Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences | Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement

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("Pomp and Circumstance")

(gentle piano music)

- [Narrator] Things are a little different this year,

a little different and a little distant.

They say, it's unprecedented.

We say, it's a chance to show our strengths

through innovation, ingenuity, patience and generosity,

things Knights are known for.

Your time at UCF ended differently

than we all thought it would, no Pomp, no Circumstance

and no hard earned, well deserved walk across the stage,

at least, not yet.

But here's the thing, that walk doesn't make you a Knight,

you've always been a Knight,

ever since you stepped on campus, maybe long before then

and nothing will ever change that.

You have years of experiences

that no one can take away from you,

exciting memories, inspiring moments,

challenging triumphs and dreams come true.

- [Commentator] Unbeaten, 13-0.

- [Narrator] No one will ever have the same college

experience as you and that's a wonderful thing.

- [News Anchor] Class is beginning for

the first time at UCF Downtown.

The 15-acre campus is the new home

to more than 20 degree programs.

- [Narrator] The future is yours to shape too.

No matter what your focus was in the classroom,

you are now a better version of yourself,

ready to make an impact right here in our community.

- [News Anchor] UCF is handing out free

take home food for families in need.

- [Narrator] Across the country.

- [News Anchor] Limbitless Solutions is 3D printing

parts for masks for first responders.

- [Narrator] Around the world.

- We have scientists, we have engineers,

we have others who could be thinking about

how do you test, how do you diagnose, how do you cure?

- [Narrator] And out beyond the stars.

- [News Anchor] Determined to return to the moon by 2024.

UCF is a critical part of that plan.

- [Narrator] Right now, we celebrate you,

the class of 2020 in the best way we can

and simply ask that you take care of yourself and others.

Stay strong, stay curious and as always, Charge On.

(gentle piano music)

(upbeat bagpipes music)

- Welcome to the 160th commencement exercise

of the University of Central Florida.

I am Doctor Christopher Ingersoll,

Dean of the College of Health Professions and Sciences.

To begin our ceremony, our vocalist, Jose Velez,

and our organist, Andrew Walker,

will lead us in the singing our national anthem.

("The Star-Spangled Banner")

O say can you see

By the dawn's early light

What so proudly we hailed

At the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars

Through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched

Were so gallantly streaming

And the rocket's red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night

That our flag was still there

O say does that star-spangled

Banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free

And the home of the brave

- Mr. President, the Spring 2020 graduating class

of the University of Central Florida's College

of Health Professions and Sciences are virtually assembled.

- Thank you, and thank you all

for being with us online today.

Obviously, this virtual commencement

is not our preferred way to honor your achievements,

but given the new realities the pandemic

has forced upon our community, nation and the world,

we do hope we are able to provide some recognition

worthy of your successes until such time

as we can do so in person.

This is a big milestone in the lives of our graduates

and I am very pleased that so many friends,

family members and guests have joined us virtually

to help celebrate their accomplishments.

It took a lot of hard work for them to get to where they are

and I am honored to reward them with the degrees

and certificates they are here to receive.

They have definitely earned them.

I know you are proud of your graduates

and I also know that a good part of their success

is because of your love and support.

Family and friends, thank you for all you have done

to help get them this far

and for all you will continue to do.

Today is a celebration of your success, too.

Before we continue, I would like to acknowledge

some special members of the UCF family

who may not be with us online today,

UCF's brave men and women

who have been called away to active military duty.

I would also like to acknowledge

two additional groups of graduates:

graduating members of our ROTC programs

who have just been, or are about to be,

commissioned as officers in our armed forces,

and our graduating student veterans.

All of these graduates deserve

our special thanks and congratulations.

To UCF's faculty, you are the foundation

of our great institution and mentors

to the next generation of pioneers and innovators.

Thank you for your contributions and impact.

The dedication you, and all educators, have displayed

during this pandemic is nothing short of amazing.

Our commencement speakers today

probably need no introduction to Knight Nation.

Identical twins Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin

both received their Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication

from UCF in 2016.

Growing up, both excelled in football and track

and, of course, went on to play together here at UCF.

Shaquem was a two-year starter at outside linebacker.

As a senior in 2017, he helped the team to a 13-0 record,

a Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl victory over Auburn

and a National Championship.

He was selected as the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP,

named American Athletic Conference

Defensive Player of the Year

and a two-time First Team All-Conference honoree.

