program. Let's fly over and dive into the deepest place

in the ocean, the Mariana Trench. Follow the path of a whale shark in Southeast

Asia using the new Touring feature. Let's take another dive and visit a 3D model

of the only underwater laboratory in the world: the Aquarius.

And one last spot to explore: a vampire squid in the Pacific, discovered by the BBC.

Let's go. Let's dive in.

Onward and downward. Explore the ocean in Google Earth.

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