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Through zombie attacks, haunted houses, and the dark side of humanity we had survived

the odds. Our confidence, spirits, and all around survival gear where at an all time

high. It was with this confidence we set off into unknown lands with unmarked maps. Our

plan was to head northeast to what appeared to be a clearing where we hoped to find a

group of unmarked buildings. Along the way we would find new and interesting things.

Pushing forward together we felt as if we where Christopher Columbus setting off into

the edge of the world. We where an armada of ships; our feet like rudders directed us

across the vast green seas of carnus. The trees would come at us like waves and the

hills always had something new to reveal just over there crest. In truth it may be less

popular than combat or survival, but adventuring new worlds simple to see and find new things,

has always been one of my favorite things to do. No map, no plan, no expectations, just

pure curiosity driven motion.

After following a railroad line for a short while we came to clearance. Off in the distance

was our destination. A quick dash across an open field and we were there. Our first stop

was a small complex containing a few garages good for a bit of food, and a warm new hat.

all in all there was not much here to write home about, That is except for the ladders


where wiers.

Finishing up with our first destination we set off making our way back to the railway.

Along the way loomed Devel's Castle. From the stories one does not go there to simply

visit and see the sights, but rather to own it and control the valleys it overlooks. We

wisely kept our distance as we still had more we wanted to see. Continueing on It was not

long till we came across our next interesting landmark. Along this stretch of railroad laid

an abandoned train station stranded in the middle of no where. Obviously as we did not

know if anyone was at home we were on our guard. The station was rather cool. With abandoned

rail cars, fun little concession stands and a few cars just for kicks it was a neat place

to see. Tired from our long day's adventure we found ourselves a convenient rail car and

rested the night away.

The next day we met up again thith Divine and a friend he found along the way. Being

that we had explored till our curiosity was content we made haste for our next objective,

the North East Airfield near Krasnostav. We would follow the railway till we diverted

off into the woods. We came across an an abandoned transmission tower. However despite personally

feeling somewhat at home we determined that the location was too far set back from the

airstrip and we would need to press forward to gain a tactical advantage over the objective.

Upon reaching the airfield we determined that our best angle would be from the hill on the

eastern side. While this was a great tactical plan some of us are more brazen. AKA Divine

who tactically uses sheer blood curdling war cries while sporting a menacing axe to scare

off all who may seek to threaten us. To our amazement... It worked. The raid on the airfield

went off without a hitch, and by that I mean nothing happened. And by now we were itching

for a little action. So thus we planned our destination. We would turn south east with

our eyes set on the famed ruins of Rify. After all to fully experience the thrill of life

you sometimes need to brush closely

with death.

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