Shaquill was a two-year starter at cornerback

for the Knights, earning All-Conference honors in 2016.

His 15 passes broken up as a senior

were the second most by a Knight in a single-season

and he ranked fifth in the nation in passes defended.

In 2017 NFL Draft, he was selected 90th overall

by the Seattle Seahawks, and was named

to his first Pro Bowl in 2019.

Shaquem joined Shaquill with the Seahawks in 2018

when he was picked by Seattle

in the fifth round of the draft.

Active in their community

and an inspiration to people everywhere,

they embody the spirit of Knight Nation.

Please welcome, by video, Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin.

- What's up Knight Nation, the class of 2016 here Shaquem.

- And Shaquill Griffin and first and foremost,

I wanna say congratulations to everybody

that's graduating in this year's class.

I also wanna say thank you to UCF for giving me

and my brother this opportunity to speak

at this year's commencement speech, definitely an honor

and today, you know, I thought about writing a speech down,

you know, you usually do but I wouldn't be authentic,

I wanna be real and also I'm here, no pen, no paper, just me

and first thing I wanna talk about is just real life

and real life after graduation and on the first thing,

you know, first, you gotta know your worth,

you know, know your worth, know the sacrifices you've made

to get here today to graduate and you all earned it,

you all deserve it.

So, going out there, I wanna say,

I wanna tell you guys a little story.

I'm going to revolve around athletics

because it's the easiest way for me to express how I feel,

so you guys, just bare with me for a little bit.

I remember leaving high school,

attending my first year at the University of Central Florida

and I was on my high horse, you know, I was on cloud nine,

just feeling like I was that guy.

You know, coming from high school,

well known guy in high school,

he was that dude and I got comfortable with that

and you know, that's who I thought I was and I attended UCF

and you know, you start to go through different scenarios

and hardships through college and all you guys can relate,

you know, there's always some hard times in college

and so, going through my freshman year, my sophomore year,

came to my junior year, I hit a little wall

and this wall caused me to forget who I was,

forget the worth that I thought I had

and it put me in a position where I felt like

I couldn't finish, I thought I wasn't gonna make it

and I had second thoughts about who I would become

or who I am becoming and you know,

it's kind of cool to tell this story

because, you know, my brother,

being the guy that he is and he motivates so many people,

he doesn't even know that he's one of my biggest motivation.

You know, going into my senior year, his junior year,

you know, him finally getting the opportunity

to play for the first time,

and most people do know our story, you know,

you kind of know everything that

he went through since he was a child,

you know, attending UCF and just see him

get the opportunity and take full advantage of it,

because he always knew his worth, he never got his worth,

everything that he had been through, he overcame

because he always knew who he were,

who he was, should I say, I'm sorry

and that kind of brought the light back

to who I was and who I am.

I figured out who I wanted to be and I found my worth.

I knew I was gonna be something great

and had to believe in that.

One thing I could ever ask for was the opportunity,

which I was lucky to ask for and I knew once I got

the opportunity, I'm gonna take full advantage of it.

So, the main thing is, never forget your worth.

You know, till this day, I will never forget again

and you guys should never forget your worth

because look where you at today.

You made this far, so graduate and you deserve that

and now, it's time for you to just find your purpose,

what's the reason why you do all that,

what's the reason why you sacrificed so much time,

so much time away from family,

you know, to be able to get this next exam done,

make sure you had the best grades,

so you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

So, find your purpose, find what makes you happy,

find what you love and take full advantage of it

and remember, being a UCF Knight,

all we ever needed was the opportunity

and you know, being a fellow alumni, it's all we ever needed

and then you take full advantage of it.

You know, I feel like there's no one better than UCF

and I feel like we are the future.

So, let's continue to be great, let's continue to,

you know, strive for a better tomorrow

and let's do it, you deserve it all.

Now, I let my brother take it off from here.

- Yeah, well that's a tough one to come behind.

I wanna say thank you to UCF and fellow alum and future alum

for allowing me and brother to do this commencement speech.

Yeah, there's a lot I could say, I mean, coming to UCF man,

being the younger brother, I knew what was going on,

but one thing I can say about UCF is,

it allowed me to figure out who I was,

it allowed to me experience certain things like adversity

and not only adversity, but you know, certain pleasures,

the positive, you know, meeting new friends, new family,

being apart of a great nation, like Knight Nation.

UCF did so much more than just being on the school campus

and seeing the beautiful scenery and being in Orlando.

