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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to iron a shirt

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Hi, I will now show you how to iron a shirt

You must first see what kind of material it is made of.

This shirt is made out of cotton. As you can see from the label.

Now we can set the right temperature for ironing this type of material

The iron is ready for use when the little light turns off.

We start by ironing the collar.

Next up, are the arms.

Now it's important that you don't rush things.

Beginn with the cufflinks

I don't find it necessary to iron both the outside and the inside.

But that's up to you.

Again, don't be hasty.

Make sure the lines of stitches are on top of each other.

So that the fabric doesn't fold up.

Make sure to move the iron around, so that you can get into all the folds, like from the cufflinks.

I tend to iron out the sholders along with the arms.

So I line up the stitches here as well.

But, if you prefer, you can also pull that part of the shirt on to the rounded end of the board.

And iron it out.

This gives an easy reach while I simply move the shirt along.

Take the midsection, and then the other side.

So now I didn't have to line up the stitches.

And now we've moved on to the other arm.

Now we repeat what we just did with the first one.

Remember, work out the folds around the cuffs.

Take your time and give a precursor brush with your hands.

Turn the iron so that it alway points in the direction your working.

And now we begin with the torso.

I put the top one side on the board and start ironing.

Remember the areas between the buttons.

It is important that along with the right temperature, it also has the right humidity.

The regulation of this is luckily easy with modern steam-based irons.

Seeing as we already did the sholders, we'll start straight with the back.

Then I simply work downwards.

Go over any potential folds that show up.

Now we've finished with the back, and are almost finished.

Now we've reached the front.

Work out the bottom, and move along the button holes.

When you've reached the top, work down from the shoulder towards the pocket.

Work towards the collar, and remember, this is a very visible part of the shirt.

Now your'e finished and can either put it on, or use a clothes hanger.

Or if you don't have the space, you can simply fold it.

Close every other button.

Grab the sholders and turn the shirt, while keeping everything lined up.

Then you fold one side at a time, keeping everything smooth.

Now you're finished with your first shirt.

You're welcome.

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