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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Thora Sa Haq Episode 7 | 4th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

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you had called me?

yes... come

look her... Anwer

she is the girl, for whom I've called you

and you also see

he is Anwer

he has business of his own... an owner of a pick up... earns very well & very honest man

and 1.5 years ago, his wife died

but, why are you telling me all this?

next week, you are getting married to him

Seher, what happened? why are you running?


are you crying?

has anything happened? mamma has said anything?


please stop your mamma

she shall refuse them

Seher, what are you saying?

for what to refuse? at least tell me something

tell her, not to do all this with me

alright, just stop crying I will talk to her

but tell me first, what has happened?

you can only save me from destruction

please help me, Hareem


else, I'll kill myself

Seher, Seher stop... at least tell me, what's the matter?

*phone ringing*

the number you are trying to call, cannot be connected

*phone ringing*




Zamin, this is Seher speaking

what happened Seher? is everything alright, why are you crying?

Zamin, please come home quickly

alright, stop crying... tell me what's the matter?

Zamin, please come home

and bring uncle Waqar with you

please, come quickly

Seher, for God's sake don't cry... and tell me what has happened?

elder aunty has confirmed my marriage proposal

she is saying, next week is your marriage


mamma... what has happened to you?

leave me, you tell me... why are you being so hyper?

you are going to get married Seher to a 50 years old man

I had asked him, this question first

he is not of 50 years, he is 47 years old

and who looks upon a man's age?

she will get three times meal, house

and sometimes, will give her clothes as well

she shouldn't expect for more than this

is she a queen of somewhere?

he is the father of 4 kids, mamma... at least fear God

furthermore, the kids are elder as well

I think, his daughter is of Seher's age

tell me, why are you investigating so much?

somebody will come to marry her from the fairyland?

that orphan girl, who doesn't have anything of her own

she can't get better proposal than this

and this is God fearing

that I didn't get her married to any rowdy person from the road

if I had got her married to any rowdy or so, so it's not my concern

it must be his choice, to do whatever he wants to do with her

I can't believe you mamma

look at Seher... and look at that 50 years old man

you are doing all this... because she has rejected Rafay...

you are taking revenge of that matter... right?

I don't need to explain you anything

have you seen her face?


she is of no match with my Rafay, from any aspect

with whom is her match.... I'm getting her married to that person

I'm telling you

she must have told everyone till now

she won't do any such thing, you are getting worried without any reason

she must have done this, just see

aunty has confirmed her marriage

what do you think? she must have stayed quiet?

after so much difficulty, this Rafay chapter got closed

and aunty has raised another matter

Zamin... no need to create panic we are going home, we'll see then

what!... what you'll see?

I'm telling you everything

dad, aunty has confirmed a marriage of that girl who is my wife

can you imagine?

you are feeling bad?

of course dad

if I won't feel bad, then what?


are you feeling bad for yourself or for Seher?

I didn't understand

and what difference does it make?

it does make a difference, Zamin

and It can be seen too

Seher... stop crying

don't cry

just now the proposal came, the marriage is not done yet

and please Seher, don't cry

please... everything will be fine

I was asking you to get married to Rafay

he is better, a million times, than that old man

aunty Munazzah

please stop aunty Rabia

please stop her

I don't want to get married


I can't do this marriage

why are you saying this?

why you can't get married?


look Seher, please don't get worried I'm here

since I'm here, no one can force you

I won't let your marriage happen with that old man

I will talk to baba myself

you see, he'll stop mamma

he won't let her do this

where are you going?

to talk to baba

he is home

I will talk to him right now

in fact... Zamin, you also come along with me

he'll convince baba together


Uh... daughter Hareem

I think, you alone shall talk to brother

you are his daughter

and he accepts whatever you say

I believe brother won't feel appropriate, if someone else is there too

you are right, uncle

I should talk to baba about this matter, alone

go child


child, come with me

I want to talk something important with you



I don't get to understand this girl

whatever sister in law wanted to do, she did

there was a very good proposal of Rafay, she rejected it

and now she has created a storm through her endless crying spells


are you listening to, what I am saying?


yes,I'm listening

do you have any idea...

why she doesn't want to get married?

no mom... I don't know anything

does she has anyone else in her life?