UCF brought brotherhood to me and brought family to me,

it brought so much more than I would have

never thought to accomplish or gain at a school.

Yo, it's going crazy right now,

I thought about writing a speech, but I did not,

I thought about getting help from my agents

or somebody else getting to write it but it wouldn't be true

to me and to you unless you heard my words and how I felt

and I feel that you'll should hear it from the heart

and all jokes aside, I mean, like a half-suit right now

and I'm pretty sure you guys are at home comfortable

and it's like wondering why we, you know,

doing a commencement speech over the phone

but during this very, very serious topic and you know,

with the Coronavirus and everything,

making sure that we all practice social distancing

but yeah, we wanted to make sure that you hear from us

and the one thing I really wanna talk about is adversity

and I think adversity made me who I am today.

Just to put more into it,

don't let adversity dictate who you gonna be.

I mean, this is a time in your life where you're going

into the real world, what our parents would say

but take advantage of every opportunity you get,

don't allow obstacles and different barriers

that's gonna be on your way to dictate who you gonna be

and what kind of person that

you wanna set out to show everybody.

Just to give you an example, you know,

just coming out of college, I didn't know

how it was gonna go, I didn't know how the job was gonna be,

I didn't where I was gonna be at.

You know, by the grace of God,

I got the opportunity to be back with my brother,

you know, the best friend that you could ever get

and even through that time, I felt like, you know,

everything was going my way,

I felt like everything was figured out until it wasn't.

I experienced a lot of adversity during my first year

in the league but that was just something that

I needed to go through, that was something that taught me,

that's something that built me to be a better person

but I wouldn't know how to do that

unless I was an alumni of UCF.

What separates us from everybody else at other schools,

the other nations, is that we're strong.

We know adversity, we felt it before

and we know what to do when it comes.

You beat it, you fight it and you attack it

every single day it comes at you

and you become a better person, a better you.

Now through the adversity,

you always gonna learn how to be strong.

You'll gotta know, when things get hard,

you fight even harder and that's one thing

I want you all to take with you.

Don't let adversity and don't let obstacles stop you

from being great, don't let obstacles stop you

from helping the next person after you.

Look to your left and look to your right

and know that you got people behind you,

supporting you and always know that you're never alone.

I got you like nation got you, we all got each other,

so always remember that and one thing I want all of you

to take with you, while you leaving this beautiful campus

and you can't come back unless you coming for more school,

help somebody out.

Be great, change the world, that's what we're here for,

that's what we came to UCF for, 'cause we wanted to help,

we wanna change the world,

we wanna make the world a better place

and if I know I helped one person

and that one person helped 10

then that 10 can help 1000 later.

So with your help, with your greatness,

the Knight Nation greatness,

let's make the world a better place

and I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing all of you out there,

Knight Nation, fellow alum,

congratulations, I'll be seeing you soon.

- And one more thing,

Knight Nation, being the best nation,

we refuse to be put in a box or be categorized

and think that what we can't be and what will be,

let's continue to be great 'cause we are great

and we are this future.

So, like my brother said,

let's change the world, go Knights.

- Thank you, Shaquem and Shaquill.

Your example motivates us to charge on.

And now, the exciting time in our program

when degrees are conferred and we read our graduate's names.

Given the number and diversity of names at UCF,

we apologize if there are any mispronunciations.

Will Doctor Michael Johnson, Interim Provost

and Vice President for Academic Affairs,

please commence with the conferral of degrees.

- The doctoral degree represents

the highest academic achievement a person can earn.

To receive the doctorate, candidates must demonstrate

proficiency through advanced graduate course work

and examinations and demonstrate to their university

professors and peers that they can engage

in substantive research that adds

to the body of knowledge in their fields of study.

Doctor Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research

and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies,

will present the candidates for the doctoral degree.

- Mister President, on behalf of the dean and the faculty,

I am pleased to present these candidates

for the degrees for which they qualify

and recommend that they be conferred.

- Thank you, Doctor Klonoff.

Candidates, by virtue of the authority

vested in me by the State of Florida

and with the concurrence of the UCF Board of Trustees,

I confer upon you the degree for which you have

been recommended and for which you have qualified,

with all the rights and responsibilities

thereto appertaining, congratulations.

- The hooding ceremony is traditional

for the conferral of a doctoral degree.

The hood is a UCF hood, as its black and gold colors denote,

and the velvet represents the field of study.

