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- [Narrator] Recently, an additional 30 games

have been confirmed for Apple Arcade,

so today, I'm going to be going

through each one in more depth.

Please note this list is in no particular order

and the information I share here is subject to change.

Number 30, we have ShockRods.

First, we have an action-packed arena shooter with cars,

which has been brought to you by Stainless Games.

It's actually a launch title on Apple Arcade.

ShockRods will feature a six versus six

or 12-player free-for-all arena battles.

When in these battles, you can choose from dozens

of customizable cars and find weapons

and power-up scattered across the environments.

Different multiplayer modes will be available, too,

but you can also play offline against bots, if you wish,

and the game will support controllers.

ShockRods looks to have console-quality graphics

and fun multiplayer gameplay.

Number 29 is Cat Quest 2.

The Gentlebros are bringing Cat Quest 2 to Apple Arcade

first on the 19th of September, as a timed exclusive,

with the Steam, Switch, PS4,

and Xbox One versions coming later in, I think, September.

If you never played the first one

or anything about this title, well, it's an open-world

action-RPG, where you can play as both a cat and a dog

and you can explore locations

filled with dangerous creatures.

Cat Quest 2 will also support controllers.

Number 28, we have Various Daylife.

Unfortunately, all I have is a single

screenshot image for Various Daylife.

I do know that it is a brand-new RPG from Square Enix,

the creators of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler.

Apple have described the game in their Newsroom page.

"In the year 211 of the Imperial Era,

"players explore a newly discovered continent

"while living life to the fullest in the city of Erebia."

So take what you want from all that info.

Number 27 is Jenny LeClue - Detectivu.

Here we have an adventure story game by Mografi.

It is set in the town of Arthurton,

which is actually located in South Australia,

if that's what this game is going for.

Fun fact, a massive amount of the developers

a part of Apple Arcade are actually from Australia

and Queensland, where I'm located,

and I couldn't be more proud.

It's awesome.

Anyway, Jenny LeClue will bring you very complex characters,

great voice dialogue, and a distinctive aesthetic.

I'm hoping it can be on the level of Thimbleweed Park

because we need more games like that on mobile

and even on Mac and Apple TV.

The game will support controllers,

may not be available at launch, I can't confirm that,

and will be available on Steam and console, too.

Number 26, we have INMOST.

This is one of my most anticipated platformer games of 2019

and only recently, I found out that Chucklefish Games,

I hope I said that correctly,

are bringing it to Apple Arcade.

That's awesome.

What I love most about it is the very fluid gameplay,

from the movement to combat.

It's so slick

and looks to be very challenging at the same time.

INMOST will follow three playable characters

in an old abandoned castle.

You'll have to do a lot of exploring in order to escape.

INMOST will be available on Apple Arcade

and can be purchased separately on other platforms.

(upbeat electronic music)

Number 25 is Dodo Peak.

I'd say this retro platformer by Moving Pieces Interactive

is going to be a very popular game for the whole family.


Well, from first glance, the art style

and arcade gameplay present a more casual tone.

You play as a dodo bird here

and must rescue your babies across a vast amount of levels.

The challenge is to maneuver them home

while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

I'd say Dodo Peak is a perfect game for the touchscreen

and anyone will be able to just pick it up

and play whilst still being offered a challenge.

I believe Dodo Peak is an Apple Arcade exclusive,

but I may be wrong there.

Number 24, we have Steven Universe: Unleash the Light.

What you're looking at is an original

Cartoon Network game, cowritten by Rebecca Sugar.

According to Apple

and I quote, "Players pick their favorite characters,

"choose which Gems are in their party,

"unlock awesome new abilities,

"and equip alternate costumes

"in the ultimate mobile role-playing game."

So far, they have only provided this screenshot image.

I'd say this game will be aimed at kids,

but adults should also enjoy it.

Number 23 is ChuChu Rocket! Universe.

20 years later, ChuChu Rocket

is getting an exclusive Apple Arcade sequel.

The visuals are now in 3D,

but the gameplay is said to be very familiar.

New mechanisms have been added, like switches or teleports,

and obviously, new environments,

many of which are inspired by the original game.

Frantic multiplayer will be added, too.

According to SEGA, ChuChu Rocket! Universe

is said to be a launch title, so that's good news.

