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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Don't say Annyeong haseyo in Korea! Korean pronunciation

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Oi amigas~ This is your friend, Woo Lara

I have some questions for you

How many of you would want to come to Korea?

How many of you would like to have Korean friends?

One more, how many of you are studying Korean

to make Korean friends?

If you thought "It's me!" at least in one question

You should know why you shouldn't say THIS is Korea

This video is about Korean pronunciation

Lots of you learn Korean with "romanization" right?

I've even got some questions that,

Do Koreans know romanizations?

Can I communicate with Korean with romanizations!?

Well my answers are "NO"

I didn't even know what Romanizations were until I worked in a company

So, I'll give you some tips about how to pronounce Korean better

So my first tip to pronounce Korean better is,

to lose the romanization

Well romanizations are very comfortable and easy for alphabet users

But there's one problem

Since you are learning Korean pronunciation with romanization

Your Korean somewhat sound like you are speaking English

For example, this

I met so many foreigner friends pronouncing this like:

(Annyeonghaseyo is Hello in Korean)

Ah~ did you mean 안녕하세요?

Wow you are speaking Korean very well~

If it's more complicated than 안녕하세요

For example like,

How do I get to the "Jong gak" station?

People won't get it

So please learn Korean pronunciation correctly and lose the romanization

My second tip to pronounce Korean better is:

To pronounce Korean very simply, precisely or abruptly!

For example, this again:

"An" is kind of similar

But in this second syllable,

In Korean it is "녕"

But in English it sounds like ㄴㅕㅕㅕㅕ엉(Nyeong)

Do you get the problem?

It should be just simple like, only one syllable: 녕

But ㄴㅕㅕㅕ엉 sounds kind of longer than just

So it should be very simple and abrupt

So try to pronounce it just 녕, not 녀ㅕㅕ엉(nyeong)

Just 녕!

Ha is also similar

But "Se"

It's also very simple and clear, 세

But people usually pronounce it like, Sae~

There's no Sae~ it's just 세!

Also for last, YO

It's just 요, not yo~

There shouldn't be any sound like, Yo woo

It's just 요, 요. Not yo~

And, the third tip:

So if you can sound like, 안 녕 하 세 요

Then it's so much better than Annyeonghaseyo

so one more step to sound correctly and perfectly

Just be lazy when you are pronouncing Korean

You don't need to stress all the syllables when you speak Korean

Just pronounce as if you are singing

안녕하세요 not like this

It's just like this:

Just connect the all the sounds, all the syllables

And the forth tip!

Ask Koreans if you are pronouncing Korean right

I'd like to tell you how to get a Korean native tutor for FREE

And that tutor is in your~ PHONE!

I'm introducing you an awesome app called, HiNative

And also I'll guide you how to use it

The link to the app is in the description box and the comment section!

So after this video, please go down and click it!

Let me show you how to use the app~!

Let's go~!

First download the app

And open HiNative

You need to sign up and choose the username

and select your mother tongue, and the target langauges

You can set more than one target languages like:

Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Anything!

There are more than 110+ languages in HiNative!

Read the tutorial with your own language when you download the app

So, once you downloaded it, press Q in the middle

You can do various functions

and what I highly recommend you is this particular function

Write down what you are going to pronounce,

And record your voice

People will vote if you pronounced it naturally or not

I tried, "Oi gente(Hello everyone)"

Let's wait for the vote

Also here are some many useful functions that you can ask

How do you say this in Korean? OR

You can ask, "What's the difference between A & B?"

Can you make the example sentence using this word? etc

Plus you can ask questions by uploading pictures!

This is really really useful

Meanwhile, I think I've got one vote from someone

So, let's check if my "Hello everyone" sounds...........

Okay... Unnatural....

Okay I'm fine

Uh.... I'm.. I'm fine!

I'll study Portuguese with HiNative app.


Downloading the app is free!

But if you upgrade the app into the premium version

You'll be able to do more functions endlessly

So it's up to your choice

Here's my last tip: Don't stop trying!

When I was young, I couldn't pronounce English

My English pronunciation was terrible

It sounded like I was speaking Korean!

But now my pronunciation is better

Not YET?!

But anyway, the more you try,

the more you sound better

Try pronouncing: 안녕하세요 X1000000 times

Then you'll get better and better

Use the HiNative app to ask Koreans if you are pronouncing Korean right!

and follow other tips that I told you to pronounce Korean better~

I hope you could speak Korean better in near future!

Thank you so much for watching

and if you liked my Korean lesson,

Please click like!

and see you next time! BYE!

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