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MC: We have a request for a selfie mission here

So starting from Jihun, you see the phone next to you?

The phone's screen recording will be showed

What version are you going to do Jihun?

IS: Version?

MC: Like sexy version, cute version

What does fit Jihun the best?

IS: Since he is in charge of aegyo...

IS: Take a picture when you say 'manse' (hurray)

IS: You have a concept

A cute version

JH: I didn't even know about that

YJ: We just established that for you

JH: Manse version?

MC: So cute

YJ: They took the picture together

You are the main character

MC: Since his arms are so long they were in the shot together

Youjin might feel burdened now, as he says he has no aegyo

You can do aegyo version or whatever you like

YJ: How many versions are there?

MC: You can do what you like

SJ: Dark and sexy

MC: Hiphop version is fine too

YJ: What is a hiphop version though

MC: Take a cool selfie

HJ: Real man version

Loosening your tie

MC: Oh handsome

YJ: Isn't it blurry?

MC: You can take it again

YJ: I am sorry, what now?

Please put it back on camera mode

Go back

MC: We are doing the selfie mission right now

This is Youjin's version

MC: Are you satisfied?

It isn't easy right?

YJ: No.. ah yes..

I don't have confidence in taking selfies

IS: Please recommed a version for me

SJ: Comic version

IS: Comic version?

That's would be a derp picture y'know

[insert sass here]

HJ: Do a bunny version

JH: Like Zootopia

IS: Like Zootopia?

[Reading fan comments] "Admiring his gaze", "So handsome"

HJ: Isn't this a derp picture?

HJ: You had to do a bunny version...

MC: Someone asks for a kissy version

IS: How?

MC: Like pouting your lips and taking a selfie

JH: No derp pics

MC: It looks cute, is it the bunny version?

"So cute, so handsome, what to do, freakin cute" etc

MC: Someone asks Heejun for a sexy version

HJ: I will do an ulzzang version

MC: Since he wants an ulzzang version we will do that first

YJ: The screenrecording is fascinating

MC: There is a member that takes good selfies in each group

MC: The angle is important too I see

MC: Like this an ulzzang version will come out

IS: Handsome 2x

MC: Please do a sexy version as well

MC: Since the fans want it

HJ: How do I do a sexy version...

"Sexy maknae"

IS: Put your tongue out

IS: That's right

MC: The maknae gave a nice present to the fans

Lastly Seungjun

IS: Shall we suggest something?

IS: Pig feet! 2x

IS: Your face when pig feet has arrived

SJ: When pig feet arrive...

JH: What kind of expression is that...

MC: They ask for a cute/cheeky version

IS: From when we did 'I Remember'

MC: Cute

Thank you

Many fans say: "cute, handsome, together with Tinkerbells forever"

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