Also, this is one of the games I'm most looking forward

to playing on my Apple TV with friends.

I think it's perfect for it.

Number 22, we have Pac-Man Battle Royale

I don't have much footage for this one, sorry,

but it's a new take on Pac-Man.

That's what I do know.

It features a four-player battle mode

where the last Pac-Man standing wins.

Bandai Namco have not stated yet if this is a launch title

or if it's exclusive to Apple Arcade either.

Again, this game is perfect for Apple TV and even Mac.

Number 21 is Mosaic.

Remember Among The Sleep?

Well, Mosaic is made by the same people, Krillbite,

and in collaboration with Raw Fury.

It's Krillbite's second big game

and is nothing like Among the Sleep, at all.

Mosaic is a mysterious narrative game where you follow

an average commuter who is living a very repetitive

and lonely life.

That is until, one day, a strange thing happens to him.

Not sure when this game is coming to us,

but I do know that it won't be an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Number 20, we have Ballistic Baseball.

Gameloft one of the most well-known

mobile developers out there are bringing

their next title to Apple Arcade, Ballistic Baseball.

All I have is this image

and a statement from Apple Newsroom,

and I quote, "Ballistic Baseball is an action-packed

"arcade baseball game that captures

"the intense battles between pitcher

"and battler in live head-to-head multiplayer matches."

So take what you want from that.

Number 19 is Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

Okay, I featured this game in my previous episode,

but recently its name was changed from Shantae 5

to Shantae and the Seven Sirens,

so I thought it was worthy of going on this list.

It's the fifth entry in the series,

which originally debuted on Game Boy Color

way back in 2002.

You can explore an interconnected world,

enjoy classic platforming gameplay, meet new

and returning characters, witness new 4K resolution

available on Macs and maybe Apple TV 4K only,

and you can collect and use new power ups.

WayForward have stated that

it's not an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Number 18 we have Spyder.

Sumo Digital are working on their new,

homegrown title, Spyder, which is a working title.

All I know of this one is that you play

as a robot spider, I believe.

Apparently, this title is not available at launch

and is coming in 2020 as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Number 17 is Lifeslide.

Apparently, Lifeslide by Block Zero

is a story of life itself.

It takes you through all stages of life,

so each level will represent a segment from the human life

and is open to interpretation by you, the player.

There will be no violence, narration, or test.

It's said to be coming in 2020

and won't be an exclusive game to this subscription service.

Number 16, we have Super Impossible Road.

This is a high-speed racing game where you

and other players must attempt to race down courses

that have crazy twists and turns.

It's going to have customization, split screen,

and online multiplayer and single player modes, too.

The developer, Rogue Games, have stated

that Super Impossible is going to be

an Apple Arcade exclusive,

but I'm not sure if it's available at launch, though.

Number 15 is Dread Nautical.

Zen Studios recently announced that their turn-based

tactical strategy game

is coming to this subscription service.

That's all they've shared and this key art.

More info is coming soon.

Number 14, we have WHAT THE GOLF?

This is a silly physics-based golf parody game.

According to the devs, Triband,

it's an anti-golf game for people who hate golf.

Every level will be a different type of golf minigame

with slightly different mechanics, too.

I think if you enjoy games like Donut County

or Human Fall Flat, WHAT THE GOLF? is perfect you.

It's not meant to be taken too seriously.

No release date has been shared

and it's not an Apple Arcade exclusive title either.

Number 13 is Skate City.

Skate City is born for the touchscreens on an iPhone

or iPad, it's perfect for it,

but it will stay play great with a controller

on Apple TV or keyboard on a Mac.

Snowman are bringing you a skating experience

where you can pull of smooth grinds

and manuals across different city streets.

Skate City is an exclusive title

and I believe it will be available in the coming weeks.

Number 12, we have Cricket Through the Ages.

Here we have a silly physics game

that the team Devolver are behind.

It's a survival simulator for cricket games

that involves two players in one on one matches.

It attempts to show a historical depiction of cricket

throughout that ages, but in a very, very silly fashion.

I don't know much else about this title yet.

Number 11 is Redout: Space Assault.

I don't really know much about this game.

All I have is a short clip

from the latest Apple Arcade trailer.

Obviously, it will feature space exploration and battles.

That all I know.

Number 10, we have Possessions.

