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- [Jordan] Oh my gosh!



- Take this,

and mix a little bit of this in it.

So funny.

- Oh my gosh!

(evil laughter)

(playful music)

- Hey guys, welcome back to, "That YouTub3 Family."

Okay, it's just me today 'cause it's dad pranks.

And I've started a lot of these videos,

but I just never finish them.

So if I can find the other footage,

you'll notice because I'll be in like different outfits

and stuff like that.

But, I really want to finish this video.

I want to do 20 pranks on my family.

Now, the first few will probably go off without a hitch

it'll be super funny.

Then my family might start catching on.

So I'm going to have to be like,

super stealth, ninja, mysterious undercover detective dad.

So nobody knows exactly what's going on.

So I'm gonna do 20 pranks on my family.

Here is prank number one.

Okay, in this first prank,

hey I can see myself recording from back there.

Hey, should I try to record this way?

All right guys.

So for my first prank, what I'm gonna do

is Katie hasn't gotten ready yet for the day.

She's gonna take a shower.

So as soon as she goes into the room to take a shower

I'm going to run downstairs and turn off the hot water tank.


She'll first be like, "oh this is nice and warm."

And then (snap), bam, she's gonna get slammed

with a lot of cold water.

Sorry Katie, sorry in advance.

Didn't mean to. Yeah I did.

The water's just started.

Okay, I know what she's doing.

She's letting it warm up, so it gets nice and warm in there.

I'm gonna run downstairs

and I'm either gonna turn off the hot water

or I'm gonna turn off the water entirely to the house.

Let's see.


She's gonna be so mad.

Okay, I'm down here in our utility room

I guess is what you call this,

where the furnace and the hot water heaters are and stuff.

So, I'm going to turn off the hot water.

Because I figure if I turn off the whole water to the house,

well that'd actually be kind of even funnier.

Let's turn off the whole water.

Because, that way she's not getting hot or cold.

She could be all lathered up with shampoo

in her hair and everything.

(snap) Bam, no water, cool.

So, there is a main shut off valve in the house here.


Hopefully I can turn it off real fast

and then run back upstairs and hear her screaming.

Okay, here we go.

That's the main valve.

There, I just turned it off.

Okay, let's run upstairs and see what's happening to Katie.


The water pressure-- (Katie screams)


She just came out the shower. (gasps)

- Did you just--


- Oh my gosh, she came out. - [Katie] What did you do?

Don't do that, that's not funny.

- I turned off the water pressure. (laughs)

- [Katie] Seriously?

Stop it, I'm trying to take a shower!

- Woo hoo, prank number one!

In the books, and that one was awesome.

Okay, prank number one went down without a hitch.

Let's see if we can get prank number two.

So I was down here, I was turning the water

back on to the house because I gotta have water.

But, what I noticed is our electrical panel.

Now, kids, if you're kids watching this,

don't do this at home.

If you're teens watching this, don't do this at home.

If you're adults doing this,

well, if you know what you're doing,

go ahead and do this one.

So this one's kinda funny.

So, again don't do this one at home

unless you know what you're doing.

Because this could cause a lot of problems if you don't.

So here is our electrical panel.

And I'm gonna show you.

Ty right now, is in the other room.

And he is playing online with some friends

and some other people, some fans.

I am going to, turn off the breaker to that room

to where he has no power.

And he has no idea why.

So we'll just see his reaction.

So I gotta set up the camera in that room,

and what you're gonna see is the lights will be on (snap)

and then they'll go off.

All right, here we go.

(dramatic music)

Okay that was a fail,

because I turned off everything but the outlets.

So the lights went off, the lights also went off in here,

I couldn't see what I was doing.

Let's see if we can do this again.

In three, two, one.

- Who did I just catch turning off the power?

- Oh no! (laughs)

Darn it, busted.

Better turn the power back on.

All right.

Well, that was a funny one that would've been funny

had he not seen me doing this.

So, fail but funny.

Now remember don't do this one at home

unless you know what you're doing.

All right.

Here's prank number three.

Jordan just left to go upstairs.

I think she was going up there to grab a snack

or something like that.

I'm gonna jump in her bed.

I already kind of pulled it down a little bit

so I could kind of get in there.

