Practice English Speaking&Listening with: งานนี้ไม่ยาก! ทอย ต้องมาเล่นกับน้องแฟนคลับ | Be My Baby คนนี้เด็กผม EP.7 ทอย – มุก [Eng Sub]

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This is the first time that Toy and Mook babysit a kid. They will take care of Jeda.

What kind of techniques they will use to make Jeda happy?

And who will be the best babysitter in this episode? Please stay tuned.

Whats your name?


Chanapat Mueanchai-ngam

How old are you?

5 years old.

What is your schools name?

Wat Pak Bo Foundation School

Which class?

Jeda is in kindergarten year 2 class.

Kindergarten year 2 class

Do you know Toy and Mook?

I know them

Jeda, are you ready to play?

Im ready.

Lets go


How do you prepare yourself for today?

I didnt prepare anything in particular because I like kids by nature.

Naturally, girls like to play with sister. But this kid knew Toy from his drama.

So Im a bit nervous. Plus, look at his outfit.

Coming here is like a job interview. If we dont wear an eye-catching outfit, the employer will look pass us.

But vibrant color can cause an eye sore and kids might run away from it.

Oh, I see! She is not shy but the color is hurting her eyes.

Toy focuses on his outfit. For me, I approach it like I come here for a presentation.

So wait and see what Ive prepared for today.

If you lose, please dont cry.

I only know how to comfort kids. I dont know how to comfort a crying adult.

Winner will play with the kid first, right?

The loser will play first.

Mook loses. So she will be the first one to play with the kid.

Ill play first. Im ready.

Hi, Jeda. You cant spy on me.

Hello, my name is Mook. Do you know me?

Yes, I know you, Pretty Mook.

Do you like dressing up? Your pink ribbon is so pretty.

My mom took me to buy it

Where did you buy it from?

A market.

Market? Can you move to this side? The one who reaches that side first will win.

The winner will get an ice cream. Do you like ice cream?

I dont really like ice cream

She doesnt like ice cream.

The one who reaches that side first will win. 1, 2, 3. Good Girl!

Which ride do you want to play first?

You want to begin with a slide?

Mook is getting nervous

Lets go. You want to ride a slide, right? Lets go.

Why do you take the girl there? Its scary. Its high.

Lets ride it together, okay? Shes not afraid at all. She should have asked me if Im scared.

I dont think that youre scared.

Lets give me a hug.

Girls usually have this kind of moment likeIm scared, can you comfort me?” Sisters get along better.

If a guy like me saysIm scared, can you comfort me?”, she will be like!?!

Are you ready?

Jeda is super ready!

Thats okay. Lets ride it together.

I start to feel scared now.

Sit on my lap.

Are you okay?

I think Ill be okay.

Wait a sec.

If youre too scared, you dont need to ride it.

Im alright.

Are you really fine, Mook?

How is it? Is it fun?

Its not that fun.

Im about to faint. You want to ride it again?

Lets play something else. Please give me a hug.

Special hint for Mook.

Disney animations are her favorite. Ask her to play a role of her favorite Disney princess with you.

I like Ariel.

How do I play this? You like the pretty prince with red hair, right?

Theres also a yellow fish in the animation.

A yellow fish?

I have my photo with me. This is me. You should watch my drama.

My drama is very popular. I put on makeup to create fake acnes.

Is she promoting her drama?! Oh, I see. Earlier, a staff told me that the girl has watched my drama.

So she printed her drama poster to show to the girl.

Lets go play something else.

Jeda is very strong.

Here she goes. Please wait for me.

Mook, hurry up.

Oh my gosh.

Who wants to go down first? You go first. Im coming.

You cant go up this way. You need to go that way.

Jump as hard as you can.

Jeda is getting tired.

Mook is having more fun than Jeda.

Do you see me jump? Lets smile for the camera. Show your sweetest smile.

She is very girly girl but she seems to be very energetic.

I barely saw her stay still. She ran from that side to hide.

Its like she wanted to play with me. She seems very playful.

I think this is an advantage to help me getting along with her easier.

Its time for fun.

Jeda, be careful. This guy is very strict. He can hit you. He always hits me.

Mook begins to manipulate the girl.

Where did she go?

Jeda, lets play together. Whats my name? Have you ever watched my drama?

Ive watched your drama.

Which one?

Kan Kaew.

Kan Kaew? Do you like it? No? Why?

The girl already likes Toy? What should I do? She is shy when being with him.