Lucid Labs and Noodlecake Studios just confirmed

that their puzzle-adventure, Possessions,

is coming exclusively to Apple Arcade.

It's a tale of a family,

crafted without any dialogue or text,

and shown through colorful and minimalist 3D visuals.

Players can explore multiple rooms

and within these rooms, you can rotate

and change the perspective,

and you can even experience the game

in the real world with AR.

I also believe this game will be available at launch.

Number nine is Manifold Garden.

After being in development

for almost six years, William Chyr,

and I hope I said that correctly,

is finally ready to bring his exploration game to us.

He said, "It is a game that reimagines physics and space,

"and you can manipulate gravity to gain new perspectives

"and walk on any visible surface."

It's going to feature amazing sound design

and music, a photo mode, which is not available at launch,

however, and it will have high-end visuals.

According to Chris, it wasn't an easy task to translate

Manifold Garden to iOS, tvOS,

and macOS, but with the help of others,

they managed to pull it off

and it will play great with touch controls, too.

Good job, guys.

It's also not an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Number eight, we have EarthNight.

Auto-runners may be everywhere on the App Store

because it's a very popular genre

and I know some of you are very sick of them,

but Cleaversoft intend to change the way you think

of this genre, by designing a game on a much grander scale.

It takes place in a dystopian future

after the dragon apocalypse.

Every human is forced to live above the planet in space,

but a teenager

and photographer go back down to take back their planet.

Every element in EarthNight is hand-painted

and looks gorgeous.

The levels will generate randomly,

which means every time you pick it up,

you'll be playing something completely different.

EarthNight will be available on Apple Arcade first,

with other platforms coming soon after.

Number seven is Guildlings.

Not much has been shared about this title yet.

I do know it's a fantasy adventure

that support controllers, though.

I could not find a trailer for this game,

so you're seeing development footage

and concept art from their Twitter page.

More info should come soon.

Number six, we have Rayman Mini.

All I have is two images for Rayman Mini by Ubisoft.

You appear to have been reduced to the size of an ant

and according to Apple, I quote,

"Players use insects, mushrooms,

"and plants to run through the world as quickly as possible

"or try over and over again to achieve the perfect score."

More info to come.

Number five is Towaga: Among Shadows.

Towaga: Among Shadows is an intense

single-player action game.

Sunny Cake Games

and Noodlecake have shared that it's their most

visually impressive game to date.

Nothing else has been shared yet, unfortunately.

Number four, we have Shinsekai: Into the Depths.

If you're were watching the Apple September event last week,

you would've seen Capcom present

their new Apple Arcade exclusive game on stage.

Apparently, it has console-quality technology behind it

and all the game sounds have been crafted

under water, so that's pretty noteworthy.

It's an atmospheric underwater platformer

that's centered on an ocean diver

and players will need master jumping

around the environments and shooting while thrusting.

(upbeat electronic music)

Number three is The Enchanted World.

Here is a puzzle-adventure from Noodlecake again.

It asks players to help a young fairy

piece together a magic world torn apart by dark forces.

In fact, The Enchanted World does have a real-life story

behind it that is brought to you in a very creative manner.

Anyway, The Enchanted World

is an Apple Arcade exclusive title.

Number two, we have Decoherence.

In the coming weeks, Efecto Studios competitive

action-strategy game will be available

on this subscription service.

It features the ability to craft your own robot team.

You can plan battles with an in-depth control system, too,

and learn to adapt to the environment

and learn to read your opponents' intentions.

It looks to have great visual fidelity

and challenging gameplay that all can enjoy.

Number one, we have Exit the Gungeon.

Big news; in a collaboration

between Devolver Digital, Dodge Roll,

and Singlecore Games, we are getting the follow-up game,

Exit The Gungeon, debuting soon on Apple Arcade.

It's a bullet hell dungeon climber

that asks you to ascend and escape via elevators.

Whilst on your journey, you'll be shooting everything

that you can see moving using your constantly changing gun.

Along with Oceanhorn 2, this is one of my most

anticipated games to play on Apple Arcade

and I think some of you may agree with me.

It just looks like a classic arcade game.

It looks great.

Are you going to subscribe to Apple Arcade?

And if so, which game are you most

looking forward to playing and why?

Let me know in the comments.

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That would be great.

All the work would be worth it then.

Anyway, thanks for watching.

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