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Beasters is an anime that became very popular In the last months. Some have arrived

to consider even the first furro anime somehow, because absolutely

All the characters are animals and not people, unlike other anime where they are seen

to people with ears and animal tails, or animals interacting with humans. By

what they consider something innovative. Even if zootopia comparisons also emerged

for the message it gives and social problems that you have, mainly about discrimination

between carnivores and herbivores. It is obvious that Beastars is aimed at a

public for young adults, animals and pretty colors are the only thing we could

consider close to a children's content, but whoever has seen the anime will notice

of the seriousness with which he touches the problems of discrimination and dual relationships

In societies. In this aspect you can remind us to the zootopia message, both works show us

societies where animals of all kinds They live together.

As a result of mixing two natures opposed and destined to conflict, a

discriminatory gap between carnivores and herbivores The big difference that Beastars makes

with Zootopia is his narrative while we could consider Zootopia something else

close to a realistic narrative, Beastars it has a much cruder narration where

the perspective taken to visualize the problems is even grotesque when revealing the

system failures or blind spots. In twelve few episodes we could see how it is that

smaller animals are under constant danger of being swallowed, carnivores

are subject to strong discrimination, traffic of whites where children are also found

which are treated like cattle. To say nothing of that all efforts to avoid consumption

meat only generated a huge market black of it, pointing out the impossibility

to avoid this, it is part of nature of carnivorous animals, and it gets dark

the attempt to find a utopia where Everyone could live together. Even within

the school existed a tense environment, which surprises knowing that it was an environment

much more controlled, even to the point in what seemed like a form of experimentation

where he tried to prove how viable it was the coexistence between both groups, because

they were isolated from outside and instructed under strict rules and a diet

perfectly regulated to make sure turn off the instincts of carnivores without

mention that some are even subjected to strict medical treatments through

of daily drug use to inhibit natural behaviors not accepted by

the society. Again here it shows that the problem,

seen by society, they are carnivores, Obviously herbivores, under this thought

they believe that society belongs to them, and they presume that they are helping those

marginalized to be better ethically, by what your "discrimination" is seen as

An act of kindness and altruistic. Carnivores are the problem, and you have to

repair them, their bodies are wrong, they are broken, they are immoral by nature and there are

have to repair them so they can coexist with we. To all this we add the different

winks to gender issues, in a seemingly conservative society. In fact,

I wouldn't be surprised if Beastars developed in a society of the 90´s.

The work is clearly a criticism of different progressive movements and the

ideas and measures raised to solve these problems in modern societies, usually

is implicit in the work, but there are some moments where it is shown explicitly

as in the moment when the character main shows that in that world you have to

apologize for being carnivorous, clear request by some current feminist movements.

But as we said before, it is a unrealistic story, but raw, showing

the dysfunctionalities of the society of a stark way the problems raised,

that's why the work can convey a feeling so sad or hopeless to the spectators.

Another way of understanding it is that the author tried to present a dystopian world but

I consider the idea that it is more accurate a critique of modern societies, mainly

to progressivism

What else can be said about this work? his performance when using the CGI for animation

3D was obviously an immense progress for this kind of animation but at the same time

a limitation when recreating some scenes This anime made an amazing breakthrough

with this type of technologies, being of the few projects that we could say that

they have pleased the public by using this technique. Previous works like Berserk and

Baki the grappler had strong reviews that did not condemn the series itself, but

to this animation technique, accusing her of ruining the product, however, in this

occasion, the public began to see 3D as something with great potential.

Somehow, Beastars managed to stand out among many other anime of the bunch for

all these characteristics, which gave him a dreary and raw dramatic plot for

the adult audience, creating a similar effect at Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt,

to stand out above all for the contrast who presented against the other animations

of his seasons. It is something that was presented so different that he showed himself for it. Such

once the fact that the manga author comes the film world has been something

that did not repeat the formulas already repeated.

Remember that in the description you will find Demon's channel and a review of the good

and the bad thing we did together about Beastars. And well friends, with nothing more to say

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