Regrettably, we cannot perform this ceremony at this time,

but we will read the names of those

who have qualified for this distinction.

- [Announcer] Michelle Angulo

Akash Bali

Marta M Carrion

Chandler Alexander Collins

Kayla Combs

Madison Paige Delgado

Rishi P. Garib

Emiangeliz Gonzalez Luna

Mckaleigh B Goodale

Sarah Beth Guettler

Chelsea Marie Hart

Katherine A Herzfeld

Amber Nicole Hollis

Fahima Mireya Jahan-Flynn

Daniel Felix Jimenez

Chestton W Joffe

Kyle Patrick Joslyn

Sky Nicole Knott

Daniel William Komforti

Kelly Marie Lamaster

Nicholas Wayne Lawless

James Weston Maggert

Adonis Terrence Magras

Nicholas Everett Mercer

Alexander John-Thomas Peller

John Nelson Phillips

Clay Wesley Pilkington

Bridget C Presnell

Christopher J Quinn

Katherine Reus

Jeffrey T Schmidt

Daniel Ney Torres

Luis Alexander Velazquez

Hannah K Webster

- To all of our doctoral candidates, congratulations.

- Doctor Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research

and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies,

will you present the candidates for the master's degree.

- Mister President, on behalf of the dean and the faculty,

I am pleased to present these candidates

for the degrees for which they qualify

and to recommend that they be conferred.

- Thank you, Doctor Klonoff.

Candidates, by virtue of the authority

vested in me by the State of Florida

and with the concurrence of the UCF Board of Trustees,

I confer upon you the degree for which you have

been recommended and for which you are qualified

with all the rights and responsibilities

thereto appertaining.

Congratulations to those who have earned this distinction.

