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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Testing Three Recipes on the Legendary $1,500 Thermomix — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

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- You guys are probably wondering who this

extremely tall blender next to me is

and I'm not talking about the Thermomix

I'm talking about Ian.

Ian has worked on countless TV shows,

he's tested a hundred kitchen gadgets,

and he is here to help us test this

beast of a kitchen gadget, the Thermomix.

- So it's basically the kitchen gadget

that can do everything.

You don't need a food processor

or a stand mixer or a blender, it can do all that.

So we're gonna test three different recipes.

We're gonna start with a risotto recipe

and then a salmon recipe and we'll make hollandaise, too.

And through these recipes I hope we can get a sense

of why people love this machine so much.

- And for $1,500 I better be one of those people.

- Yeah, you're gonna want to love it if it's that expensive.

- Thermomix has twelve functionalities.

- Milling or grinding, cooking, emulsifying, whipping,

steaming, mixing, stirring, blending, chopping, kneading,

precise heating, and weighing.

- You lost me (chuckling) at cooking.

- First we're gonna start with a risotto recipe

and we're actually gonna use what they call a "Cook-Key"

and it's gonna have the recipe built in here.

It'll walk us through each step.

Okay, first step is to find the risotto.

- And then you said that this actually

weighs it out for you as well?

- Yes, so this is a scale.

One and half ounces of parmesan, speed 10.

(Thermomix whirring)

- So will this automatically stop when it's ready?

- Yeah, see it's counting down there.

(Thermomix chiming)

- Oh my god, and it sings!

I love gadgets that sing.

(laughing) - That's a good grind.

- That's very powerful.

- Okay, so we're gonna add one shallot.

- One ounce? Uh huh.

- So we're just gonna turn this to speed 5.

- Okay.

- And then it automatically starts.

(Thermomix whirring)

- Oh my god!

- One ounce of butter.

Have an ounce of olive oil.

If we were just making this at home in a pan,

you know, those amounts could vary.

Here, you're not gonna have that.

- Yeah, and you wanna be pretty exact because

this is precision cooking.

- Yeah.

- Slow to heating up, it's like super precise.

- Yeah. The pan's on medium high, well, like,

- Who knows what medium high is?

- Yeah, what is that?

Like everyone's burner is a little different.

So this is taking away that variable.

Ten ounces of risotto rice.

I think the scale feature is really great

but then one issue is that if you add too much of something,

- How do you take it?

- Yeah, it's kinda hard to take it out

since you're adding it to the pot.

- Yeah.

- So now we're toasting the rice.

- So I didn't really understand why this Thermomix

was so crazy popular but I'm sort of understanding

why this could be, like a revolutionary product.

- Yeah.

It appeals to the home cook and then also professional chefs

because it's really interactive, it's easy to use

for the home cook and then on the other side

is that it's so specific that chefs can, you know,

be within one ounce of an onion.

- Yup.

- Or they can set the temperature like

exactly how they want it.

- Alright, two ounces of dry white wine.

- We'll drink the rest of that later.

- Yeah.

- 25 ounces of water.

Bouillon cubes, we're gonna add that.

- And then twelve minutes.

Oh wow!

- It looks pretty good.

- Oh yeah!

It looks beautiful.

Really creamy and it smells so good.

- So we add the cheese and we're gonna add butter.


- Risotto cheers!

- The rice is cooked perfectly.

- It's perfect!

Like not overcooked at all.

- It's good!

- It's so good!

- I'm gonna go double dip.

I don't think that you would ever know

that it was made by a robot.

- No, I think it's actually made better than any cook.

- You do?

- Yeah.

It's like really, really perfect.

But, let's be real, this is $1,500.

So I'm not gonna buy this gadget for $1,500.

- To make risotto.

- Yeah, for $1,500 to make this.

- Yeah, it's not worth it.

Okay, so for this next one we're gonna make soup, potatoes,

broccoli, and steamed salmon all at the same time.

- What?