I'm gonna be under her covers.

So then when she comes into the room, she'll have no idea.

I'm gonna try to set up the camera over there on her desk

so I can kind of catch her reaction

as I jump out of the covers.

This one's going to be tough, it's gonna be all about timing

because I can't see.

I'm just gonna have to use my hearing

when I'm under the covers.

And hopefully I can catch her

before she spots something weird on her bed.

Here we go.

Prank three.


(yelling) - Oh my gosh!

(laughing) Dad!

Dad, why, I was just trying to get my lunch in,

that's my bed!

- I pranked her, it worked.

Woo hoo! (laughs)

- Just putting on my lotion. (laughs)

- Yeah buddy, okay.

Okay, here's prank number four.

Ty is in his game again.

And he's got headphones on, so he can't hear me.

I'm going to go up behind him, move the headphone

(pop) give him a wet willy.

See if we can make this work.

(audience laughter)

(audience booing) - Hey.


- [David] Woo, pranked you buddy.


- That's not a prank, that's being mean dad.


- I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Is it being mean, or is it a prank?

We'll see.

Okay, for this next prank,

this one might be a little mean.

But it's gonna be funny. (laughs)

(evil laughter)

Hey, this is dad pranks, right?

So, Jake is in the living room.

He does this all the time.

He'll curl up in a ball and he'll watch YouTube

or he'll watch something on his phone.

It's like his head is down against the couch

he's rolled up in a ball

and he has no idea what's going on around him.

So what I'm going to do, is I'm gonna sneak up on him.

I'm gonna grab the back of his pants

(whistles) and give them a little tug.

So, I'm not gonna give him like this, ultimate wedgie

or an atomic wedgie, because that would be kind of mean.

But I am gonna surprise him, and I'm gonna shock him.

Mainly for the fact, this is going be caught on camera.

You guys ready?

Let's do this.

(drum roll)

- Why?


- That didn't really work, but why?

- Gotcha!

You had no idea I was there, did you?

- Bam.

Another prank in the books.

- At least you didn't light the stink bomb

you got on Christmas on me.

- That's a beautiful idea.

Maybe that'll be coming up here in a future video.

- Not on me, not on me, not on me.

- I got to go. Guys, no more pranks today.

Okay, it's been about an hour.

Everybody's guard is down just a little bit.

It's hard to get 20 pranks in in 20 minutes,

or even in 20 days or in 20 years.

It's hard because once people start seeing you

run around the house with a camera,

and they start hearing pranks going on,

now all of a sudden everybody's guard's up,

so I'm trying to switch it up a little bit.

Right now Jordan is in the dining room,

which is like two rooms over.

And she's posting Instagram, Instagram stories

and stuff like that.

And I don't know if you've ever done an Instagram story,

but any time somebody calls or texts and stuff like that,

it pops up on the screen and it messes you up.

So while she is trying to do that,

I am going to take my phone here,

and I'm going to start calling her and texting her

and trying to bug her so that she can't do it.

So this will be my prank, I think this is prank number five.

Let's see if this works.

Let's see how aggravated Jordan gets.

I want to see if she even figures out

that there's a camera on her.

Because I'm going to set it up in the hallway

on the tripod.

I got to have it zoom in,

so she doesn't really see that it's happening.

Here we go.

Hey Jordan, and send.

Okay, so what just happened,

is she just got a text that just popped up.

And now I'm going to FaceTime her.

That will really ruin what she's trying to do.

- Dad, I'm trying to post this story.

I'll call you right after.

You're the--

What are you doing?

- Can you see me?

- Yeah, what are you doing? You're filming?

- Yeah. I am pranking you because I'm bugging you

because you can't do your Instagram.

- Oh my gosh.

- Dad, I'm trying to post an Instagram story right now.

I don't know if it posted on accident or not,

but it's not ready to go out.

- Look down the hallway.

Can you see the cameras pointing at you?

- Yeah, I spotted it. Hey.

- (laughs) Awesome.

- Well have fun posting. See you.

- Okay, bye.

- Prank successful.

I totally distracted her, she couldn't do it.

Okay guys, for this prank, Coke.