- [Announcer] Jennifer Arlin Abreu

Nicole Marie Bagley

Laurel Lennon Barrett

Kathleen Belt

Kaitlyn Marie Boyland

Courtney P Brimmer III

Jonathan Daniel Bruce

Michael Andrew Bryant

Jessica Lynn Buchanan

Marriah Nazaria Carlos

Stephanie Alexandra Castro

Neena Lee Champion

Theasa Angela Chavers

Meredith Lynn Cohen

Phillip Hunter Combass

Daniella Marie Curbelo

Ashtyn Dalal

Krystal Elizabeth Dave

Brionna Mikayla Davis

Catherine Anne Davis

Robyn M. Day

Talia Paige Decant

Alexis Chelsea Dreznin

Aryeh Jordan Ebrahimi

Angela Renee Edwards

Sarah Ann Esguerra

Francisco Javier Figueroa-Vazquez

Maryann Flynn

Ethella R Frukhtman

Marquise Fuce

Vanessa Garcia

Gilarys Giselle Garcia Milan

Dayme Garcia Rodriguez

Randall Gary Garland Jr

Eliana Rina Gershon

Michelle K Gillespie

Daroniesha Brianna Grandberry

Eliana Beth Haggard

Stephanie Theresa Haley

Hayley Colleen Hamilton

Kathryn M Harrell

Gabrielle Aiyana Hines

Donna Marie Hoefer

Cory Michael Holmes

Elizabeth Marie House

Jolene S Hurtado

Dericka Nykole Jackson

Kiarra D Jenkins

Jessica Nicole Jett

Bri-ana Delyenise Ilara Johnson

Tajuna Latrese Johnson

Timara Destiny Jones

Tyler Jones

Frederick E Joshua

Zachary John Kinsley

Jennifer Rebecca Knight

Emily Hope Lain

Garrett Littleton

Paige Elyse Lokeinsky

Jon Patrick Lytle

Jessica Marie Manfre

Emily Anne Marshall

Marite Martinez

Erica Nicole Martinson

Megan K McCauley

Katherine J McClanahan

Richard Foster McHugh

Ligia Enith Mejia

Sherice Elizabeth Meyer

Jakayla Jacene Miller

Gregory William Mirabal

Mireya Mondragon

Katlin Victoria Morel

Shaun A. Morreale

Melissa Grace Muller

Wesley David Murray

Katelyn Nelson

Casey Nicole O'Brien

Hannah Elizabeth O'Donnell

Patrick Clark O'Donnell III

Amy Lynn Olson

Lizbeth Ortiz

Jenna Elizabeth Overstreet

Vanessa Patrecia Palmer

Tiffany Adriana Pando

Carol Perez

Ashley Nicole Plavnicky

Richard Allen Pollard

Elizabeth King Post

Amanda Faye Prager

Madalene J Pursley

Raquel Erica Rado

Laura Joyce Raulerson

Yancey Lauren Reeder

Jemila K Reyes

Charissa Reynolds

Catherine Lee Rice

McKenzie Lynn Richey

Meghan Ann Riegler

Jessica Rodriguez

Natalie Aracelis Rosado

Daniel Emilio Salas

Lyndsey Michele Serino

Stephanie Ann Shields

Stephanie Ann Xiao Lao Slater

Heather Nicole Smith

Regan Elizabeth Taylor

Geneva Junelle Thompson

Markencia Pierre Thompson

Sarah Marie Trad

Katherine Gisselle Trivino

Michael William Tucker

Jesse Van Gampelaere

Leyla Janae Wallace

Briana Christina Watson

Stephanie Webb

Kimberly Michelle Wells

George Alan Williams

Soleil Williams

Steven Paul Wilson

Rachel Marie Wolfkill

Emily Elizabeth Wood

Sonya Young

Keyon Morgan Zakeri

Kaci Nicole Zambelli

- Will Doctor Christopher Ingersoll,

Dean of the College of Health Professions and Sciences,

present the baccalaureate candidates from the college.

- I am proud to present the baccalaureate candidates

from the College of Health Professions and Sciences.

Interim Provost Johnson, it is my pleasure

to recommend that these students be granted

the degrees for which they qualify.

- Thank you.

Mister President, the baccalaureate candidates

have been recommended for graduation

by the dean and faculty of their college.

I concur with these recommendations and present

the candidates to you for the awarding of degrees.

- By virtue of the authority vested in me

by the State of Florida and with the concurrence

of the UCF Board of Trustees, I confer upon you

the degree for which you have been recommended

and for which you have qualified, with all of the rights

and responsibilities thereto appertaining.

We will begin with our honor recognitions.

These names are available in the online program.

A printed version will be mailed

to graduates with your diploma.

Will Doctor Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres,

Dean of the Burnett Honors College,

start us off, followed by Doctor Johnson.

- The Burnett Honors College,

which represents the top students at UCF,

is committed to cultivating talent and inspiring excellence.

Burnett Honors Scholars are prepared to not only tackle

the future, but also fundamentally change it.

They further the intellectual mission and the tenets

of the UCF Creed through their outstanding accomplishments.

To those students who are graduating

with University Honors or who completed

Honors Undergraduate Thesis, congratulations.

- We are very proud of our distinctive

LEAD Scholars Academy, the only one

in the State University System

and one with few peers across the country.

During their years at UCF,

LEAD Scholars have a unique opportunity

to engage in the academic study of leadership,

to lead others and to serve our community.

To these students, please accept our congratulations.

Honor Medallions are presented to the students

who have achieved the highest grade-point

averages in their colleges.

To these students and their families,

thank you and congratulations.

We are also very proud

of our distinguished President's Leadership Council,

whose members are selected on the basis of scholarship,

leadership, service, and the ability to function

as ambassadors and hosts for the university.

Thank you to our graduating

President's Leadership Council members and congratulations

and lastly, in 2001,

the university established the Order of Pegasus,

an honor that recognizes outstanding senior

and graduate students who have demonstrated

overall excellence in university involvement, leadership,

academic achievement and community service.

Because of the breadth of accomplishments

required for this award, the Order of Pegasus

is the most prestigious and significant student award

that can be attained at the university.

These names, along with the names of all

of our honor graduates, are available in the online program

and the printed version that will be mailed

to graduates with their diplomas.

Thank you and congratulations.

- We will now recognize the top honor graduates,

followed by the baccalaureate graduates

from the College of Health Professions and Sciences

in alphabetical order, followed by closing remarks

from The Honorable Kyler Gray, student body president

and member of the UCF Board of Trustees

and President Cartwright.

Congratulations, graduates.