Zamin... is it you?

what are you talking about, mom?

obviously, a girl is rejecting to get married, again & again

and she doesn't have any valid reason for the rejection


and you thought, that reason is me?

Zamin, I haven't made you the reason

I'm just asking you

mamma, has asked Seher to get married to a 50 years old man

baba, you tell me

if I would have been at Seher's place, so would you have allowed my marriage with a 50 year old man?

God forbid...

at least think before speaking... you are not Seher, you are Hareem

you are my daughter

I will write your destiny, with my own hands

also, I will write it with the gold & silver wires

but, mamma


go child

go to your room

these are elders matters

your mama, and I are here


we will think and decide

no baba, I won't go anywhere

I won't go anywhere, till I don't convince you

look Hareem, I know

your heart becomes fixated, uselessly for every other stranger

but this is the matter of marriage... and you are not that wise

stay out of this matter

but, mamma

enough Hareem... not a single word more

when you start overlooking me, in her favor

and you are eager to prove me an oppressor

you have no idea

how much do you hurt me

Hareem, you are my daughter

you should stand with me in every situation

mamma, I'm always with you

I'm always there to support you, in each and every matter .... and I will always be

but mamma.... enough!

you have already recorded your protest & point of view

I & your baba has also listened

that's it

now just trust us and leave everything on us

yes Iftikhar?

am I right?

daughter Seher

child, don't get worried

nothing will happen

Umm... Hareem has gone, to talk to brother

and I'm sure

Hareem will convince brother & sister in law

you don't get worried... and

child, I'm here

you don't need to get worried


what happened Hareem?

I'm sorry, Seher

I couldn't convince baba


this is not possible, what are you talking?

brother cannot do such injustice to this innocent girl

I will talk to him, myself

what happened baba?

Hareem, what has uncle said?

he said, I don't have any right to speak in elder's decision

and Seher's marriage decision now

elders of the house will do

who looks upon, a man's age?

he should earn with respect only

able to give house for a woman, and meal twice a day

what else does a woman needs?


Seher's marriage can also be done with her age group person


and the same age group person, will ask for dowry of millions or billions, then

then, who'll give that to him?

if the girl's family will ask questions related to extended family...

so, who'll answer?

what are you saying? what do you mean?

look Mr. Iftikhar, first of all the matter is

young boys are already committed with someone

free is the only one, who has some issue

if you want a person with an issue, of the same age group... then tell me

I'll get him, and make him stand in front of you, tomorrow

No, I mean to say.. there can be a middle class boy of a respected family also

Oho... Mr. Iftikhar, I'm trying to make you understand

that marriage is not just marriage now

nowadays, middle class boys secure their future... in the name of marriage

if I say in other words

so, they look for something bigger

but, all are not the same, Rabia


just look around yourself... nearby... in fact, to a distance

if a good, educated & respected boy

you can find free... then you can change my name

why are going at a distance look at our Zamin

by loving our Hareem

he has secured his future

that's why I'm saying, trust me whatever I will do

I'll do after thinking much

Um ...


I want to talk something important to you

yes sit... yes

are you fine, sister in law?

don;t worry about me

say what you are here for

brother I

I am here to talk to yo about Seher


Seher is very young, she is very innocent

and after Aijaz's death, she is our responsibility

how can we?

this is great, what you have said... Waqar

all this you should have thought, before bringing Seher in my house

have I ever stopped you from fulfilling your rights or responsibilities?

no, right?

and now, if I'm deciding for Seher's life on yours & Iftikhar's behalf... so you are creating obstacles?

sister in law, I didnt mean this...

enough, Waqar...

