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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GROW TILL YOU DIE IN ROBLOX

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Hello everyone welcome to growing up in Roblox again when we last left off in this game mode we were well like

14 maybe something like that actually we can find out by just jumping right in whit but a lot of you guys were asking that

We continue this game-mode because there's still a lot more to it

We only were a few years- we're age 11 we got to 11 years old in a life simulator

That's not acceptable we need to make it through the entire through yo a guy

There's copy written music playing duh. Sorry. We're good now guys

Everything's fine this video is not gonna get taken down so age 11 and

We got a little kitty cat with us and a little dragon that's blowing fire all over pinchy

Oh, and we are having a birthday party right now, so we gotta go deal with that, but the goal

I guess is to see just how far we we can get can we grow until

Like what's the limits because you eventually have to die don't you it would only make sense

You know in a life simulator like this. I don't know I'm curious

It would be cool to see how far we can get oh my goodness

How old is this person so I mean if this is mom and dad oh, I got balloons

Nice, but this is mom and dad. This is probably what we're gonna look like and when we're like

I don't know 30 35 something like that. Open your present, click on it. Where's my present there it is, and

What is it, did i, did i get something. I got a slingshot!

Okay do we have to go kill some things? EEK! Gophers chase them away with your slingshot, okay?

I remember this so now we got to sling at them like this


Take that Gophers, nice that should keep them away for a little while. Go to the front yard, Wow awesome

I'm glad that worked out. Okay. We're at the front yard now

Now what, let's feed the pets at the pet shop. Where is the pet shop. Here

I want a bike though actually no. I want a skateboard

-makes car noises-

Okay now, let's feed the pets at the, the pet shop. Where is the pet shop it's over there okay, -makes more car noises-

I got a slingshot, i got my skateboard. I am one cool cat right now

I wish this is what I looked like when I was 11 Ow Ow ouch. We're good. Everything's fine. That wasn't embarrassing or anything

Okay, and now in we go. You can trade your pets here if you wish oh good. Oh

-gasps- GERMAN SHEPHERDS!!!!!!

German Shepherds are like the most beautiful dogs ever maybe not this one. This one's kind of gross looking but

Real German Shepherds, okay age 9 pets walk up to the pet you want oh

Yeah we got a cute little birdie, Wow

instead of this this dragon and here we have the

Deathbed the eagle of despair

No, I don't want that not at all

We could also get a little frog no no no no no we're gonna stick with the little bird, the little dove

And what is this here? Oh?

So you've got to feed the dogs outside, okay, so and then we can trade out our pets as well things

I already have a sir meows a lot, so do I really need this a little kitty cat

No, we get this big kitty cat though. Oh man look at this one.

That is huge!

Yeah, yeah, but this thing is those we could also have a German Shepherd

Which is pretty sweet and what is this going on over here? Oh we'll take good care of your pets.

That's terrifying. I would not give my pet to someone that looks like that and there's a little shower as well

Oh, yes, no no no no no. I don't want to give my pets a bath or anything like that. No we got it

Oh, there's a little Doge. I want this one

How do I get the Shiba the idea I get to feed it here you go

Oops got a little poo on your feet go home and wash oh great.

Eww, what is wrong with this dog? Ugh.

We got to go home now

Cuz there's poop all over my feet. Where did my skateboard go. I don't know great. We just got a run back now

Oh, yeah, that's fine

Maybe we can just hop the fence and go into the backyard

That makes sense right you just so you do a little hop just a little huh yeah, okay?

You can't make it over fine

Can I like bounce up on the basketball and then I and then I hop over yeah?

No, no, that would be really sweet though if I actually pulled that off all right, so we're coming back here

Go inside and shower ooh.

Roblox shower simulator here we go all right and so in ah ah

Yes, very good. Happy birthday. You leveled up whoa Wow

We've grown so much. We've experienced having poop on our feet. There is just

There's so much to do in life

okay, so

Everyone's growing now actually so are my Bros and Friends growing along with me

That's that's nice little attention to detail there. I like it

You got an active dog

What go to an active dog oh you got an active dog go to the pet shop choose your dog in the outer yard of the pet shop

We literally just left the pet shop and now they want us to go back well fine, but I'm gonna bike there near

Biking with no hands. That's right. That's what we are about man

I remember when I learned how to bike with no hands

I felt so cool until I hurt myself really bad

And I learned my lesson is that you're gonna bike with no hands, don't be an idiot

Okay, age 12 pets here we go now

Hear that Mr. Dog? Oh?