- [Announcer] Breon Prince Clark

Taylor Louis Duffy

Emily Joy Bom

Allison Elizabeth Hilton

Christopher Luke Johns

Jonathan David Melnick

Parker Lee Melnick

Rick Anderson Schoppe

Laura Elizabeth Aanonsen

Samantha Francesca Abbott

Mariam Abdelhalim

Leena Nabil Aboueljoud

Joseph Abraham

Leah Sheri Abraham

Tyler Lee Absher

Maria Paula Acuna

Shane Riley Adams

Cricire Ivan Flores Aguda

Saher Ahmed

Hezar Hameed Ajmal

Ebere Ajoku

Joylan Alana Alberto

Donna Rhea Albrecht

Frank Ruel Alexander Jr

Maria Celeste Alfaro

Husam A Alhaddad

Alaa Emad Alomary

Alanis Nicole Alpizar

Mario Jerome Alvarez Jr

Angel Miguel Amadeo Jr

Holly Helen Ambrose

Batel Amouyal

Evard Phillip Martavius Anderson

Kristen Nicole Anderson

Ta'ron Shamod Andrews

Marianna Angulo

Valerie Leah Applebee

Atiyah Nicole Appline

Aloria Jessica Imani Archbold

Steven Ricaurte Arrieta

Gilan Mayo Asuncion

Natalie Jenna Attar

Crystal Leigh Aughtman

Aishat Awe

Allison Aycart

Brittany Ellen Backof

Jose Ricardo Baez

Charles Anthony Bagdon III

Destinee Michelle Bailey

Emily Marsia Bailey

Jenna Leigh Bailey

Chelsea Rae Balestro

Melissa Ballak

Nikola Balos

Lauren Nicole Bansberg

Ivanna Michelle Bardales

Olivia Grace Barge

Kaylee Sierra Barnard

Shane Anthony Barnes

Olivier Wilkins Barolette

Bridget Ann-Marie Barrett

Daisely Basulto

Michael Anthony Battle III

Keila Cardeline Bazile

Lise-Berthe Bazin

Jenna Alexa Beato

Madison Nicole Beauregard

Kierstie Calynn Becker

Justin Matthew Bedford

Cassidy Danielle Behrens

Breanna Belabre

Angella Belami

Kameelah Jade Belgrave

Kimberly Delis Bello Cueto

Benee Danielle Benardo

Mason Tyler Bennett

Oniquekia Tatyana Bennett

Poulette Mari Berberena

Melanie Ann Bergens

Laura M Bernal

Kristen Nicole Berry

Anjali Ajaykumar Bhatt

Ashley Simone Birdsong

Michelle Leigh Blaisdell

Kimberly Agnes Blanc

Franchesca Marie Blanco

Olivia Grace Blount

Jamie Elizabeth Bly

Dylan Anthony Bollinger

Karina Leanna Boone

Nicholas Brian Bottiglieri

Matthew Austin Boyce

Deyanira Alexandra Boza

Genesis Brador

Jeremy Austin Branch

Hunter Scott Brandenburg

Gabriela Brea

Rishi Mohan Bridgelal

Leann April Briguera

Grace Riley Brinn

Kathiria Marie Brookes

Aaron Patrick Brooks

Chynia Gabrielle Brooks

Brenden Amir Brown

Brittany Paige Brown

Kathryn Sue Brown

Jenifer Mary Bruhn

Craig Anthony Emerson Bucknor

Bella Bui

Jaida Alize-Renee Burch

Zuzelle Taina Buret

Raejah Imani Burgess

David Burgos

Valeria V Burkovskaya

Liana Maria Busby

Naomi Allanis Bustin

Matthew Richard Caballero

Andrea Caballero Franco

Suzzette Caceres

Timothy Jose Caceres

Ralph Amilde Cadet

Eilleen Yaritza Caffoll Posas

Brennan Nicole Cain

Myrtha Cajuste

Destiny Tiana Campbell

Lea Francesca Campopiano

Anna Katrina Capuno

Courtney Lynne Caputo

Nina Gabrielle Cardinale

Jaclyn Rachel Carmody

Gabriel Carranza

Alexiz Mariah Carrillo

Andrew Jeffrey Carson

Cynthia Yirell Castillo

Carly Elisabeth Catto

Delanie Rae Causey

Daisia Jayssa Danielle Cayo

Mercedes Aura Cedeno

Daniel Amaral Cerdeira

Melissa Vessa Charles

Marla Renee Chavez

Carly Ann Chernoff

Kirsten Elizabeth Chiles

Serena Renea Christensen

Adrielys Nichole Class

Caroline McQuaid Clayton

Mia Cameron Cleary

Tara Elizabeth Clennon

Matthew Joeseph Colaluca

Austin Scott Cole

Stephanie Ann Coleman

Nicholas James Coletti

Kristin Marie Collison

Rachel Jillian Colon

Janeimee Colon Pauneto

Mara Conover

Connor Sullivan Copeland

Nathalie Cossio

Amanda Michelle Cox

George Colby Cross

Gabrielle Renee Crowley

Stephanie Cassandra Crum

Genesis Aniet Cruz

Hailey Erica Cruz

Kiara L. Cruz Machuca

Christa Carol Cullen

Alexander Curro

Jevauney Niel Da'Costa

Karina Damiani

Anika Okera Daniel

Jamecia Ashanti Daniels

Chloe Marie Davis

Joy Elizabeth Davis

Sara Elizabeth Davis

Sarah Noel Davis

Derione Alexander De Leon

Hannah Marie Debee

Samantha Megan Debell

Anthony Deleon

Taylor Gabrielle Delgado

Kassandra Delivra

Ryan Austin Demello

Hosanna Joy Demildt

