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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Life in Space | Nuclear Treaties | The Minimum Wage - The Week In Rap

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let's get into it

let's talk searching for life on one of

Saturn's moons Titan imagine you're the

head of NASA each space mission costs

billions of dollars so how do you pick

where to explore spaces after all not

small one way NASA picks is by looking

for planets and moons that can teach us

about the history of earth and give us

clues about how life first started but

that in mind

NASA announced that they're sending a

drone to Titan that Saturn's largest

moon Titan isn't just rock it actually

has oceans and rivers it rains there but

don't pack your swimsuit yet because the

liquid is methane not water still the

planet does have frozen water

aka ice on the surface and it may have

microbial life but cobia life is any

organism that is too small to see with

the naked eye so no there aren't


there might be bacteria NASA is sending

a quadcopter drone to scope things out

the Dragonfly drone will land on the

surface charge up from energy in the

atmosphere and then fly on to the next

spot on the list it's not launching

until 2026 and it won't land on Titan

until 2034 so sorry if we got you

excited a little bit early let's talk

about the politics of nuclear power

what do this and this have in common

both nuclear power plants and nuclear

weapons generate energy when the nucleus

of an atom is split apart splitting

atoms creates enormous amounts of energy

in a nuclear power plant that energy has

turned into electricity nice but that

enormous power can also be used as a

weapon that's what a nuclear bomb is

they are capable of destroying entire


that's why nearly every country has

agreed to the nuclear non-proliferation

treaty that treaty states that no new

countries can develop nuclear weapons

but that any country can use nuclear

technology for peaceful purposes today

only about ten countries on nuclear

weapons and there are 90% of those

nuclear warheads belong to the United

States and Russia you can blame the Cold

War for that when it comes to nuclear

threats two countries have been in the

news a lot North Korea has developed

nuclear weapons and continues to test

them and Iran has been putting together

the materials needed to make nuclear

weapons leaders in America and elsewhere

are working on deals and exploring

military options for limiting the spread

of nuclear weapons

let's talk minimum wage let's say you go

to find a job in the u.s. one very

important part of that is agreeing with

your employer on how much you'll get

paid that's called your wage

a hundred years ago that number could be

anything a company could offer you ten

cents an hour and if you said that's too

low they might say okay fine we'll find

someone else desperate enough to take it

this is why workers begin demanding a

minimum wage that's the government

telling companies the lowest amount they

can pay their workers there's a federal

minimum wage for every worker in the

United States in 2019 the federal

minimum wage was 725 per hour many

states and cities have minimum wages

that are higher in 2019 the

Massachusetts minimum wage was $12 an


many Democrats have proposed doubling

the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour

many Republicans are against that so

what are the positives of raising the

minimum wage well it would mean more

money for workers which means fewer

people living in poverty but what are

the negatives

well if businesses are forced to pay all

workers more some businesses will have

to lay off workers so while it would

help those who keep their jobs make more

money it might create more unemployment

one other point if you have a casual

babysitting job I'm sorry to tell you

that the next 7 25 minimum wage ok

Democrats want 15 Wow you pay and I'm

out that's my time same place next week

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The Description of Life in Space | Nuclear Treaties | The Minimum Wage - The Week In Rap