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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speaking English Conversation About Travel - Learn English for Traveling & Vacations

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at the airport


check-in good morning sir can I see your

ticket and Passport certainly there you

are thank you okay and how many

suitcases will you be checking in just

one suitcase did you pack your bags

yourself yes I did

okay do you have any electrical goods I

have an electric shaver in my hand

luggage is that okay that's fine so

nothing in your suitcase you know okay

would you like a window or I'll see a

window seat please okay


just one moment

this is your seat number and the

departure gate you can go straight

through to the departure lounge enjoy

your flight what time will we be

boarding we begin boarding at 7 okay

thank you on the plane

would you like a newspaper to read clam

no thank you

would you like a newspaper to read sir

sir sir Oh would you like a newspaper to

read sir yeah I'll take the daily mail

there you go sir thank you it'll help

take my mind off things I always have a

little nervous before flying oh well try

not to worry too much you know air

flight is the safest form of travel I

know I'm sure I'll be better after we

take off you know we have some slight

entertainment for you too you'll find

the film guide in the pocket in front of

you or in flight magazine okay

a nice film will help me to relax

programs will start shortly after

takeoff if there's anything I can get

for you then please just call for

assistance when will dinner be served in

about an hour or so we have a fish

steak and the vegetarian option which

one would you like fish please okay

I'll be back later now please just try

to relax and enjoy the flight duty-free

Goods sir have you seen the catalogue

for our in-flight shop this one that's


would you like to order any duty-free

Goods yes please can I pay by credit

card yes all major credit cards are

accepted but purchases must not exceed

500 US dollars okay

I'd like this bottle of scotch whiskey

please at $34 right that would be one

bottle of Johnnie Walker malt whiskey is

there anything else you'd like sir yes

I'd like these titanium sunglasses yes

they are priced at $145 will that be all

sir yes that's everything Thanks the

total bill comes to a hundred seventy

nine US dollars can I have your credit

card please oh sure at the travel agent


arranging a trip good morning sir how

can I help you well I have some time off

from work next month and I was thinking

of going to Australia hey that sounds

great how long is your vacation just one

week my last day of work is the 26th of

July and I go back on the 5th of August


here's our Sydney for sure have a look

and see if there's a hotel that you like

oh this one is good

the first seasons hotel it's expensive

but I've been told it's very nice yes

it's a very high-class hotel I'm sure

you'll enjoy your stay there would you

like me to make the booking now sir yes

please giving personal information I

just need to take some personal

information what's your full name Martin

and white in your address 11 sorry to

rely on conside Bangkok

and your telephone number zero to six

two four nine seven three four do you

have a daytime number I can call if

necessary zero two seven seven seven one

two one two that's fine

when you be traveling alone mr. white

yep just me okay you finish work on

Friday the 26 so shall I try to book

your flight for the next day yes please

add a return flight on Saturday the 3rd

of August booking a flight I'll just

check the availability there are seats

available on this Qantas Airways flight

but there is a three-hour stop over in

Singapore is there a direct flight that

I can take yes Malaysian Airways that

flight departs at 7 o'clock on Saturday

morning and it Rives at Sydney at 6:30

p.m. local time that sounds better but

it's a little longer than I thought

well it's an 8-hour long flight

don't forget the time difference all the

times given our local times oh yes

that's right they're three hours ahead

aren't they can I have the details of

the return flight


that's light departs at 6:00 p.m. and it

rides in Bangkok at 11:15 on that same

night shall I reserve a seat for you yes


making a hotel reservation


now let's reserve a room for you at the

Four Seasons do you want a single or a

double room Oh a single room will be

fine things will it have a view of the

harbor oh yes all rooms have harbor

views they have a room available shall I

make the confirmation yeah

go ahead okay so now you have a rule

available at the Four Seasons from

Saturday the 27th of July until Saturday

the 3rd of August that's great can I pay

by credit card no problem so it is 60 mm

not including your flight here's my card

asking for assistance


stopping someone excuse me I've just

arrived here and I've been waiting at

the baggage carousel for my suitcase I

think it's lost okay sir

don't worry about it I'm sure we can

find it what flight were you on flight

number ma 201 from Bangkok yes your bags

should be on carousel 8 no this is where

I've been waiting and it's not here and

what does your bag look like can you

give me a description well it's green

does it have your name on it yes I wrote

my name on the label it's Martin Andrew

white I'll just make a quick call to see

if I can find it hello central

yes code 17 Martin Andrew white yes sir

your bag is being held by customs you

can pick it up there is there a problem