Oh do I have a doggy now play with your dog get a free frisbee at the gas station store?

Oh do I actually get a little doge? Oh?

Wow okay

He's on the bike with me. What look at that. That is ridiculous

Who came up with this?

Who thought this would be a good idea to have a dog sit on the bike with you like this I?

I love it so much, so we need to go to the gas station though

Which I think were right beside yeah, we are actually okay

So we need to now feed by doggy or no we need to find a Frisbee never mind. Okay here we go

Where's the frisbee we're gonna steal one from the gas station?

Oh there, go outside where there's lots of room

Right out here. I'm the gas station parking lot throw Frisbee high so dog can catch it before it hits the ground

Alright come on doggy. You can do it. This is amazing. Where did you go there you are. Apparently

I can't see you in first person. Okay. Well here comes the frisbee falling very very slowly

Oh and he missed it. Okay. Well there you go. Just that still kind of worked. I guess. What are you doing?



He's insane I got a dog that has, that that is

Clinically insane. Now. Oh wait a second we need to actually like

Have them properly catch it. Okay. Go Mr. Dog go come on catch it

You can do it. You have to catch it in order for me to continue aging. That's just how it works come on

Come on. You can do it. Huh? Yeah, did he did he get it? He didn't quite get it, okay?

I need to do it straight up into the sky

This stupid dog

And now we just wait for a very very long time as the frisbee slowly makes its way back down to earth

Did I not he didn't catch you okay alright, Mr. Dog if this is how you're gonna play it

I'm gonna throw it at the wall. You're gonna catch it alright here. We go. We're gonna do it over here. Yeah

There did you you didn't he didn't get it?

He's just hopping or a hounded still go get it come on catch it in midair nope

Midair Mr. Dog there

Okay, maybe when you throw it a little bit higher, we're gonna throw it up here. Oh go dog yeah, he's

He's not catching it. He's supposed to catch it in midair. Okay, were gonna try it again.

Okay, all right all right hold on up here. Go dog. Oh, that was so close. It's not happening guys

We're stuck we're stuck in this one point in life

Where our dog is stopping us from being able to progress because he's an idiot

Look it up. What what is he doing here here. Okay be up there

You go up there at least come on catch it in midair, No

Okay, we're supposed to throw it high up there. It is nice and high now go Mr. Dog

Hes gotta catch it.

Please do it. Do it do it. Do it catch it catch the frisbee dog

Actually didn't think that we would hit a point like this

In this game all right here. Here's how I'm gonna. Do dog. I'm gonna like throw it. You know. It's pretty high up

Are you going for it? Okay? Here? We go come on come on catch it in midair, so I actually did a proper frisbee

throw so now if you can just

Okay well he didn't quite catch it before it hit the ground. Okay. You know what alright ready here and go

Come on. Dog. Yes, yes go for it - run for it

This is your duty you were born to do this dog come on, OH!

Yes, he did it. Oh my goodness Wow

We actually did it I'm in shock right now

Yes, oh I'm so relieved okay, and we're gonna be going to high school soon. That's gonna be exciting alright

I must run back home. Hopefully not run into any more

debacles like that

You dog you you maybe made my my year 12 go by very very very slowly

All right now what did we get in the little present here? We're going camping. Oh

Are we Boy Scouts knows is that what we're doing? I don't know climb a rock wall to the campground oh

That's over there now, man. I need to get a bike

I'm gonna grab the bike it's a wee bit faster, and I still got this Doge following me

Okay, here we go

He's holding my lantern, thank you, thanks doggo

we gotta get to the rock wall we can't just

Climb up the hill normally to the campground we got to climb a rock wall

Apparently okay off the bike here. We go, huh?

Yeah, it's just turned into a obby now the Doge is having a hard time keeping up

Oh, no, that's like the worst thing that could have happened

Okay up we go and then here No. Yeah, what is happening? What why is it?

Dog you got to get out of my way. So okay, you got it

Just don't it's making me hit like a rock that's above me or something there we go

We just gotta stick to the edges. Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yes, we did it now. Go to the cap ground. Where is it over here? Oh good, okay?

