Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10lb Ice Cream Sundae Challenge REMATCH in Knoxville, Tennessee!!

Difficulty: 0

Hey everybody!! This is Randy Santel 'Atlas' and I have been very very excited for this challenge today!!

Since October 2015, this is actually a  rematch challenge.

I lost in 2015 during my 2015  eastern USA tour.

I am here in KnoxvilleTennessee home of the University of Tennessee,

The Volunteers, hence all this orange.

But I am at 'It's All So Yummy Cafe' along with Hilton Head Ice Cream!!

I am rematching their massive-- it's like 10 pounds total, all-in!!

Their Rocky Top Sundae Challenge!

I've got one hour to finish everything here.

Back in 2015, I lost with pretty much just like a small bowl of ice cream remaining.

But 2 people have won since then,

my friend Brandon 'Da garbage Disposal' Clark and then Stephanie Wu.

I'm hoping to join them up on the wall of fame!!

We've got 16 scoops of ice cream.

I think I was an idiot last time and got a bunch of different flavors.

This time, we just want to win so I went  with vanilla; they're like baseball-sized, a bunch.

We've got 3 brownies, we have 3 healthy bananas, we have a whole bunch of sauces,

we've got marshmallows, we've got marshmallow sauce,

and then last time the secret ingredient was a whole bunch of Reese's.

I got lucky this time. Today the secret ingredient was cotton candy!!

So we've got that along with a bunch of whipped cream,

we've got this football thing on top but

there is just so much food!! Gonna dig in!!

If I win within the hour, I'm going to get the $50 ice cream sundae for free,

I'll get a sweet t-shirt, and I'll be the third person up on the wall of fame!!

Let's get this challenge started!!

Alright, let's dominate today!!

I am feeling strong!!

Big thanks to owners, Kim and Wade for having me in for this rematch challenge!!

I forgot about something very crucial!!

There is a whole bunch of orange gummy slices; it's all throughout this ice cream

and it's been freezing so hopefully I can get those down.

I know I struggled  with them last time,

but we don't care about taste or nothing today.

It's just victory; we do not want to lose twice so let's shut up and dominate!!


Alright, first time in forever I've got music playing today!!

So let's do this!!

40 seconds in and these freaking orange  things are already pissing me off!!


Can I have a bowl?

I'm probably going to put some of these gummies in the bowl so they can warm up.

I just remembered I forgot another thing,

There's a whole bunch of waffle cone pieces throughout this thing too.

I just crunched one of them.

This ice cream's melting a little bit;that's going to help down the road.

We're only five minutes in.

I'm going to try the smaller one to see  if it's more efficient.

Good change up!!

Yeah, last time I remember it kept on  regenerating.

It's actually going down this time!!

[It really looks good from here]

[Randy]: It is!!

There's just so much stuff in here.

I'm really glad I just got vanilla ice cream!!

Because it does not look like vanilla anymore with all the brownies mixed in and all that.

I had a very relaxing day working today because I knew I was going to feel like hell tonight

and I can already feel it coming on!!

Last time I ate most of the toppings first  and all that sugar really got to me.

So this time, my strategy is to do most of the ice cream.

No getting cocky during this one, anything can happen!!

I'm going to move some of these  toppings over to this bowl.

Remember, today's just about winning. To the death.

Either death of me or the ice cream!!

Gonna get rid of this bowl, but  gotta make sure I get everything!!

Don't wanna get the win but feel like I cheated myself!!

This was the football thing on top I'm going to eat this whatever it is

while picking out some of these orange pieces then I'm just going to

down the brownies, bananas, and all that!!

I'm just letting that ice cream digest in my system and then we'll ruin ourselves here.

I think I've probably had 1 of the brownies but there's definitely at least 2 here.

With a whole bunch of marshmallows and some bananas too!!

Do you have diet soda?

Trying to just let some of this digest.

Burp up some air; it's going real slow!!

I can feel it!! I can feel like myself feeling  a little bit better we just don't want to rush it.

I just thought about something. I need to leave time to eat those.

Alright, last bite!!

Of this!!

Alright, I am so happy to be done with all that ice cream and all the brownies.

There's a couple little brownie bites here but mostly just these orange peels.

So let's start getting them down!!

I might need a trash can in case-

Well, you saw what happened there!!

Loss number 2.

Was happy with my strategy; i just wasn't feeling it!!

I need to come back when I'm more  fresh and ready.

But overall it was a great ice cream sundae.

Really liked my strategy.

Big thanks to owners, Kim and Wade and everybody here at It's All So Yummy Cafe and Hilton Head Ice Cream!!

Didn't win again but next time I'll be back I'm going to dominate!!

Thank you guys all for coming!!

Thank you guys for watching too!!

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