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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Storage Solution and Organization Using Pegboard

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No matter how hard you try

to declutter the things in your house,

everything will be back to their previous state

as if clutter were kind of an inevitable thing.

Well, if thats the case,

you need a practical storage solution

that can hold the clutter at baya pegboard.

Pegboards are extremely versatile

when it comes to organizing things.

If you think it can only be used in your garage,

think again!

It turns out pegboards can be used

in every room in your house.

Next, Ive collected and giving you

10 storage solution and organization ideas

using pegboard

that you can use in every room you have.

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10. Keep Your Garage Organized

The good thing of pegboards

is they come in various sizes and colors

to meet your need well.

You can hang a pegboard in a certain spot on the wall

or even along the wall for extra storage space.

The garage is the place

where you can usually see a pegboard.

Just install a pegboard in your garage

so you can drive away clutter

and grab the tools you need without breaking a sweat.

If this is the first time you hang a pegboard

on the wall,

consider installing furring strips

on your drywall before hanging a pegboard.

The furring strips will allow you

to have some space behind the pegboard

to accommodate the mounting pegs

and electrical outlets.

Once the pegboard is on the wall,

you can add hooks, wire baskets,

cordless drill holder, and shelves.

You can also add a magnetic board

covered with vinyl fabric to host notes,

misc. small tools, and notepaper.

9. Install Hidden Storage Rack

inside your Kitchen Cabinet

How many times do you have to root around

in your kitchen cabinet

for a measuring spoon or spatula?

Looking for a small item in an unorganized cabinet

is a real chore.

But you can end this perpetual plight now

by installing a pegboard on behind the cabinet door.

First, you need to make a frame

that will hold the pegboard.

The frame has to have a groove on each side

to give a better grip to the pegboard

and create a ½” space behind the board

which allows you to insert the pegs.

Then attach the pegboard to the frame

using glue and brads.

8. Additional Storage Rack

installed on your Kitchens Wall

The kitchen is one of the rooms that tend

to collect clutter.

Kitchen utensil keeps increasing

while your cabinets are about to burst.

If that's the case, you need something

that incorporates additional storage solution

like a pegboard.

The versatility of pegboards allows you

to have a smart solution to overcome your problem.

You can hang your pegboard on any wall

in your kitchen like over the kitchen sink,

next to the fridge,

or even on your kitchen islandanything that allows

you to grab your pan and whisk in a jiffy will do.

Besides, a pegboard painted in vivid colors

can amp up your kitchen immensely.

7. Bye-Bye Messy Laundry Room

Organizing things in a cramped space

is such a daunting task since there isnt enough space

to hold everything tidily.

If you happen to have a tunnel-like laundry room

while you have to keep the laundry baskets

and mops in it, dont worry!

A pegboard on the wall will come to rescue.

You only need to hang the pegboard on the wall,

but make sure there is some space

behind the board for the pegs.

Then add some hooks and mop holder on the pegboard.

You can also spray paint your pegboard

to match the décor of your laundry room.

6. Amp Up Your Bedroom Workspace

Desktop is a safe haven of clutter.

Piles of papers, books, and pens

are scattered on the desktop.

What makes it worse

is when you frequently toss everything on it and go.

If your desk lacks storage,

you can hang a pegboard over the desktop.

Not only will it help you organize things better,

but also enable you to get what you need more easily.

If you keep complaining about hooks falling out

when you take something from the pegboard,

you don't need to worry because it's not a big deal.

Try securing them with zip ties

so that they'll stay in place.

Just make sure you have an easy access

to the back of the board.

Or you can install the hooks and zip ties

before mounting the board to the wall.

Don't forget to hang some photos

or inspiring quotes to personalize it.

5. Make Your Pegboard Do a Double-Duty

Relaxing in the patio or balcony after working

is a treat.

Unfortunately, some pesky and nosy neighbours

will ruin this moment.

Therefore, you need to invest in a privacy screen.

Did you know that pegboards

can make a great privacy screen?

Even better, they can do a double-duty.

Just install some pegboards in your patio or balcony,

then add some hooks to hold planters.

You can also install some shelves

to display your family treasures.

4. Use them to Display Your Treasures

Many people stash their accessories in drawers.

Well, it might help you hide the clutter away

for a while.

But the real problem comes when you are in a hurry

and have to find the earrings

that match your outfit perfectly.

So, instead of storing your accessories in your drawers,

why don't you just display them on the wall?

You can make it happen by hanging a pegboard

and adding some hooks to it.

Then hang your beautiful accessories on it.

To make it look more appealing,

you can jazz your pegboard up with a frame.

3. Turn them to be A Focal Point of Your Bedroom

Every bedroom needs a focal point.

It can be a huge painting or photo, or even a monogram.

But what if the focal point

can help you eradicate clutter too?

Is it even possible?


A pegboard can make a pretty good focal point

in your bedroom.

What makes it wonderful is you can add shelves,

hooks, and baskets

so that you can set down your glasses

and favourite book before sleeping

without having a trip to the bookshelf.

2. Splendid Entryway

Spruce up your entryway

by installing a wooden pegboard.

The good thing is you can make it yourself.

You just need a sheet of maple plywood,

drill some holes into it,

and add some wooden dowels to hang coats, bags,

and for the shelf support.

To round out it, add maple trim boards as the frame.

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1. Install Pegboard inside your kitchen Drawer

Who says that a pegboard can only be used

on the wall?

Take your pegboard to the next level

by installing it inside a deep drawer

in your kitchen.

Once it is installed, you can add some dowels in it.

The dowels will help you hold the plates on place

so that they won't be damaged

when bumping each other.


Well, pegboards are a great storage solution, right.

They are versatile, handy, and beautiful.

If installed properly, they can make a great adornment

for any room in your house.

And these 10-storage solution and organization ideas

using pegboard in every room should be put in your list.

That's it for now.

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