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hi all welcome to the channel welcome to

my world this is the World of Wayne now

i've got the next four stages of the

Hachette partworks release

i build the spitfire mk1a

so just looking at this we're going to

be doing stages 66 67

68 and 69 we're basically working

towards the tower section of the plane

and i think what i'm going to do is just

bring it over

i like showing you on this camera just

so you get an idea of how big this thing

actually is

for scale but it is ginormous and as i

said we're going to be working on

this area here towards the rudder now i

believe the actual run is fitted in

issue 70.

so it won't be part of this video but we

are going to be preparing for that but

how impressive

does that look loads of wires

i'll just keep that down there now one

of the biggest questions i get is how

can i get hold of this now i don't know

if it's been released anywhere at the

moment i don't think any distributors

picked it up

and obviously because we're so far along

with the hashtag partworks release of

this now

uh you won't be able to get these uh

anymore either but as soon as i know

that this is available somewhere then i

will let you know on social media


but without further ado let's get



so as you can see here we're going to

need the battery box uh looking like

this we're also going to need the

control board i don't even think i've

still got the control board to be honest

with you

so i'm going to probably find the

control board that i can use

just to test this motor works once we've

got that working we're going to be

putting this

into the display that we started on in

the last stage looking like that

so we're going to have two motors in

here one going one way

one going the other way uh once that's

fitted in that's all completed

now another item we've got is just

showing me that we can actually get a

display case for

it now the dynamic base comes with it

anyway but this

uh like glass case on top you can

actually get it's not glass it's acrylic


that you can get to put over the top of

that and that'll just keep that dust

free and it will still operate movement

while that case is over the top of it

now it says stock will be limited so

make sure you register your interest by

the 20th of august 2021

and that's what that looks like now

unfortunately i can't find my test board

so i won't be able to test this motor

i'm going to have faith that the motor

is working i'm sure it's somewhere in

the uh

the man cave but at the moment i'm in a

state of uh

turmoil as i'm working out my new

workshop so uh everything is everywhere

at the moment

uh but all we got to do is we basically

first of all just got to put

the label on the motor

like we normally do just like this this

label is labeled

m5 and this is basically going to be


through this hole here just like that

and it's going to be sitting into this

section just like this here

it's going to be held into place with

two times pm screws now these are the

silver screws

that come in this stage so get that open

and quite simply we're just going to be

putting them through this side here

to secure them in so that's one here's

the second one

and they are now in place so that should

look just like that

and that's all there is to do in that


now in stage 67 we've got another motor

to go in lots of motors for this with a

ribbon cable here

uh we're going to be attaching that to

the bracket so there's going to be three

motors on that now

pretty similar to what we've done last

time so once again we're going to be

putting a label just on the end this is

what the motor looks like

uh this label is m8

to get this off and put this on here

excellent and then this one is going to

be going underneath following

similar pattern to what we've got here

so all the spindles are at the top here

this one's going to be going on just

like that now we have got

two screw holes so we need to align them

up the cable here needs to be facing

inwards i don't know if that's going to

make a difference but it's going to be

that way around there once again held in

with the silver

pm screws so i've got them here

this looks like the uh the heart

of the model there's so many motors in

here i think that's going to be uh

operating a lot of things

that's the first one and i'm going to do

the second one i haven't put them in

tight at the moment just to line it up

and then we'll tighten that fully up

and there we go those three motors do

add weight to it but we've got three

motors there

spindles facing up on all of them but

that should look just like that

that's the end of that stage

now in stage 68 we're going to start

work on the tower plane

which looks like this we're going to be

adding some sections just to the back

area of the spitfire here like i

mentioned so i have to bring that over

we're going to be putting this into

place so this is now going to be the


ready to put the rudder in so i've

bought over this towel section that

we've got here

that's just going to fit into the

channel just at the front there

these sort of lugs coming out the side

so when we put this in

it's going to fit in just like that now

what's slowly beginning to be

a favorite of this build is the pm


which look like that we're going to be

putting two of them just into this side


so there's the first one

and there's the second one and then we

just do exactly the same

on the other side here so one down the


excellent and just one at the top there

and that's that towel section securely

into place we're going to take the cross


of the towel here and with these items

facing upwards as you can see it's