All right, as you guys have probably picked up,

my family likes to drink some soda.

There's just a little bit left in here,

and so what happens typically,

is that one of the boys, Jake or Ty,

will like to just take this

and start drinking from the bottle.

So I always tell them to stop drinking from the bottle.

Well this is going to teach them a lesson

not to drink from the bottle.

Because I'm going to take this,

and mix a little bit of this in it.

(live audience gasp)

So, you've got the sweet from the Coke.

But you've got the super salty from the soy sauce.

And this is going to taste disgusting.

Let's see if we can get this to pour.

Let's pour not too much in.

As you can see, we've got some going in there

down into the Coke.

All right, that should be just enough to where

it's not overpowering,

but it's going to make it taste funky.

All's I can say is, kids, don't drink from the bottle.

Let's go find our victim.

Okay, so I enlisted the help of Jordan.

Because sometimes when you enlist the help of other people,

it throws people off that there's a prank

about ready to go on.

I have planted the Coke, so the Coke is planted right there.

Here we go. Watch. Shh.

- You did something to that.

- What?

- You did something to the soda.

(low tuba sound) - Okay, you're too smart.

Let's see if we can catch somebody else.

Okay, Jake is too smart.

Having a bottle of Coke just sitting there

innocently on the table, it was kind of a tell.

So I've enlisted Jake now to help me.

Jake is going to get Katie to drink this.

Because we know Katie likes her soda.

If Jake can get Katie to drink this,

I will not prank him for at least three or four more pranks.

He'll be off the hook.

If he can't, he's on the hook for three or four more pranks.

Good luck, Jake.

See if you can get Katie to drink the Coke.

Operation drink the Coke.

- Hey mom, do you want the rest of this?

- You can have it. I don't want it.

Why are you offering it to me?

- I thought that maybe you wanted some.

- I don't trust you now.

- Wait a minute, what are you guys trying to do?

Okay, first of all, you don't ever offer mom

the end of a drink.

Because first of all, backwash.

Mom don't drink the end of drinks.

Mom pours those down the drain.

I know it's a waste, but the end of the drink,

I'm always suspicious about.

Because did someone go like this and gulp in it?

Ew, spit. What's in here? Something's in there.

- I don't know.

- What's in there?

- I'm not trusting it. - All right.

Let's go get Ty to...

- But it looks soapy. - What's in there?

- I want to know.

- Ty is our last victim.

- Did you backwash in it?

- There's a little soy sauce in it.

- Ugh. - Okay.

- Let's go find Ty.

- Ty's still playing games,

but he's got his headphones on,

so again, he has no idea I'm in here.

This makes it easier, because then I can sit back here

with the camera, and he won't know.

Jake is going to come down and see if he can get Ty

to drink the soda.

If he can't get Ty to drink the soda,

he's going to be the recipient

of a lot of pranks coming up.

- Hey Ty. Ty.

- What?

- Do you want the last of this?

Dad was going to throw it away.

- Sure.

- Throw it away when you're done, okay?

- Okay.

- Oh, what?

- [David] (laughs) Drink it, Ty.

Drink the Coke, drink the Coke.

Come on, it's delicious.

What does it taste like?

- Soy sauce.

- Soy sauce? Okay, can you get somebody else to drink it?

- I already drank it though.

- Ah, good luck, dude.

That's your soda for the rest of the day.

- Okay. Sometimes you gotta get other people

in on the pranks to make it work.

This prank almost failed, but we got Ty.

All right. On to the next prank.

Okay, so I have to wait a little bit,

because every time I walk into the room,

everybody's like, "What are you doing?

"What's the prank? What's going on?"

So I'm going to pull a prank next on Logan.

So Logan doesn't really understand pranks.

So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to sneak up on him

when he's eating his lunch.

So he has his head down, he's eating.

And then I'm going to go up behind him

and goose him really good,

and see if he jumps, or see how he reacts.

See if I can catch him in the act of eating

and then scare the dog.

(low tuba sound)

- Ah! (laughs)

Logan! Come here.

Did that scare you?

All right, I think that one was kind of a fail.

I think he turned around

right as I was getting close to him.

Let's try a replay of that and see.


All right, I'm going to call that one a fail.