Jared Lee Dennis

Jessica Anne Dennis

Bethanie G. Derice

Fahim Mohammed Dhalla

Niki Ranjan Dhar

Jullie Garcia Dias

Sophia Marie Dias

Carlos A Diaz

Keila Gabriela Diaz

Joshua Daniel Dickens

Tiffany Martin Dickey

Dustin Thomas Doggett

Alana Marie Dolce

Jillian Shae Dominguez

Kathly Doreus

Catalina Rose Doria

David Orion Doyle III

Roman Parker Duarte

Yashoda Devi Dwarkanauth

Reilly Ellison Edwards

Marli Hannah Ehrlich

Kalista Ilmi Eichstaedt Swanson

Sara El Aryan

Adil Elhaddad

Diala El'Harake

Ethan Alexander Elkins

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Bryan Edward Elmore

Caroline Rose Elworthy

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Alexandria Elizabeth Young

Estefany Young

Serin Zachariah

Anastassia Zahharova

Sarah Elizabeth Zein

Cara Rose Zimmerman

Daniela Zuart

Hannah Rose Zuccari

- Hello friends, colleagues and most importantly,

graduates of the Spring 2020 class

of the University of Central Florida.

While I understand that this is not the ceremony

you expected, or frankly, the ceremony you wanted,

here we are and I am right here with you.

Here we sit in front of you, still able to recognize

your contributions to our beloved UCF,

and even in the midst of the chaos that has overtaken

our country and planet, this is your day.

Your day to reflect on all of the things

you have accomplished, but most importantly,

a day to eye further and to ponder on the things

you will and want to accomplish.

Each of us has a unique story, and at UCF,

we celebrate this diversity, we acknowledge the fact

that we have all come from different backgrounds to be here

and have all overcome unique barriers

and constraints throughout our college careers,

and this COVID-19 pandemic is one of them,

but I assure you that it will not be the last.

Nonetheless, everyone sits in this room

under the same title: Graduates of the Spring 2020 class

of The University of Central Florida.

I have always said that the best part about attending UCF,

is the fact that we are a part of a story,

a book if you will, that is not yet finished.

Today, you are authors in your own right,

and while your pen has metaphorically run out of ink

on this chapter, your book and UCF's book

is far from finished.

As a graduate, a new chapter is now to be written

as your new role as an alumni, and with this new role,

you have now earned a very special platform.

You should use this platform to pursue your passion

and to bring positive change to the world around us.

This commencement marks the beginning

of a great journey that starts today,

and you should be looking forward to many more.

At this historical moment, you have the opportunity

to scale new heights, to do more, to be better,

and to Charge On with a conviction to serve

and make our world a better place.

Paired with your passion, serve this world

in your own unique way, and never forget your alma mater,

The University of Central Florida.

It has been said that the best is yet to come

for our beloved UCF, and while that is definitely the case,

the best is yet to come for all of us as well.

Charge on proudly as a UCF Knight now and forever more.


- We are living in extraordinary times,

and the class of 2020 finds itself

in an unprecedented historical moment.

The fact that we are unable to safely join together

in person today as planned to celebrate your milestone

is a reflection of this new reality.

We do hope we will be able to do that soon,

but until then, I'd like you to reflect

on what I'm beginning to understand

as the defining spirit of this young institution.

The motto at UCF is "Reach for the Stars."

People talk about having a 1-0 approach to tomorrow

and when someone says Go Knights,

I always hear the reply, "Charge on!"

I know these are more than catchy phrases,

they sum up a philosophy at UCF.

When you say, "Reach for the Stars,"

it's a call to push oneself to dream big,

to refuse to be limited by what others say is possible.