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about

they will explain it to at the customs

Hall just follow this corridor on your

left okay thanks for your help you're

welcome customs


excuse me

my suitcase is missing and I was told I

could collect it here can you identify

which bag is yours

yes it's this green one here what is

your name my name is martin andrew white

yes of course is there a problem officer

it's just that a sniffer dog has smelt

something in your bag I'm afraid we'll

have to ask you to open it for me yes of


you're welcome to have a look this is

what a sniffer dog found I'm afraid

you're carrying a packet of biscuits and

the packet is split I forgot about those

they must have been broken during the

flight well I can't see anything else so

you're free to go

thank you goodbye

information desk you're welcome

excuse me I'm trying to get to the city

centre where do I catch the bus oh you

can catch the bus just right outside you

go through the exit doors take a left

then bus stop should be right in front

of you okay thank you

where are you going I'm staying at the

Four Seasons Hotel

oh that's near the harbour isn't it yes

it is Wow in that case you'll want to

get a number 63 it's a blue bus and at

least from a bus station number two oh

okay well thank you for your help you're

welcome I hope you enjoy your visit good

day today at the hotel


reception desk

good evening third evening I'd like to

check in please certainly sir

do you have a reservation yes it's in

the name of Martin Andrew white that's

right you've booked a room with a view

of the harbor can you please find your

name in the registration book

here is your key card you are in room

number one zero zero four it's on the

thirtieth floor you'll have a great view

of the harbor from there Thanks

where can I get something to eat our

restaurant is located on the third floor

dinner is served from 7:00 great what

time is breakfast served in the morning

breakfast is served between 6:00 and

10:00 okay thank you for your help

you're very welcome sir on this color

bellboy to show you to your room I hope

you enjoy your stay

asking about local information is there

anything interesting to see nearby yes

the hotel is in an area called the rocks

it's the oldest part of the city there

are many cafes and restaurants nearby

are there any shops in the area there

are a few small craft shops and we have

a warning market every Saturday and

Sunday the morning market sounds


are there many stalls yes it's very big

you can buy souvenirs handicrafts

jewelry clothes it's very good where are

the other shops most of the shops are up

in the city center it's a short walk

away the harbor is nearby too isn't it

that's right you'll have a good view of

it from your bedroom window at the



welcome hello sir are you dining alone


table for one please smoking or

non-smoking non-smoking please I have a

table for you please follow me

would you like a drink with you


can I see the wine list please I can

recommend the house raid

it's a dry wine from the Hunter Valley

here in New South Wales

okay I'll have a bottle of the house red

please certainly sir here is tonight's

menu a waitress will be a few shortly to

take your order


thank you

here's the wine that you ordered sir

would you like to let it breathe for a

little while or shall I pour it now

I have a glass now please are you ready

for me to take your order yes I'll have

the t-bone steak please how would you

like it cooked medium-rare

okay that is served with seasonal

vegetables and your choice of jacket

potato or chips jacket potato please I

haven't had a jacket potato in a long

time okay that's one t-bone steak medium

rare with seasonal vegetables and a

jacket potato yes thank you bill could I

have the bill please certainly I'll get

it for you

would you like to pay now or shall I

charge it to your room

they're pay now please I will be back

with the bill okay so you had a t-bone

steak a bottle of the house red a

chocolate eclair and a cup of coffee

that will be 36 74 is service included

yes that includes tax and ten percent

service charge here's $40 you can keep

the change

thank you very much thank you goodbye

goodbye using different kinds of

services through service

good morning room service how can I help

you good morning I'd like to order some

breakfast please

certainly what would you like sir what

cereals do you have well we have


we have muesli weet-bix and all brand

I'll have a bowl of cornflakes please

would you like anything else sir

yes I'd like to poached eggs on toast


okay that's a one bowl of cornflakes and

two poached eggs on toast would you like

a drink with your breakfast yes

can I have a cup of coffee and some

orange juice please sure it will be sent

to you in 15 minutes the bill will be

charged to your room thank you goodbye

goodbye currency exchange good morning

sir how can I help you I'd like to

exchange some currency is there a bank

nearby I'm afraid they're all closed on

Sundays yes I forgot that it's Sunday we

do have a cashier service available here

though what currency would you like to

change I'd like to change Thai Baht into

Australian dollars sure our exchange

rate is twenty two point six two baht to

the dollar and our Commission fee is two

percent okay I'd like to change ten

thousand baht please

fine that's four hundred and forty two

dollars and eight cents - eight dollars

and 84 cents Commission okay

sending postcards

I'd like to send some postcards to my