Let's go on to the next prank.

I think it's prank number nine or ten.

I'm starting to lose track, I should have kept count.

But I've got a couple really good ones coming up.

I got to wait for everybody to get their guard down.

Here we go.

Okay, for my next prank,

this is actually going to be two pranks.

So hopefully they both work.

So for 20 pranks in 2020,

to start off 2020, I should say.

This is actually pretty fun.

So I don't know if ever done this to the kids before.

So I'm going to close the door,

because I think they're starting to get

why something's going on.

So this one required a little bit of prep.

I'm in the boys' bathroom.

Notice I took all their towels out of the bathroom

because I want them to use only one towel,

which is this one.

And notice the color, it's dark.

The reason why it's dark is because

it's going to hide stuff.

So we've got this big jug

Big jug, big jug, of Kool-Aid.

Now, I'm not going to use that much of it.

I'm just going to use a little bit.

In fact, it's almost gone.

But what you do,

is you take some of the Kool-Aid from the packet here,

and I'm going to sprinkle it on the towel

ever so gently.

You'll see here in a second, I'll mix it all in.

And then I'm going to take it,

and I'm going to just kind of shake it

so it goes down into the fabric just a little bit.

So that's one prank right there.

Hey, I can see myself again.

All right, the second prank is,

is I'm going to take some of this shaving cream,

and I'm going to put it in my hand.

The boys are downstairs. I'm going to call them up.

When Jake comes around the corner,

Ty, whichever one it happens to be.

Maybe even Jordan.

I don't know who's going to come upstairs.

I'm going to put this in my hand,

and then when they come around the corner,

splat, right in their face.

Well, they're going to want to come in the bathroom

to wash it off.

And then they're going to dry their face,

and guess what's going to happen?

Somebody's going to get a stained face.

Now, this is funny, and here's a disclaimer.

Don't try this at home

if this is going to get you in trouble.

Okay, don't try this at home

unless you have parents' permission. Okay?

And that you're not going out to go

do something fun outside,

because this is probably going to stain somebody's face,

where they're going to have little red dots

and streaks all over their face

for the rest of the day.

We'll see what happens. Here we go.

Okay, I've got the prank set up.

Here's the shaving cream, there's the towel.

You can barely see some of it in the towel,

but they won't notice it

because they'll be so focused

on getting this off their face.

Jake, Ty? Come here.

Last one up has to do chores.

(laughs) I knew that would get you.

You guys tired? You're the last one up

so you get the chores.

Jake, you're the first one up,

so you get the reward.

Oh! You moved your hand.

No no, go in your bathroom

and wipe it off with a towel.

Don't do it all around the sink and stuff.

- I can't see.

- Here, first wash it. First wash it.

- What's that powder?

- First wash it.

Hurry, wash it off.

- Why is there red stuff coming out?

- Oh, I stuck stuff in the process.

You weren't supposed to see that.

- What's that?

- [David] Ty, come here.

Okay, wash your face, Ty. Or Jake, hurry.

So it doesn't stick and stay.

- [Ty] I want to see. What is that?

That's shaving cream.

- [David] Are you going to wash it off?

- [Ty] (laughs)

Yep, that's the (mumbles)

- [David] Wash it off. Hurry so it doesn't stick.

Wash it, wash it, wash it.

- It burns!

- [David] Wash it, hurry!

Is your whole face wet? Now stick it on the towel.

Rub it on the towel. Rub it on the towel, hurry.

Rub it on the towel!

- Hurry! - No.

There's something on it.

- [David] Rub it on the towel.

- Jacob.

- [David] Hurry, just hurry!

Okay, you got it off.

All right, Ty. Good thing you didn't come up first, huh.

- I don't want the reward.

- That tastes good.

- [David] Hey, what tastes good?

- Kool-Aid.

- [David] You got like little red stuff on your face.

(laughs) - (laughs)

- Now, I can just keep-

- [David] You want another towel?


- It tastes good.

- [David] Your cheeks are getting all rosy red.

(laughs) All right, prank one was this.

Oh, got him again! Oh my god!

And prank two was the towel.

Perfect execution with the second time,

because he was not expecting it.

- [Ty] Your pants!