When people say "1-0," they mean that

when you achieve a goal, set a new one, a harder one.

Cherish the victory, but don't rest on it.

Reset, because the next challenge awaits.

And when, like now, there are obstacles,

when there are inevitable setbacks, Charge On.

Some call that perseverance, or grit.

But from what I've seen of this great university,

it's just part of what it means to be a Knight.

UCF is a place where defying odds is not the exception,

it is the expectation.

So take this place with you as you go out

to change the world.

You are needed now more than ever.

We will close our ceremony by singing the alma mater.

Thank you for joining us for today's commencement ceremony.

Go Knights!

Charge On!

All hail to Alma Mater

Whose banner black and gold

Will wave in fame and splendor

As the passing years unfold

May loyalty and friendship

Within our hearts unite

And light the star to guide us

Ever upward in our flight

With honor and affection

Our friendships will renew

We sing to thee our Alma Mater

Ever true

(upbeat bagpipes music)

- Fellow Knights, Nicole Stott here,

wishing you happy graduation.

Not the commencement you planned on, I know,

but life is always an adventure.

I hope that you go forth and do great things

and always remember that we live on a planet,

we are all earthlings and the only border that matters

is that thin blue line of atmosphere

that blankets and protects us all.

So, live like crew, not passengers here on spaceship Earth

and I wish you all the best.

- Hi, I'm Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings.

Congratulations on your recent graduation

from the University of Central Florida.

We're very proud of you.

We look forward to working with each of you.

I know that things are different this year

but I offer you this bit of advice.

Pray first, aim high and stay focused.

- Hi, I'm Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

and I wanna congratulate the UCF class

of 2020 on your graduation.

We know that you'll do great things

as you embark on your next step in your life

and you'll make your alma mater proud.

I want you to know your mayor is proud of you

and your community is proud of you.

I'm honored to be able to wish you my sincere

congratulations during this special time in your life.

Best wishes Knights, Charge On.

- Ola Knights, Cyndia Morales Muñiz,

Director of HSI Culture and Partnerships at UCF

and class of 2013, Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

My advice, continue to seek out

opportunities for professional growth.

Learning never stops.


(speaks in foreign language)

- What's up guys, it's Tacko Fall.

First, I hope that all of you are healthy,

I hope that your families are healthy

and doing good as well.

I just wanted to congratulate you'll on graduation.

That's a huge milestone, that's a huge accomplishment,

something that you all should be really proud of.

Go out there and make the world a better place

and welcome to the UCF alumni club.

- Congratulations to the class of 2020.

You guys have been apart of more wins and more Championships

than any class in the history of UCF.

- Hey Knight Nation, this is coach Bear with UCF softball.

- Congratulations to our 2020 graduates.

- You guys have worked hard and it's a huge accomplishment

to be earning your degree and we are so proud of you,

that you're representing Knight Nation and going out.

- We are so, so proud of you

for everything that you've done.

- And remember, once a Knight, always a Knight.

- Go forth and do as well in life

as you did representing the black and gold.

- Congratulations class of 2020.

- And I wish you the very best of luck, Go Knights.

- Go Knights.

- Go Knights.

- Go Knights.

- Go Knights.

- And Charge On.

(speaks in foreign language)

- Congratulations to the class of 2020.

- And a special congratulations

to the College of Health Professions and Sciences.

- We wish we could be with you

to celebrate this milestone achievement in your life.

- And no matter where you are or where you go,

bloom where you are planted, Charge On.

- Congratulations class of 2020, Go Knights.

(upbeat music) (crowd cheering)

- Spring 2020 graduates, congratulations.

Despite this being an extraordinary time

for our university and our world,

you have proven that Knights can always be counted on

to rise to every occasion, no matter the obstacles.

I am sorry that your semester

did not end as any of us planned

but I hope you know that your perseverance is inspiring

and the grit and can-do attitude you've shown

these past few weeks and the past few years

will help you succeed in whatever you have planned next.

Your excellence is defined by your ability

to rally around these challenges

and to excel in trying times.

Just as we celebrate you today,

we also recognize your family and friends

and all of your faculty and staff mentors

who have helped you along the way.

We are all so proud of what you have accomplished

and we look forward to celebrating this milestone

with you in person when the time is right.

Until then, to UCF's newest alumni,

Go Knights and Charge On.

(upbeat bagpipes music)

The Description of UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences | Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement