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Let's take five.

I bet y'all're gettin' pretty hungry, right?


Hehe... I brought some provisions for ya!

Chew chew...

YUUJI: Aren't you gonna eat?

DOTEKO: You've gotta be hungry! Go 'head an' eat!

DANCHI: You haven't eaten for a whole day... It's bad to put your body through that!

TETSUYA: I'm not really hungry.

YUUJI: Tetsu...

DOTEKO: Darlin'...

DANCHI: Tetsu...

Well, if you're not gonna eat, I'll have it!

DOTEKO: Auuughhh!

Idiot! That's Darlin's! Give it back!

Hey, Ken.

What're you doing all the way out here?

It's called "Lunch Break" for a reason, y'know!

Aren't you gonna eat your lunch or anything?

Don't feel bad for him.


He's being taken care of at that church, now!

Ah, yeah! That trash-gathering priest's place?

Well, he didn't gather anything for lunch today...

Oops! I dropped my food! Now it's trash!

Look, you can gather it up now!

It's trash, see? Trash!

Sounds fun... I'll try it!

It was you, wasn't it?! The one who beat our children up for their lunches!

KEN: No! They dropped a potato on the ground and then...

BOY: I don't wanna go to the same school as this violent kid any more!

I'm scared of him! Can't you do something?

He's right! We should tell the principal about this at the next PTA meeting and have him moved to another school!

Let's do that! Yeah, that's good!


KEN: Dammit! That's enough of this crap!

TEACHER: This kid's doing something, again!!

That little thief!

I'll teach him a lesson!

Let's get him!

JINBO: Drop out? Don't be stupid. What'll you do if you quit elementary school?

KEN: Father Jinbo... you have a side job, right?

You had a debt from building the church, and take care of all of us orphans... you can't do that by just gathering up trash.

A while ago, I saw it by accident...

Father... I saw you go into a gambling den.

Please... teach me how to gamble!

JINBO: Being alive is like walking along a path.

But once you learn to gamble, that path many meters wide narrows down.

That much is certain, and sudden.

At the end, the path becomes very easy to slip off... a path only 30 centimeters wide.

It's too dangerous. Forget about it.


DANCHI: All right!

YUUJI: Hon Itsu of Pinzu... The wait is on an honor tile, or lower pinzu.

Guess this is inevitable if I just wait around...

I'll do it... I'll drag everyone in at once...

This is how I gamble!

YUUJI: That's a dangerous tile against Tetsu!

TETSUYA: What's this guy thinking?!

YUUJI: This guy...

DANCHI: Why such a dangerous tile?!

He played right around Tetsu's wait!!


Did it pass or not?

It passed.

DANCHI: Kgh...

Even though it's obvious my hand is Pinzu Hon Itsu...

Why didn't you play a safe tile? Why'd you play a dangerous tile on purpose?

Gambling is about staring danger right in the face.

Old Man Jinbo said this...

Gambling is a path that's very easy to slip off... a path only 30 centimeters wide.

That's why I don't need safety to win.

It... Passed.

DANCHI: Why's he choosing to play such dangerous tiles?!

No... He's not just putting himself in danger.


His discards have all been exchanges for what he drew.

DANCHI: T-then that means...!!

He's getting rid of his unwanted tiles while putting himself in danger... AND moving towards a winning hand!!

YUUJI: Even faced with Tetsu's riichi, he doesn't hesitate for a second...

Does he have no fear?

Shit, I'm broke!

Like I'd wanna keep playing anyway! Shit, I'm broke!

Like I'd wanna keep playing anyway!

Every win isolates you from someone.

Can you endure that loneliness?

You're strong, man! Wanna join our group?

Not interested.

Then d'you think you could give us back the money you stole from us?


Jinbo... I live alone, and I'll keep winning, alone.

MAYUMI: It doesn't fit you to try and modernize Mahjong.

KEN: The fate of a loser is miserable.

MAYUMI: You mean Jinbo?

KEN: Yeah. He hasn't picked up a tile since that match.

Look at my system for modernizing mahjong... I'll never lose again in my life.

It'll be nothing but victory. I'll never have to worry about money.

You'll be able to live in luxury.

MAYUMI: You've changed...

When I met you, you risked your life by gambling...

But now... You only risk money.

Every win isolates you from someone.

Mayumi... If you're not happy with it...

Then leave.

Aren't you lonely?

People are born and die alone. Being lonely is only fitting.

Truly strong gamblers are those who can endure isolation... It removes all fear from you.

Without ever loving or having been loved, endure the greatest isolation and win on your own!!

If I deal 3-Pin, I'll be Tenpai!!

But Kid Tetsu's wait involves either 2-Pin or 3-Pin... This is the riskiest tile I could play!

Here I come, Kid Tetsu... This is how I gamble!

Riichi if it passes!

It... Passes.

Why is he playing something he knows is so dangerous?

True gambling...

Is a 10-meter plank of wood 30 centimeters wide.

Anyone could walk across it laid flat on the ground, but try the same thing when it's suspended 10 meters high.

Most people would piss themselves and couldn't cross it.

Only those that embrace danger and reject fear to cross that plank will win.

For me, no matter how high up it is...

Even if it's a kilometer above the ground, I will cross it...

And win.

That's how I gamble!!

Riichi, Tsumo, Pinfu, Junchan, San Shoku, with 3 Dora.


5 Hours left 'till the sun rises.

This is where the gamble truly starts.

Can you cross it, Kid Tetsu?

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