Iftikhar doesn't have any objection on this

if you have got any objection, then tell me the reason

look Waqar, these matters of marriages... if women takes care, then it's better


the right for all decisions related to Aija's daughter

I have given to Rabia

and my decision is

Seher will get married there only, where I have confirmed

uncle Waqar went to talk to elder uncle

don't know whether, elder uncle & aunty has accepted Waqar uncle's decision or not

what shall I do?

shall I go to his room, and inquire?

no, there would be aunty Munazzah too

and I've already answered to a lot of her questions

shall I call Zamin...

what will I say?

what will I ask?

what shall I do?

why my life is becoming so difficult?

Zamin Waqar Ahmed, son of Waqar Ahmed Durrani

your nikkah (marriage) with Seher Aijaz Ahmed, daughter of Aijaz Ahmed at dower of Rs. 50,000 is done

do you accept this nikkah (marriage)?

I accept

baba, you can't leave me...

you are arguing with me... aunty

*phone ringing*

what will I tell her?

she won't be able to bear the answer of aunty Rabia & uncle Iftikhar

so, shall I lie to her?


I wanted to ask...

what is discussed with aunty & uncle?

Seher, what you must be thinking

nature has made you a wife of a very coward man

no, Zamin

please don't think like this

please don't blame yourself

whatever has happened, it is because of me

no ...

this all has happened, because of me also

although, I never wanted this... but....

I know, Zamin

whatever has happened with you

it's not right

it shouldn't have happened

then why did you get convinced at that time, Seher?

why didn't you refused?

Seher, what happened? are you crying?

please don't cry

you see, everything will be alright

and if there is no solution, then

we'll take our a solution

Zamin ...

with whom you are talking?

what happened, why are you looking like this?

I've asked, with whom you are talking to?


it was a friend's call

hmm... alright

I've to talk something important to you

I'm waiting for you outside


hmm... I'm coming

by the way, we are very lucky


we know each other since childhood, we have been raised in the same house together

we know good & bad habits of each other, furthermore... we like each other

I couldn't understand

I was just comparing Seher's life with my life

at first she was getting married to a person, who was totally stranger for her

and with a man, who is double the age of hers

alright tell me, where is Rafay? I haven't seen him since morning

he has gone somewhere outside, will come soon

you know Zamin, I tried to help her a lot


what happened Zamin? how many times shall I tell you, that I am talking about Seher

why are you discussing the same thing again & again?


you have failed to stop your parents, so this chapter is over

but still she is our cousin Zamin, I feel bad for her, really bad

what will happen, if you feel bad... Hareem?

her life will get changed? or your parents will change their decision?... No. right?

just leave her on her own, please

Ok fine, but why are you reacting liking this?

Sorry, but please I don't want to talk on this matter anymore

let's talk about something else

hello! cousin

and cousin's cousin

Hi! Rafay, thanks God you are here

today, Zamin is not talking to me properly

may be, you can cheer up his mood

by the way, I'm not just a clown

this house is a circus though

there is no scarcity of clowns here

what has happened to Zamin? why he is so angry?, is everything alright?

what alright... you know, mamma has fixed the marriage of Seher

and that too with a 50 years old man


so, what sister in law has decided?

about what?

about Seher... when she is going to get married?

I don't know, you ask yourself

I'm thinking...

after Seher's matter gets over... both of us shall go to brother & sister in law

for what?

to fix the date of Zamin & Hareem's wedding

*text message*

please fix my problem as soon as possible, else I'll do something upside down

whose message is it?


whose message it is?


then, why you look so pale?

what happened to my complexion, it's the same

alright then, at least answer me

about which matter?

I just told you, right now

that I'm thinking, that both of us shall go to brother & sister in law, in order to fix the date of Zamin & Hareem's wedding

furthermore, we are groom's parents

we need to fix the date

why are you in a hurry, for Zamin's marriage?

one day marriage needs to be done, then what's the point of delaying?

I don't know

I'm sleepy, switch off the lights... I'm sleeping

Oh!... I'm talking to you on a very important topic

at least give me the answer of my question

Waqar... Waqar!

I'm unable to understand, whether I shall congratulate you, or do condolence to you?


I don't believe in superstitious talks

do you?

I understood

you won't be replying to any of my questions, so I have to talk whatever it is

the matter is actually, that after many prayers. I came in this world

and my mom believes that, I'm blessed with the special prayers of priests

that's why, who try to hurt me, or make me feel hurt

nature gives punishment to that individual

if you are done, shall I leave?

you can't go anywhere, till I finish what I'm saying

you know, you have hurt me

that's why you are about to get married to a 50 years old man

but still I'll say, that it's not correct... what is being done with you

there is no need to do sympathy with me

I need to

and I need to do this a lot, Seher

that's why I' saying this to you again

that. think again

you can't talk to me like this

a boy who is stamped rejected on itself, he talks with more anger than I'm doing... Seher

but I'm not being angry with you, nor I'm misbehaving

and it is just because

because I love you

why don't you leave me?

will you marry a 50 years old man?

is this not oppression?

I'm bad in your eyes, than that 50 years old man?

take these...

I saw this dress, liked it for you.. so, I bought... take this

thank you so much, sister in law

what is it? you don't like it?

No, no sister in law... you always buy good stuff

it is very nice dress

then, you want to say something else?

I want to say, if you don't mind

look Munazzah!.. if you are here to advocate Waqar in Seher's matter, then I'm not in the mood of doing that

I had asked for water, why it is not here yet?


bring water

no, sister in law... I don't like to do advocacy for Seher at all

and I believe, you have done right, by confirming her marriage... it's good that she'll get married

she will go from our house, and we all can relax


this is my heart talk, what you have just said


will you make me die of thirst... bring the water

bring it quickly

sister in law

what's the date decided for marriage?

next friday

by the will of God, exactly after 10 days from today

Seher will leave from here

after Seher's marriage, I want to talk something important to you

I've heard, you are not happy with this marriage

I don't have any interest in knowing the reason... but, I will only say this to you

the lawyers, which you have kept for free... such as Hareem, Waqar etc...

nobody from them, can even try to go against my decision at all

therefore, you'll get married there, where I've confirmed already

and what if I refuse for this marriage?

still, you'll get me married?

what non-sense you are talking?

Seher, don't you have manners to talk to elders?

wait Munazzah!

what do you think of yourself?

are you very special?

you are getting a man who can earn and keep you well, why don't you stay thankful?

I respect you a lot, aunty

but please, change this decision of yours

in what manner you are talking?

go & work in the kitchen


listen to me

one of your to be husband, left you before coming to your doorstep

those girls are stained, whose groom goes away, before coming at the doorstep of bride's home

and a stained girl, keeps waiting for lifetime to get married

you should be thankful to me

that I'm wedding you off from my house, with respect... and moreover you are

even if you insult me day & night

but I don't need this sort of respect

please, refuse them

I can't do this marriage at any cost

dad, do you know... next friday is her wedding

please do something, stop uncle & aunty by doing anything

son, I went to both of them

I thought that, brother will listen to me.... but

dad, what do you mean?

she is in my nikkah (marriage)... she is my wife

that's it... you have just got this problem?

so i shouldn't have? and aren't you worried?

she is associated with my name and you asked me to hide this

by saying, that when the right time will come... you'll tell everyone everything truly

but you have made me lie in front of people a lot

that to speak the truth, it has become so much difficult for me than before

I know, son

trust me, I always keep thinking... that

how to solve this problem

whatever you want to think & do, please do before friday.... else

else, what will happen?

else, we won't be able to show our face to anyone

I feel, the intentions of this girl are not right

I think, she will get us insulted that day... in front of everyone

hmm.... she is a bit weird


that pick up guy, doesn't have any value in front of me

but still

if she refused in front of them, then what will be my value in front of them, then?

you are right

as per Zamin... the pain of not happening of 1st marriage

and then her father's death

since when Zamin, has started observing her a lot?

why is he interfering in all this?

no, no... nothing like that... we were just talking yesterday, so, we talked about Seher

but Zamin's point of view is revealing, that he doesn't only talks about her, but he is also worried about Seher

no, no... sister in law, nothing is like that

do you remember?

he is my to be son in law

is this something to be forgotten?

alright then

send him to me, when he comes

alright, I'll send him to you, as soon as he comes

sister in law, is everything alright?

