Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gold Rush

Difficulty: 0

[rock music]

kids: Pig!




- A-a-a-achoo!

all: Pig! Goat! Banana! Cricket!

[mysterious music]

[crash] - What's that noise?

[crash] - Oh.

It's probably a scary, bad monster

here to massacre us!

[crash] [screams]

- Oh! It's coming from the living room.

- Banana, get me my favorite cereal,

Frosted Keister Wheats.

- What for?

- Frosted Keister Wheats gives me

the exact amount of energy

to smash the bejeepers out of home invaders.

Oh, yeah, Frosted Keister Wheats.

[purrs] Look out, tummy.


- [groans]

- Cricket, hand me my tickle stick.

Let's do this!


[battle cry]

- [groans]

both: Breakfast Burrito?

- [groans]

both: Armpit Willy?

- Pits that don't quit! Bushy, bushy!

- You fling-flang maniacs! What are you doing?

- Calm down, Goat.

I'm sure my good friends Armpit Willy

and Breakfast Burrito have a perfectly sane reason

for destroying our tree house.

- [grunts] We're looking for gold!

- In our living room?

That's the most ridiculous, cockeyed, nonsensical--

- [stuttering] Did you say gold?

Money rocks? Cold hard cash from mother nature?

I want gold.

- You're in luck,

'cause they found gold right here in Boopelite.

- Wha--

- There's a gold rush going on!

[country music]

- Armpit, Burrito, what do ya say

the three of us blow this dump stand,

and become the richest richedy-rich guys ever?

- Sure thing, Banana dude!

- Okay, but all this male bonding

is making my guacamole itch.

[country music]

- So, why do we have to ride a giant maggot?

- 'Cause all the mules at the Rent-A-Mule were rented,

so I had to go to the Rent-A-Maggot.

- Rent-A-Maggot?

Why didn't you say so? I got a coupon.

I hereby claim this spot for BFI--

Best Friends Incorporated!

all: Gold! We're rich!

[fast country music]

all: [grunt]

- Those jerks.

Don't worry, that spot looks even better!

I hereby--

all: Gold! We're rich!

[fast country music]

all: [grunt]

- Let's just go home.

- Yeah, maybe we should--

Hey, fellas, look up there!

all: Whoa.

- No one's claimed that one!

- How we gonna get up there?

- I think I have an idea.

[country music]

I'm starting to like our maggot.

Never mind.

Best Friends Incorporated!

- [humming]

Eureka! My pits struck gold!

Yolo? What does that mean?

- "You only live," um, "onions."

- Truer words have never been said.

- Doh!

[muffled yelling]

- All you got was dentures.

- You kidding? That's a 24-karat grill.

My mouth's a millionaire.

- Hooray.

- [panting] Come on, come on!

Come on you, guys, keep diggin'!

There's gotta be more gold here.

[all grunting]

I say we cash all this in and buy

the world's biggest three-man heli-toilet.

[helicopter and toilet effects]

- Yeah, 'cause then we can always be together.

- That would be lovely.

- [yawns]

- Time for some shut-eye.

[lullaby music]

[all snoring]

[coins rattling]

- [starts]

- Hey!

My gold's gone!

[coins rattling]

Hey! Hold it right there, Burrito!

- Yeah, where you going, dude?

- Uh, I'm just going to see

if the giant maggot's okay, gov'nor.

- Sure you are, Burrito.

By the way, what's that in your tortilla?

Nice try, but you gotta wake up pretty early

if you're gonna put one over on...Banana!

- What kind of friend are you, Bro-rito?

- And what kind of friend are you, Armpit Willard?

- Look who's talking, thief.

- [babbling]

[all yelling]

- That's it! We're through!

You guys are the worst friends ever.

Best Friends Incorporated is officially done!

[all screaming]

- [moaning]

- Who are you?

- Yo, yo, yo. What's the dealie-o?

I'm the world's greatest dead rapper,

Lil Doctor Dirty, and this is my gold.

- [grunting]

Sorry, Lil Doctor Dirty, but this gold belongs to us!

- You mean Best Friends Incorporated is back together?

- We sure are.

- Hooray!

- I'm telling you for reals.

You just robbed a rapper's graveyard.

- Hmm, looks like there's only one way to settle this--

with a rap off.

- Aw, it's on!

I'ma wipe the floor with you brother Hubbards.

My name is Lil Doctor Dirty

And here is the thing you took my bling


And now I'ma hit you on the ding-a-ling

- Ow.

- Yolo.

- Oh, please. You call that a rap?

This is a rap.

Armpit, gimme a beat!

My name is Banana and I am here to say

[rhythmic fart sounds]

I like to rap-rap-rap all the ding-dong day

- Rappity rap, gov'nor wiki wiki

- Rap rap rap rap rappity rap

Bushy bushy.

- You got to be kidding me.

Gimme back my bling, you bunch of can't-rap Humpty Dumpties.

- I'm starting to think that ring means

"you only lose 'overything.'"

- Hey, what do you say we trade that ring and get pizza?

both: Yeah.

all: Banana, Armpit Willy, Breakfast Burrito, high five!