In here, which ride do you like the most?

My favorite is the slide.

The slide? Ill take you to the slide. No?

Do you want to race up the climber with me? 1, 2, 3!

Do you want to ride the high slide with me? Ill ride with you.

Lets go!

Do you want to ride with me or alone?

I dont want to ride it anymore.

Shes scared too.

Mook seems to enjoy this too much.

He fails.

I want to play the ball.

Which one? The ball pool in the room that we first met? Lets go.

Lets play in the ball pool. Im played by the kid. Be careful.

The girl really loves her pet. If you want to know what kind of pet does she have, start a conversation with her.

Jeda, do you have pets? What kind of pets?

A dog and a cat.

What are their names?

My dogs name is Satang.

Satang and what?

My cats name is Moo Ping (grilled pork).

Moo Ping? Why did you name itMoo Pink”? Because it likes grilled pork? Or because it looks like pig?


At school, do you have a lot of friend?

Jeda starts to pay no attention to Toy.

Jeda wants to go and play with Mook again.

She wants to play with me? Come play with me.

Come here. You take this one. I have one too. You can put it in here. Its still empty. Put it in at the same time. Whose cloth comes out first is the winner.

Im scared.

You dont have to be scared. You can put your hand in.

It looks like Toy is giving up.

1, 2, 3. Which one will come out first? Mine comes out first.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Lets take a picture.

Have you ever seen Toy playing with kids?

Ive never seen him playing with kids. Ive only seen him pranking on boys. He likes to prank on boys. Everyone, hes not a nice guy.

Puzzle bricks can be connected.

If you like climbing, you can connect the puzzle bricks into the wall.

She doesnt like climbing.

But she said she likes it?

She said no.

[The babysitters are arguing now.]

You cant jump in like that. She will be scared. Its okay. Dont throw the balls at her. Shes hurt.

I want to climb a cliff.

You want to climb the hill. (Khao means a hill or him) Do you want to climb on me?

She is too young to get your joke.

This is hard.

Of course. Youre climbing up.

Ill catch you down here.

Good girl. Lets go somewhere else.

Mook is taking the girl away.

Where are you going? Ill wait here.

Jeda, wait. Dont go down yet.

Whats wrong with your voice, Toy?

Jeda is here.

Do you want to eat anything? Ill order it for you. What do you want, a drink or a snack?

I think it can fit in here.

You have to plan first what you want to build.

I think this one will fit too.


Jeda, I think this one will fit too.

I want to build a house.

Lets build a house. Build it together.

Whats this? A chair?

We should be in the house. We shouldnt go outside.

This is the door.

This is Jedas house.

Lets play hide and seek.

Hide and seek. Who will be the seeker? Im the seeker? You two will hide?


Okay. Start.

One. Two.

Jeda comes here.

Mook starts to get exhausted.

Where are you going?

Nineteen. Twenty. Ill start the search. Im searching for you.

You cant find us.

Mook, we should walk quietly.

Hes behind us.

Where are you? Jeda.

Shes not here.

Jeda escapes through the slide.

I cant find you

Ill let you win.

Jeda, are you having fun today?

Jeda is having a lot of fun today.

The doll in your hand, who do you want to give it to?

Jeda gives the doll to Mook.

Wait. You dont want to give it to me? Why?


Come sit in the middle. Are you having fun?

Lets take a picture. Smile.

I want to play more.

Okay, we go play after this.

Lets take another photo. Smile.

1, 2, 3.

What is your technique to win the girls heart?

Mine? I lose so I dont know what is my secret weapon. I feel that Im more of conversation maker.

I think its the slide. I ride it with her.

You took care of her.

I was scared. She was also scared. At that time, we both were scared. Its like a mutual fear and we went through it together. I think its because of this.

Stop talking. Im sad.

Alright, today is quite fun. At first, I thought the shooting is quite short.

When I was told that the shoot would end at 2 pm, I thought this would be an easy job.

It turns out to be quite energy consuming. The girls energy is hiking, unlike us.

I want to go home and get some rest.

We want to thank FAM Playland, the shooting location for today.

Its located in Central East Ville. You can take your family here and enjoy.

In the next episode, I dont know who will take on the challenge.

I want to tell them to prepare themselves. Get a lot of rest.

They should do some research about playing with kid.I still have some doubt.

I dont think Mook is a right competitor for me.

I want to compete with someone who thinks they are good at babysitting.

I want to babysit a boy next time.

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