- I won't get it on me!

All right, let's get ready for the next prank.

Okay. I'm having so much fun with these pranks.

I just came up with a really good idea.

Katie is vacuuming in the other room.

So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to sit

and unplug the vacuum.

Because the outlet she keeps plugging into,

it's really loose, it needs to be replaced.

So any time that there's any wiggle on the cord,

it comes out and she's got to come back

and plug it back in.

So I'm just going to sit there and unplug

and see if we can catch her on camera,

and see if we can make her vacuuming a prank.

- Plug that.

(Logan barks)

Wait a second.

- [David] Logan gave me away.

- Are you unplugging?

Stop, I'm trying to get all my hair picked up

from the bathroom.

- [David] Logan would have never-

You would have never seen me

if Logan hadn't given it up.

- Probably not, but-

- [David] Oh, that's funny.

- Stop messing with me today.

- All right. I could have done that

like three or four times,

had Logan not spoiled the prank, darn dog.

But hey, that's pretty funny.

Because she had to get her exercise

running back and forth plugging the vacuum in.

All right, let's go on to the next prank.

Sometimes pranks just happen, because-

- Are you scheming still? Stop it.

- You weren't supposed to be listening.

All right, so I think this is prank number 14.

- [Katie] I got my eyes on you.

- So as you guys know, any room that Jordan goes into,

she has a calling card.

She always leaves a cup of water,

because she's always drinking water.

But she never drinks it all.

There's always like an inch to two inches

of water left in there.

So when she comes back up to finish her drink,

or to put it away,

I'm going to put this in here, so she sees it.

So this is for ages 14 and up,

so gotta be at least some sort of a teenager

to play with these pranks here.

So it's an ice cube, and it has a spider in it.

So I'm going to put this in her drink,

it's going to mix in.

When she goes to take a drink,

she sees this, screams, "Ah!"

It'll be funny. We all laugh at her expense.

Okay, let's get this set up. (laughs)

(evil laughter)

See? It's just an ice cube with a bug in the middle.

There's your ice cube with a bug.

Okay, I've been waiting here forever

for Jordan to come back up,

so I finally called her to have her come up.

- Jordan, thank you.

- Dad.

- You can help me with the next prank, okay?

- Okay, okay. What's the prank?

- So I'm thinking something with mom, with Katie.

I think what we can do is we can prank Katie,

and it'll be epic because it'll be so funny.

- (spits) Oh my gosh! What is that?


- What happened?

- Ah!

- What did you do? Jordan.

- What was that?

- What was what?

Look at all this water. What did you do?

- Oh my gosh, there's something in my drink.

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? It's a-

- [David] (laughs)

- Dad! You freaked me out so bad.

I thought it was like a bug or something in my drink.

And I was like, "What?"

Oh my gosh, it's just a fake spider in ice.

- That worked perfectly.

She was not even expecting it.

I just looked down and I see something black

and I think it's like a bug or something.

I'm just like, (flinches)

- And she spit everywhere.

Good thing I was standing way up here,

or else I would have gotten another shower today.

- Oh my gosh. (laughs)

Ah! I don't know what to do now.

I'm just like, "What just happened?"

- What's funny is, she bought me that for Christmas.

It was one of my Christmas gifts.

- I forgot about this!

- To prank somebody. And I pranked her.

The person who gave it to me. (laughs)

All right, let's set up the next prank. Woo hoo!

This prank, I have to act fast,

because Jake was just down here

playing on his computer.

Of course Ty's still here playing on his computer.

But what I wanted to do is,

I want to take some of this tape here,

I'm going to tape it to the bottom of his mouse,

so it still will work fine and everything,

but it's not going to be picking up

and being able to be seen on the computer.

So he'll think that's something's wrong.

He'll think that Ty did it,

because again, Ty can't hear me,

because he's got his headsets on.

This is going to be good,

because, well, we'll see what happens.

Let me see if I can get this taped.

And, prank on.

Okay, so I'm taking Jake's mouse here.

And on the bottom of the mouse, like that,

I'm just going to take this piece of tape,

and you put it right over the sensor.

And you can see there, with the tape on it.

Now, it can't read, and it won't move

when he tries to move it.

