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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mikey Day Returns To Reclaim His OG Title ? ft. Jack & Jack | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

Difficulty: 0

- [Announcer] Let's get to it.

DJ D-Wrek drop the beat.

(hip hop music)

- Clap your hands y'all. - Yo.

- Clap your hands y'all. - Yo.

- Say Brooklyn.

- [Audience] Brooklyn.

- Alright, I could go.

Imma keep this light.

We're gonna turn Mikey Day into a Michael Knight.

Take it back to the right.

Left to the middle.

I'm the OG of the (bleep) and you're just real little.

(bell chimes) (audience oohs)

- Hey, yo Nick.

That for the over-30 crowd.

I know why each one of your stand-ups specials flops,

people only laugh at you when one of your rap albums drop.

(audience oohs) (bell chimes)

- It's all good.

I got another white boy to handle my light work.

(audience laughing)

- Truth be told, we both started on Vine

but holy (bleep) you let Nick (bleep) from behind.

And oh my God, Hitman where are the hits.

Uh, your name's ironic, you ain't killing (bleep).

- Wait. (audience laughing)

(bell chimes) Hold on.

You doing all these dumballs like you really the shooter.

I ain't know if you's gonna rob me or fix my computer.

(audience laughing)

(bell chimes)

- Ey, hold up.

I'm sorry for coming at you but your whole team's wack.

How you call yourself Conceited but you look like that.

(audience oohs) (bell chimes)

- Jack got balled.

- Can I get a, oh can I get Charlie up here too?

Yeah, yeah.

Alright look. - White boy battle.

White boy battle.

Woop woop woop.

White boy battle.

- [Audience] White boy battle.

- Both look like Steve Jobs with that we have to grapple,

but with his diet he's the one that should try apple.

(audience laughing) (bell chimes)

- White boy battle.

- [Audience] White boy battle.

- Can I get the white boys?

Okay, while you guys have a group and the really rocks,

but you'll never jack, jack, get in this box.

(audience oohs) (bell chimes)

- Hey DJ D-Wrek, cut the beat.

- Cut the beat. (horn blares)

Oh wait, Conceited, defend my honor.

(audience laughs)

- You come here.

(audiences oohs)

Nobody in here thinks he's hard.

You look like you the type to go home and play leapfrog.

(audience laughs) (bell chimes)

I don't know if y'all got me battling Steve Jobs

but since he's here, the red team is now the geek squad.

(audience laughs) (bell chimes)

And Nick, you not stylin'.

With that turban on, (bleep) you not wildin'.

(audience laughs) (bell chimes)

So now you should really just bang yourself.

I know why you put a rope around Mikey's neck,

is because every time you rap, he wants to hang himself.

(audience oohs) (bell chimes)

(audience clapping)

- Con up here like a Wild 'N Out mascot,

Mikey Day dancin' like a fast thought,

man, you're passed out.

But just like Conceited, both of y'all assed out.

(audience cheering) (bell chiming)

- This was a silly ass Wildstyle.

DJ D-Wrek who won the game?

- I gotta give that to the black squad.

Make some noise for the black squad.

(audience cheering)

- Mikey Day came to play.

It's his homecoming.

He's taking home a belt back to Saturday Night Live!

Mikey what do you want to say to the people at home, man?

- Yo, this is almost as cool as one of Nick's turbans.


We gonna Wild Out

Wild Out

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