Wait, soup too?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- The other one was so easy because

all the steps were built in.

- Mhmm.

- So for this one we'll use the cookbook

and we'll have to be a little more interactive with it.

We do need to add an ounce of olive oil to this.

- Okay.

- So here we'll hit the scale.

- One ounce?

- Yeah, one ounce.

And then if you wanna add the soy sauce,

the lemon zest, lemon juice.

And we're gonna emulsifying twenty seconds on speed 5.

- (Thermomix whirring)

(Thermomix chiming)

- Okay, so now we're gonna add

ginger, garlic, shallots

- Okay.

- Leeks.

We're gonna chop for four seconds at speed 4.

- (Thermomix chopping)

- This part is not as

easy as having it programmed in here.

- Yeah.

- 'Cause you literally don't have to touch

or do anything, really.

- Right, everything sort of already built in,

where here you're like, okay, you gotta adjust everything.

- Yeah, uh huh.

- So there is a community online which are people

who own this and then play around with it,

create their own recipes, put those recipes online

for other people to use.

It's a cult (chuckling).

- Do you want to join the cult?

- (laughing)

The initiation fee is too high.

We're gonna add the celery and peas.

Chop them eight seconds at speed 8.

- (Thermomix whirring)

- (chuckling) Lift off.

- Yeah.

Oh my god!

- (Thermomix chiming)

- Holy. - (laughing)

Okay so now insert the steamer basket.

We're gonna add the potatoes to that.

- Okay.

- Okay so this is the Varoma dish, it's a steamer.

Then we're gonna add broccoli.

This steaming tray, the recipe says

to line it with parchment.

This is one of those things where when gadgets

have a ton of different features, you wonder

are they really necessary?

- So you can charge $500 for them.

- Yeah, like is steam on here just so they can say,

"Oh my gosh, it does twelve things!"

We're gonna cook for twenty minutes.

- And then the soup is the one that's cooking

all of these things?

The steam from the soup.

- Yeah, the heat of the soup.

And so maybe those flavor profiles will also help

infuse the food versus just steaming with water.

- Yup.

- So we're gonna take off the steamer basket.

Now we're just gonna finish by adding some cream

and pureeing the soup.

- Oh wow!

- Dinner's ready.

I mean it's super smooth.

- That soup looks beautiful, like velvetty.

So there's our meal.

- It's super smooth.

- Yeah, it's actually really good.

- Soup is good.

Recipe is good.

I mean, technique-wise it's great.

We're gonna make hollandaise.

Everything's gonna go in at the same time.

- Okay.

- With this recipe and this machine,

we can have stable heat while mixing the entire time.

- So no breakage of sauce?

- Right.

- Which is very difficult with hollandaise.

- Right.

No breaking.

- Mhmm.

- The emulsion will stay the whole time.

And the stable heat while mixing is something

that the chefs really love about this machine

because no other product does that.

Our butter, lemon juice, four egg yolks.

We're gonna cook this for eight minutes

at 160 degrees, speed 4.

- Okay, so basically it's like food processing while heating

at the same time so it becomes a sauce.

- Yeah.

- Genius!

- (Thermomix whirring)

- Moment of truth.

- I mean you can tell just by the texture, it's great.

- Thick.

- Nice and emulsified.

- Creamy, delicious!

- With the heat stabilization,

you can use it for other things like tempering chocolate

or other sauces that you wanted to hold

at a specific temperature.

- Yeah.

We went through three recipes, it's amazing.

But here's the million dollar question:

Is it worth $1,500?

That's really expensive.

- It's really expensive.

I think all the cool stuff is happening in this blender

and anything on top of that is kind of an extra.

This thing is brilliant, it can do a lot of things.

Is it worth $1,500?

I don't think so because there's so many dishes

that you could just make at home using

what you have in your kitchen that are gonna turn out

just as good as this and they're not gonna cost you

that much money.

- And a little imperfection never killed anyone.

- We're all human.

- Exactly.

And sometimes it fun to just fix things.

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