So, I'm going to go sit in the hammock

and be like I'm not doing anything

and see if we can catch Jake.

See what he says, see what he does.

All right, as I put his mouse down,

see as I move it, this cursor does not move

on the screen. It just stays there.

All right, Logan, being my buddy, huh?

- My keyboard works, but why does my mouse not work?

I can't move my mouse!

- Did you need to change the battery?

Sometimes the battery's dead.

- No, it's on a charger 24/7, they can't die.

- I don't know, maybe you broke it.

- How did I break it?

It was just working a minute ago.

I can click, but why won't it move?

- [David] What's wrong? - Seriously?

- I think the sensor's broken, look.

- Well, what'd you do? When was it last working?

- Before I used the restroom.

And now I'm being attacked.

- So did you eat or drink around your mouse?

- No.

- [David] Great, that was an expensive mouse.

- Good job.

- (gasps) Dad!

- [David] (laughs)

Is it working now? Make sure it works.

- Yeah.

- Whew. Hey, I had it going for what?

About 30, 45 seconds there?

That was pretty good.

I imagine it would go longer if I hadn't been

sitting there with the camera in his face.

But prank done, let's go on to the next prank.

Guys, I just came upstairs,

and I saw Jordan's phone sitting here on the table.

She left it when she was cleaning up after

that last prank I did where she spit all the water out.

So I'm going to change her password,

and I'm going to change her face ID so it's me,

not her, so she won't be able to get in her phone.

So luckily, I know her password.

Because that's one of the rules,

is either Katie or I have to know the passwords,

in case we ever have to get into their phones.

Well, this is perfect, because I'm going to enter

her password and I'm going to change it.

So, I'm in. Yes, look at this, I'm in.

Okay. Now what I'm going to set up face ID to me.

Face ID's all set up. Sweet.

Now I'm going to change the password.

Enter my new passcode.

Let's do 1-2-3-1-2-3.

Okay, nobody tell her what her new passcode is.

So now Jordan is locked out of her phone, she can't get in.

Prank done.

We're going to set it on the counter

and let's see what happens.

- [David] Jordan.

- Yes?

- You had your phone upstairs.

- Oh, thank you.

- [David] No problem. - I want to play some music.

- Yeah, I was wondering where my music went.

- [David] I had it upstairs.

Or actually, you left it upstairs on the table.

- Why isn't this working?

- [David] Why isn't what working?

- Face ID.

Oh gosh.

- [David] You gotta do a regular face.

- I keep typing in my password, it's not working.

- [David] Oh, I wonder if you could do...

- Look, look, look.

Literally. Swipe up.

It says not my passcode.

Why is this not working?

- [David] I don't know.

- Oh my gosh.

- Jordan.

- Oh my gosh, I disabled my phone.

Why is it not working?

- Oh my gosh.

- Is it like glitched out or something?

- Jordan.

- Do I need to shut it down?

- Pranked you.

- Dad!

- Okay, here we go.

This prank here, this one actually kind of annoys me too.

But I know it really annoys Katie.

I'm going to turn on every light switch in the house,

and so as I'm going throughout the room here,

I'm turning the lights on,

and Katie always goes like, "Who left all the lights on?

"Turn off the lights."

So as she goes from room to room turning off the lights,

I'm trying to be one step behind her

turning on all the lights.

We'll see how long this takes before she goes crazy.

Here we go.

I've got most of the lights on now.

- Seriously?

(dramatic orchestral music)

- What are you doing?

- [David] What's going on?

- Are you turning on the lights?

- [David] No.

- Who's turning on the lights then?

- [David] I don't know.

(orchestral hit)

- Why are all the lights on in the house?

You don't need every light on when you're filming.

- [David] I don't know what you're talking about.

- Are you turning them all on?

What the heck?

It's like daylight out.

We don't need all the lights on.

You are too turning them on. Don't mess with me.

Jordan, are you turning on all the lights?

- [David] I'm not turning on the lights.

- No, I've been downstairs.

- Okay, who's turning on all the lights in the house?

I swear I turned them off before.

I swear I turned this light off a million times.

- [David] I think you're going crazy.

- Okay, I know I turned that light off.