- Ha ha ha. Nice try, homeys.

[maggot neighs]

- Lil Doctor Dirty took our maggot.

- Well, at least we still have each other. Eh?

both: Yeah, each other.

[both grumbling]

[goofy music]

- Hi, Delooney.

Who's that guy you're dancing with?

Is that your new boyfriend?

- No, it's just a dance dummy.

- Dan Stummy? You love a guy named Dan?

- What?

- Listen, Dan, I'm a better dancer than you,

and Delooney, I'll prove it.

What do you say you and me go out

on the bestest dancing date night of your entire life?

- Wow, that sounds great, Pig. I can't wait.

Let's meet tonight at Lorenzo's Dance Hole.


- Yipee!

This is going to be the greatest night ever!

Except, it's gonna be the worst night ever,

because I don't know how to dance!

- Cricket. - [starts]

- You gotta help me. I'm taking Delooney out dancing,

but I don't know how to dance!

- Ooh, sounds like you're in big trouble.

- Mm-hmm.

- Well, good luck!

- Can't you help me?

- I wish I could, but I can't.


I did make these very special brozilium powered dancing shoes.

- Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!

Shoes! Gimme.

- But I haven't perfected them yet,

and they're still highly unstable.

- That's great. Can I use them anyway?

- Do you know what highly unstable means?

- Oh, course I do, you silly little cuckoo.

No, I don't.

I can't wait for you to finish them!

I need them right now!

- Too bad, so sad, get out of my lab, friend.

- Okay, but before I go, I just want to say one thing.

Thanks for the shoes! - [screams]

[electronic hum]


[swing music playing]

[both screaming]

- Pig, are you ready to dance?

- Wait till you get a load of me.

[electronic hum]

[both humming]

Ha ha. Cricket, these shoes work great.

- Oh, Pig, you can dance.

- Really? Better than Dan Stummy?

- Yes, Pig, you dance better than a dance dummy.

[crowd clapping in rhythm]

[both humming and squealing]

- Dang, you got sick moves, Brotendo.

- Pig, you're amazing.

- Not as amazing as you, Delooney.

[electric sparking]

- Uh, Pig, your shoes are sparking.

- I know. Pretty pretty.


- Pig, that's your greatest move yet.

- Help! I'm dancing too good.

- Pig, all the blood is rushing to my ham bone.

Please stop!

- Okay. - [screams]

- Sorry, Delooney.

- Pig, what's happening?

- I took Cricket's experimental dance shoes

and put them on even though he told me not to,

'cause I didn't want you to know I can't dance.

- You mean, you did all that just to impress me?

- Uh-huh.

- That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

[all grunting and groaning]

- [screaming]


[prolonged scream]

[screams] [crash]


Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

[prolonged scream]


- Pig, where are you going?

- I've got to find Cricket.

He'll know how to get me out of these things!

- [panting] Special Delivery for Goat.

- For me? Thanks. - [groans]

- "Dear Goat, you are invited to perform

at the All Star Benefit Concert to help victims of Toxic Turds."

[gasps] This is the greatest day of my life!

Second greatest.

- [babbling]

Sorry, Goat. Have you seen Cricket?

- No, but I have great news.

STATVOTT asked me to play their show.


You mean The Society to Aid The Victims of Toxic Turds?

- Yes. All the glitterati are going to be there.

Excuse me, can we stop dancing?

'Cause I think I'm gonna throw up.

- Sorry. I gotta find Cricket.

And good luck with that big zit on your face.

- Thanks-- wait, what?

[groans] My first zit?

Oh, not when all the beautiful people

are about to judge me with their beady little eyes.


[cheers and applause]

all: [gasp]


[scary music] [crowd jeering]

- Where can I turn for help?

[gasps] Zit Cream Hut.

It's just on the other side of that 58-lane highway!

Stupid gold rush traffic.

Fling flang flurn fluggin'!


Stop! Stop! I'm in the crosswalk!

- Out of the road, zit face!

- [groans]

If I don't get across fast, it'll be a zit-tastrophie.

Luckily, I have a brilliant plan.

Steady now. Uh, you can do this.

Everything's going great.


He So Crazy Squirrel? Beat it! This is my tightrope.


- She so clumsy.

- The concert's going to start any minute.

Well, like the old saying goes.

If you can't get a covered wagon to stop,

then sing it to sleep with a lullaby.

Go to sleep go to sleep

So I can cross the street and get zit cream

Go to sleep, go to sleep

[gasps] It worked!

Go to sleep go to sleep

So I can cross the street and get zit cream

Go to sleep go to sleep

So I can cross the street

And fulfill my dream of purchasing zit cream

[stomach groaning]

Why did I have to eat

a whole box of Frosted Keister Wheats?





Zit Cream Hut! I made it!

Okay, zit, time to quit.

- No! I want to live!

- What? But I want to look beautiful, and I hate zits!

- Yeah, but do you hate a zit

that can shred on a guitar like this?

[playing rock guitar]

- Okay, I gotta admit, you is one talented zit.