smooth and flat on one side we want that

facing down

this is going to go this way around just

over the two lugs that we can see

there going to sit on just like that and

that's going to be held in

with four of the pm screws

just adding the uh towel section on the

plane here

i know the skin's not on it yet but god

it does make it iconic straight away

there's number two

obviously we haven't put the cockpit in

now just so you know i've just put it in

there just to keep it safe

uh we'll be fitting that in a later

stage i'm guessing

there's number three

and number four so that is now securely

in place and that is all there is to in

that stage

so the final stage for this video we're

taking a break from the tower section

and the rudder we're actually going to

be assembling the rear wheel

so we have got some parts on a sprue

here which does mean we're going to need

our trusty sprue cutters and we're going

to be actually making

this wheel complete and then mounting

that to the plane

so i think the first thing i'm going to

do is i'm actually just going to cut off

all the parts that we're going to need

from the sprue so i've got the sprue

cutters here

and just cut each of these parts off now

if you've noticed on the sprue

all of these parts already painted for


the colors they need to be

unless you're modding the plane this

doesn't need any painting at all

but there we go that's all the parts off

and we're going to be taking the two

gray sections of the hub for the wheel

pushing one

through one side turn it over so they're


just like that it doesn't tell you to

glue them but i've put them in

that should be perfect we're then going

to be putting the wheel into the support

here now the support has got a

little tab on top there which basically

tells you what

sort of orientation it needs to be so

the wheel's just going to go in

like that now we've got a lovely long

screw to put in here these screws are a

1.6 times 10 mil screw that's just going

to go

through both sections here to keep that


into place and we're just gonna screw

that in

until that's tight and there we go we've

got the wheel in place there the wheel

is able to turn

as you can see we're then going to take

the towel wheel struts looking like that

holding it this way around that lug's

just going to locate to the hole there

so that's going to go in just like that

and that is going to be reinforced with

a screw

and once again that's one of the larger

10 mil screws

now that's going to go in from the


so i'll put that in first then align it

i'm telling you doing that is a lot

harder than it seems

but there we go that's in no problems at

all we're going to bring

the plane back over now removing the

stand because i want to show you

where i'm actually attaching this to uh

as you can see on the back here we've

got a lug

just underneath that towel section just


this is going to be going in that place

so where we've got the larger hole on

the wheel

we're going to be putting that over the

lug there

just like that as you can see that makes

the wheel go

up and down though now we need to put a

brace on that to keep that into place

probably best to look at the pictures

but this is what the brace looks like

and that's just going to go over the two


either side of that and screwed in i'll

get this in

but check out the pictures and you can

see what this looks like so this is the

first screw we're actually putting these


with the small uh pm screws again

and the second one at the back there is

a locating lug

on that towel wing strut that we saw to

align it as well

so when that's in i turn back round


god this thing's getting so big i am

actually just going to lift it up and

show you as you can see that

is what the wheel is going to look like

and as you can see on the other side


turn it around again you can see the


there that i've just put in over the top

of that that's going to keep that

into place now we've got a copper shaft

to put in that's going to go

into the end section of the towel here

all of this section here is going to be

uh to do with the rudder now now as you

can see here we want it to go in on the

starboard side of the plane so it's

going to go in

just like this and there is limiters on

the other side which you can see in the

picture here which will only allow it to

go a certain distance

now to keep that from falling out we've


this section here which is just a cap to

go on the other side

so we can push that down and insert that


just to that side there that's going to

keep that kind of in place so it's not

going to fall out

but we are going to need to just put a

little bit of glue on this section

just to keep it into place so what i'm

going to do

is i'm going to put some glue into the

inside section here

just the tiniest bit

and then when this section's over the


it's gonna hold these firmly into place

so i'm just gonna hold up my hands for a


let it go as you can see this should

still now

be able to turn left and right no

problems at all

and that's all there is to do in those


so if i keep it on the stand i've got

here that

is the towel section that we've just

been working on in these stages here

absolutely brilliant looking plane isn't

it but we'll put that back down

because that's another spitfire done for

another four weeks

waiting for the next ones to come now i

am aware issue 70 is quite fiddly a lot

of you have already commented and

emailed me to let me know that

so i am looking forward to that but if

you like that video

please remember to give me a thumbs up

if you haven't subscribed already please

remember subscribe other than that

take care



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