You are messing with me and you have the camera, so.

- [David] (laughs)

- Stop.

- All right, so this would be a good prank

if you don't have a camera

and you're not like being totally obvious,

but it's a pretty cool prank.

So let's go to our last two pranks.

These are good ones.

Okay, guys.

For this prank, this one's a little messy.

So I don't recommend you doing this one at home

unless you have parents' permission.

This one's called the confetti prank,

or in this case, it's just going to be this little bag of

slime supplies that Jordan uses.

But they're like these little balls,

and they get everywhere.

But what I'm going to do is, I'm going to see

if I can get it in everybody's hair

without them noticing.

The boys will be super easy.

They're downstairs playing video games.

They'll never know I'm doing this.

Because these are so light and fluffy,

so like when they land, you won't feel them.

See, it wouldn't work for me,

because they'd just roll of my head, and I would notice.

But for most people who are not follically challenged,

this is a great prank.

- What are you up to? - Here we go.

- I'm worried about you today.

- Nothing.

(ominous music)

(ominous music)

- (mouths) Shh.

- (whispers) Okay, Jordan is down the hallway

right around the corner.

She's folding towels.

I'm going to see if I can get them on Jordan.

She almost saw me.

Oh my gosh, that was so close.

Okay, I'm going to get Logan too.

Come here Logan, come on.


(laughs) Got them all over his face.

I may have to get them off of him in just a second here.

Okay, let's go see if we can get Katie.

She's downstairs working on her computer.

- Why are there foam beads everywhere?

- Logan, come here.

- Wait.

(orchestral hit)

- [David] You weren't supposed to look.

- I saw that out of the corner of my eye

and you scared me.

I was like, I saw something right here.

I was like,

- [Jordan] Dad!

- Didn't know if it's a bird coming at me or you.

- What are you...?

- [Jordan] There are foam beads everywhere.

I was like, "Where are these coming from?"

because I was like cleaning.

- Well, guess who gets to vacuum? Joke's on you.

- [David] You may need to like, do something.

You've got lots of dandruff there, girl.

- Prank is on you. You get to vacuum.

- [David] The prank is on me?

I think the prank is on...

- [Katie] That scared me.

- [David] Other people.

- I thought you were going to dump it on me.

- That seriously scared me,

because out of my peripheral vision,

I saw this thing coming at me,

and you don't know if it's a bird or a bug.

Yes, birds have escaped in our house and attacked me.

- A bird has flown in mom's face before.

- Something to be worried about.

- [Jordan] Oh my gosh.

- Okay. Well I got the boys.

They still have no clue that it's on their heads.

Logan, I didn't get too well.

Jordan, I got Jordan, I thought for sure she saw me.

- Finally unlocked my phone.

It released from the one-minute thing,

and then I typed in the wrong password again

and it reset it for five minutes.

- [Katie] We're going to be finding these everywhere.

- [Jordan] Oh my gosh, it's not working.

- [Katie] In my clothes. - [David] Whoa, Katie.


- Seriously.

- [David] What is going on with you? You need a shower.

- Oh my gosh, they're all over my clothes.

I can feel them.

How do I get this all out?

- Okay, so David has been going around the house

pranking everyone today.

I think we should prank him back.

What do you guys say?

- I think so too. - No, no, no.

- Should we gang up?

- Prank wars.

- Should we start prank wars? - Yes, prank wars on Dad.

- Because, except for instead of prank wars

where everyone's against everyone,

I think it should be the whole family against Dad.

- Yeah.

- How many pranks did you even do?

- Well, the goal was to do 20,

but I think I only got 19 in.

Because it was 20 pranks to start out the year 2020.

- [Katie] That's a fail then, for you.

- So if I only got 19, that's a fail?

- [Katie] That's a fail, and we get to prank you now.

- So how about this?

- We get to prank him.

- How about we end this video,

this prank video with a prank? (laughs)

20 pranks right there.

Whatever side coming, it's called a blind side.

- Oh! It is...

- Whoo!

- Oh! (screams)

- [Katie] Get out of here.

- Yeah!

- [Katie] Run, run!

- Okay, I'm coming for you.

- [Katie] No, no, no!

- Whoo!

(playful music)

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