Oh, man

This looks so nice so peaceful get your tent and click a level area nearby okay like right here. Yeah

Too close to campfire okay, right here too, too close to yourself all right there right there right there there

There we go this would have been a perfect level area, but this works, too. I guess it's not that level

But okay get some wood for the campground fire pit whoo all right

This is really quite the simulator that making you do all these little details here back to the fire pit

Okay, okay, so we throw those in we're gonna have some marshmallows build a fire click fire pit to add would

Roast a marshmallow oh, and it's nighttime now Wow nice and golden click to enjoy marshmallow

Can we burn it though? I'll be pretty sweet. Yeah, hey there. It's not burning

Ok I don't think you can burn the marshmallow all right cool. So we click to eat it

Whoa time to get some rest go in tent and click sleep alright. Yeah, am i , am i sleeping

There we are look at us look at us nicely resting oh, we've had such a big day

Oh look,

Doggo's trying to sleep too - he's not doing a very good job though, alright. Well pick up your tent

I don't know how to do that.

Do I like go in here and you know I gotta click pickup or something like how does that work like this?

Oh there. We go. Let's go for a swim. In the middle of the night?

Glub glub glub all the way to the other side of the pond, okay, so this way over here. Yeah, okay?

You hear strange scary sound coming from that mountain? Oh?

Could it be Bigfoot? Sounds like some sort of creature.


What the she's got a dinosaur?

lantern required

Are we about to get a dinosaur? I want a dinosaur


A thorn in his toe oh no with lantern, left click his toe to remove.

Okay, he looks friendly now. Let's see if you can ride him wow that the dogs are riding it with me

Raptor guys look at that. Let's see how high he can jump ride him to school to prove. He is not extinct.

What a absolutely ridiculous turn of events but okay, I'll take it

We're riding on a dinosaur now like what and we need to bring him to school of course?

Where's the first logical place to bring a dinosaur you find, to school where there's children everywhere.

You just come right right here. Do we have to like we march into the school well happy birthday

You're age 14 now. Well I'm gonna make my way back on the Velociraptor

Backwards as well doesn't seem to lose any speed. I can just Park them in the garage

Maybe okay, maybe not how do we get off off of the loss Raptor? Oh, and he's just hanging out in here now

Velociraptor oh no

He's raiding the birthday party. Hey you stay away from my family. Okay. What are you doing? Okay?

Weirdo let's come back here.

I wanna to open my present? What do we got we got you got a paintball arena membership? Oh?


Okay, alright nice nice. Can I get on your Velociraptor? Please can this be my velociraptor nice yes



Theft Auto

Geez Velociraptor hijack, and there's a paintball arena. We saw that earlier in the last growing up video and

I wanted to come in here and now we can for that

We're 14 walk to paintball gun. Must be age 14 plus.

Yeah, okay, so we got this now and we got to do some target practice

Okay, pew pew pew pew did that work did we do it. Oh? Yeah? We did look at that?

okay, and

Now what shoot the target to open the door oh I see

a nice pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

pow pow pow pow pow. Yes. Oh I see what it does it rotates around like that okay?

And then we got to get all these targets. Oh man what?

Oh what the?


That seemed to work, safe area, it sometimes helps to jump and shoot over the top of the wall uh

Got him alright. You know what?

Come over here. Did we do it did we absolutely destroy Oh success now, let's play capture the flag pick a team whoa

Okay, all right. I'll go blue. Why not okay?

So what do we just got it Oh boom boom boom boom?

You killed the robots, there we go boom boom yeah, nice. I think we did it all right

You could be trying to help others if you wish hey sweet

So we can just go on and play what other people get to this point in their life new quests coming soon.

Follow arrow for age 21.

Age 21, so we're just, hold the phone, we're just skipping high school?

We're just skipping all of high school. Even a little bit of college?

What, those are some pretty big years in a person's life

But I don't know what, are we gonna learn how to drive now? Thanks for playing growing up,

please thumbs up for more improvements. Guys we did it.

Well we,

We're at the max age. 21, wait a second if 21s the max age, and I'm 21

Does that mean that.

Oh no.

Oh no

No i'm fading away, i'm fading away guys. No that's it, that's it for me i'm done. I'm as old as you can get.