- You know it!

- What do you say the two of us

rock the Toxic Turd benefit together?

- Totally goat-ally!

[rock music]

- Hey, Society to Aid the Victims of Toxic Turds,

are you ready to rock?

all: Yeah! [all cheering]

- I want to introduce a special guest star,

Joe Zitriani.

- Shalom, homies!

[all murmuring]

- I'm so confused. What is--

both: One, two, three, four!

- Boopelite City

Get ready to rock this "zitt-a-ay"

Rock and roll tonight

Let's all feel good all right

Hongle dongle dingle dangle Hergle Gergle Doctor Squirgle

- [high pitched scream]

both: Don't pop a zitty pop a solid gold hitt-y-y

- Yeah

both: Only you can stop Toxic Turds tonight


[bluegrass music]

- [laughs]

Look at those smelly miners

digging for gold in the hot sun,

when all I have to do is wiggle my little finger

and make all the gold I want.

Presenting The Goldzooka.

- [speaking gibberish]

- [starts] Make your own, this one's mine.

The first thing I'll do is turn Goat's guitar into gold.

Ooh, she'll be so happy,

she'll want to hang with me all the time.

- [grunts] Seriously, I'd rather not--

Stop it, you--

[both grunting]

- [whimpers] Oh, no!

[groans] My rump's been turned into gold.


Hey, sweet buns, Cricket.

Ooh, this is even better than a gold guitar.

- [speaking gibberish]

- See something you like, big guy?

- [speaking gibberish]

- I know, me, too. I can't wait to find Goat

and let her check out my 24-karat rumpus.

[disco music]

Step aside. Solid gold butt coming through.

- Excuse me, but would you consider being

the Product Ambassador of our new cereal,

Frosted Keister Wheats? You got the look!

- The Frosted Keister Wheats look?

- Yes.

- Ooh, you bet.

Goat loves Frosted Keister Wheats

more than Honeyed Rump Smacks

and Super Golden Hiney Krispies combined.

- [humming]

- Hey, Goat.

- Hi, Cricket.

Did you hear the great news?

I rocked the concert with my guitar hero,

Joe Zitriani.

- All right

- Did you hear my great news?

- What, that your rump's missing?

- [chuckles] I know, it's an odd--


- You're booty's gone.

- [screams] I've been rump-jacked!

- [laughs] He so rump jacked.

[dramatic Western music]

- Get back here!

No one swipes my friend's rear end

and gets away with it. Come on, Cricket.

[energetic music]

[bicycle bell dings]

- [humming]

Butt jackers they're gonna attack your butt

Get back your butt back from those butt jackers

[ragtime piano playing]

[phone ringing]

- Who's that?

- Rent-A-Maggot. They want their maggot back.

- But Lil Doctor Dirty took it.

- Uh, I'm starting to think he's not a real doctor.

- All right, which one of you lowlifes jacked my rumpus?

[all gasp]

- [laughs] You lookin' for this?

- Ooh! Gimme jack my butt, you jutt backers!

Wait, no. I mean--

- Eh, I got this.

What kind of vermin would sink so low?

- The Super Awful Gang of Ultimate Evil, that's who!

- Well, excuse me for living, but I'm not gonna live

the rest of my life without a rump.

I'm gonna get it back or die trying!

- Why Cricket, I've never seen you like this before.

- Yeah, well, get used to it.

- You're gonna have to take it up

with our even meaner, scarier boss.

- Boo, hoo, hoo, look at me. I want my butt back.

- Why don't we solve this the old fashioned way?

With a duel!

[all murmuring]

- Why would I want to have a duel

with a buttless wonder like you?

- Oh, ha ha, I get it. You're chicken.

Bock, bock, bock, chicken, chicken noise!

- I'm not chicken.

- Sounds like a chicken to me.

all: Bock, bock, bock, chicken, chicken noise!


- I am not chicken. All right, you're on.

[dramatic duel music]


- [whimpers]

- [screams]

Cricket, you gotta help me get these shoes off.

They've gone crazy!

- See what happens when you steal things

from my labba-rabba-ding-dong?

- I didn't steal them.

I just took them without permission,

you silly little cuckoo donut squirt.

- [laughs]

[both screaming]

- Yippee! The shoes are gone!

- [grunts]

- Uh--


- Ha, ha! You missed!


You squashed my "bwains"! [sobs]

- Aw, still the cutest.

- Cricket, you did it!

- [laughs] I did do it.

Now we can get my rumpus back.

- Here ya go, butt-heim.

- What do you think, Goat?

- I look great.

- [plucks guitar] So do I

all: Pig Goat Banana Cricket,

Cricket got his gold rump back high five!

- There you are.

We've been looking all over for you.

Are ready to do your commercial?

- I sure am!

What does the world's greatest genius

eat for breakfast?

Frosted Keister Wheats-- That's what.

- [sobs] I love that cereal so much.

all: Whoo-hoo, yeah! Three-man heli-toilet!

[soothing music]

[balloon hissing]

The Description of Gold Rush