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Alright guys, just had to show you this one,

has a different cooler than you're used to seeing.

This is the GTS 250 OC from BFG, pretty cool looking card

I've got to say. I'm not sure about the guy on the graphic

but I love this all-aluminum cooler on the top.

As you notice it's got a regular radial cooler on the inside,

so air is being sucked in through the top

and out through the sides but on top of that

they put the whole cover for the CPU,

it's made out of aluminum with a little sticker on top

and it mounts to the inside so you're actually transferring heat

from the CPU cooler onto this

which in turn is also going to radiate heat out.

So really cool card, definitely looks cool

and especially when it's in your computer

it's pretty much going to be loaded like this,

this is what you're going to see. It looks pretty cool.

Two 6-pin powers is the only difference that's really happened

with the GTS 250, if you're way out of the loop,

the GTS 250 is the replacement for the 9800 GTX Plus.

It's pretty much the same thing except it is 55 nm

and it is clocked higher. So let's talk about this GeForce card

because it is a factory over-clocked BMG card.

What do you get on that factory overclock?

Well it's factory core clock is 738 megahertz

but this one is at 750 so very very mild overclock.

If you just want to get a little bit more performance

out of your graphics this is what you want to use.

If you want to get a lot of performance out of your graphics,

well there's more of these BMG cards.

There's the OC plus and the OCX and the H20C.

There's literally a bunch of them. Now let's talk a little bit more

about the hardware on this card. Let me give you a brief tour

first of all. Right up in here you're going to notice

another little difference with this is that it's got a DVI,

a VGA and an HDMI instead of the dual DVIs

that you usually adapt to either VGA or HDMI.

So you get all three on the back

which is really cool. You can use any two at the same time.

This will hook up to 2560 by 1600, and the HDMI

will do 1920 by 1080P at its maximum resolution

as well as give you 7.1 channel lossless audio

if you use the provided audio loop cable

which goes from the S/PDIF header on you motherboard

to your graphics card, and that will give you

that awesome lossless channels straight to your speakers

through the HDMI cable. And on top of that

you will notice there's a PCI Express 2.0 right there.

You can use it also, it's backward compatible

with PCI Express x8 and PCI Express x16 1.0.

Those are not going to be a problem.

If you want to use it on x8 though it's got to be PCI Express 2.0.

Again the other cool thing about this

was the two 6-pin PCI connectors, 150 watt TDP for this card

so you're probably going to need around a 450 to a 500 watt

power supply to run it at about 25 amps on the positive 12 volt rail.

As you will also notice it's got 2 SLI connectors

up here at the top. So that means it is qualified to do 3-way SLI

which is pretty cool. Looking at the back of this thing

you can't really tell how many shaders there are in there,

but there's 128 in total, they operate at 1836 megahertz.

It's got one gigabyte of memory, this is a one gigabyte card.

That's GDDR3 as a matter of fact so it's double-pumped,

1100 megahertz clock rate, that means 2200 megahertz

effective double data rate, which is very fast

and that's only on the standard GTS 250.

This one is actually 2240 megahertz effective

which is very very fast, 256-bit memory interface,

64 texture units, 16 ROPS, and of course all the regulars

that you're going to see on any NVidia card.

You're going to get DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1,

you're going to get GeForce 3D vision certification

so you can use 3D goggles with this and a 3D monitor.

You can do the PureVideo HD decodings

with HDCP support and HDMI support

so if you want to go blu-rays or HD-DVDs,

or download a 1080P content that does have DRM on it,

you can go through that HDCP, through your HDMI cable,

to your TV or to your receiver and not have any problems.

It will show up just perfect and that makes this card

a real nice option. And the best part about all of this,

even though I can't mention specifics,

is the fact that they dropped the price of the GTS 250,

it's actually cheaper than many of 9800 GTX Pluses

which it's replacing and out-performs,

which is really really good stuff. So if you're on the market

for a good mid-range card at an affordable price,

it's going to give you a lot of good features,

a lot of good stuff for your PC, this is what you want.

Really good stuff especially for the price,

especially for the small power supply it requires

and especially for the fact it only requires

a two 6-pin PCI Express connector instead of an 8-pin

which is really nice and in the last worst case emergency scenario,

you do have two molex connectors to 6-pin PCI Express

so even if you only have one PCI Express x16

you're still gravy no problem. So GTS 250 OC from BFG,

if you have any questions email me,

and I'll see you guys next time.

For more information on the BFG GTS 250 OC

type in B52-0252 into the search engine

of any of these major retailers.

For ComputerTV, I'm Albert.

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