friends where can i buy postcards and

stamps the hotel shop has a good

selection of postcards and you can buy

your stamps there too okay

how will I know what stamps to buy the

shop assistant will have a chart she'll

let you know what stamps to buy okay is

there a post box nearby we can do that

for you here sir there's a post box at

the end of the reception desk great

wonderful one more thing it's my first

day of sightseeing here

can you suggest anywhere that I should

go first

well the hotel has a concierge his desk

is over there by the door he will be

able to give you advice on tourist

attractions and even make tour bookings

for you oh okay well I'll go see him now

thanks again bye goodbye concierge


booking a tour

I wonder if you can help me I will

certainly try what can I do for you well

it's my first day here in Sydney and I

would like some advice on the local

tourist spots we offer a wide range of

Tours have a look at these leaflets and

see if there is anything you like

what's the Wildlife Park like oh it's

very good if you don't have time to go

and see the wildlife in its natural

habitat you should try it what animals

do they have their own let's see now

they have kangaroos koalas and possums

wombats any moose there's a lot I like

wildlife so that's one place that I

should visit Australian wildlife

the leaflet says that that place is a

koala sanctuary - yes New South Wales

has a lot of bushfires in a summer yes I

remember reading about one in the

newspaper not very long ago a lot of

koalas are made homeless when the forest

is burned down the sanctuary three homes

then well it's nice to know that the

money goes to a good cause obviously

it's not just koalas a lot of other

animals are either killed or injured -

in the fires hmm okay this is another

place on my list of places to visit

there is a bus that goes there every

morning at 9:00 a.m. would you like me

to book a place for you yes I'll go

tomorrow will the bus pick me up from

the hotel yes it just waits at reception

and I will call you walking tours

are there many things to see closer to

the hotel yes here is a map of the area

it is yours to keep

thank you I'd like to take a walk around

where should I start

well the hotel is located here right

near a boat key right around the corner

is the weekend market it is open right

now you could start there oh yes thank

you I will and after that what across

from the boat key is the Opera House you

could take a tour of the complex that

sounds good too

what shows they're on at the moment well

here is a leaflet containing all the

performances this month you can check

for availability of seats at the booking

office whilst you're there

thank you very much for all your help

I'd better go now before the market

closes no problem sir I'm at this desk

every day should you need any other

advice good bye and have a great day



buying souvenirs how much are these

t-shirts the adult sizes are $10 each

and the children's sizes are $6 I could

buy some for my niece and nephews I can

give you a discount three shirts for $15

okay okay that sounds like a good

bargain what sizes do you want my niece

is eight years old and the twins are

five what designs do you want well my

niece would love this koala t-shirt but

I'm not sure about the boys yeah maybe

the Kangaroos what colors would you like

okay I'll have an orange koala t-shirt

and a blue and a red kangaroo t-shirt

that will be $15 $15 here you are thank

you thank you booking a ticket


I'm interested in seeing a ballet

performance oh well we have Mirror

Mirror showing at the moment its

performance based on the story of Snow


that sounds good

can you tell me the show times yes let's

see we have evening performances at 7:00

during the week and on weekends we have

a matinee that begins at 4:00 do you

have any seats available for an evening

this week and this week let me check yes

what day would you like to stay please

okay and would you like to sit in the

stalls or the balcony the balcony please

okay that's one ticket for Tuesday's

performance of Mirror Mirror

you have a seat in the balcony and I'll

see if I can get you as close to the

front as possible

okay that's $78

okay and here's your ticket

I hope you're enjoying the show Thanks

oh can you tell me the way to the Art

Museum yes just go out the door take a

right go around the Botanical Gardens

and you should see the Art Museum right

in front of you okay thanks I hope I

don't get lost don't worry

there are signs along oi good I'll

probably need them thanks bye bye

stopping a passerby


I'm lost


excuse me I think I'm lost

can you help me sure where do you want

to go well I'm trying to get back to my

hotel I'm staying at the Four Seasons do

you know it yes I do

you're quite a long way away I thought I

might be you'll have to walk back to the

center of the city I could direct you

but it's complicated

maybe I better catch a taxi I think that

might be a good idea you can get one at

the end of the road okay thanks for your


goodbye goodbye returning to the hotel


good evening sir welcome back thank you

did you have a good day

yes thank you I went to the market the

opera house and the art museum I did get

lost on my way back though oh dear

I'm sure you'll soon find your bearings

well I think that's enough for one day

I'm gonna go have some dinner and go to

my room okay have a good night's sleep

thank you I plan to I have a lot more to

see tomorrow


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