Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A day in The Life of a SKIT!

Difficulty: 0

- Hello, welcome to breathing tutors, with Zephaniah

Okay, the first step is to: Breathe in..

And then breathe out.

You guys ever have that feeling that you're very lonely?

- Bro what do you mean? I'm popular!

- No you're not! You're just a loser!

Bro, you're just lonely!

- You know that didn't hit me right?

And also, you're about to get the whooping of a life!


Mmm. Pretty good.

Mmm. But there's nothing inside that cup...

Oh my gosh.

There's candy inside it!

Oh my gosh there's still more!

- Wait what?

- Oh my gosh!

I'm rich with candy!

Wha- How's that possible?

Maybe, it's cuz I'm...


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