I want to talk to him about something, face to face

alright, as soon as he comes from office... I'll send him to you

I should have talked to him on the same day, when he held my hand in order to stop me

anyways... don't forget

yes.. I won't forget I'll send him

Zamin... you came so early today

yes, the work got over early today in the office

Umm... mamma wants to see you, she was saying, she has got some important matter to talk about

aunty, wants to meet me?

come... let's go together

no, you go... she wants to meet you only

she has said this to you?

yes, there must be something... go & listen

why are being so worried?


I'll see her

what do you think about Seher?


what is there to startle about?

I'm asking about Seher

you are already friends with her

its not friendship... just a talk sometimes

it's good

as per your thinking, the decision I've made for Seher's marriage

is it right or wrong?

what happened?

I haven't asked you a very difficult question... that you have gone into the deep thoughts


I can't say anything related to this


that day, you held my hand to stop me in her favor

aunty, that day... what I did.. I did for you, not for Seher

for me?

how come?

aunty, you would have raised your hand on Seher, in front of everyone.... what would people say

you'll be respected less

and I can't tolerate this

whatever you say, whatever reason you give

but I never liked your that day action, in fact I hated it

if I wanted, I could have scolded you in front of all

I could have said something more

but I never said anything to you... because, you are my to be son in law

I hate that sort of man a lot, who interferes in household & related matters without any reason

are you getting, what I'm saying?

yes... I know

you should be aware of... what I like, what Hareem likes... what your uncle likes

before getting married to Hareem, you should know all this

next time, I don't see you talking in Seher's matters


now you can leave

No, Zamin... please don't think like that

don't blame yourself... what has happened, it's because of me

I hate that sort of man a lot, who interferes in household & related matters without any reason

next time, I don't see you talking in Seher's matters


you and aunty has made my life hell in this house

please go from here

you don't want to see me in this house and aunty is not letting me go out of this house

why you rejected me?

I wanted to know the reason... and I won't leave today, without knowing the reason behind

leave me, what are you doing?

I won't leave, till the time I won't get answer to my question

I said leave me... I won't leave you

I said leave me

you slapped me!

what are you doing in Seher's room, at this hour?

why don't you ask this question from Seher, that what was I doing here?

you are talking non-sense, you are blaming Seher?


what are you doing?... leave him come on Rafay

mom, what was he doing in Seher's room?

Zamin, let's go from here... come

tel him to leave... Zamin!

come... come out

come with me... come...

mom, leave me


listen to me at least

what has happened to both of you?

both of you were friends, then what is all this?

ask him.... ask him

what was he doing in Seher's room, at this hour of the night?

this question can also be done from you, that for what you went there?

for God's sake.... be quiet

if sister in law, heard this at this time... so in this house a new issue will be raised

I went o her room, just to ask... why she rejected me?

and now, how she got convinced to get married to a 50 years old man?

I will break your mouth.... Zamin!

just stop now....

next week, that girl is getting married

mom, you just leave it... I'm here to talk

let me ask him... Zamin! .. Zamin


for God's sake.... I'm folding my hands in front of you

for God's sake

and Rafay!... you have also done very wrong

you shouldn't have gone to Seher's room at this time

just think

if sister in law & your parents will get to know about this, then what they'll think about you?

aunty, i just went there to talk to her

just to talk!

can't you talk outside the house, in the day light?

you are getting so hyper, as if she is your wife!

The Description of Thora Sa Haq Episode 7 | 4th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]