Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dr. Richard Stone, VHA Executive in Charge: VA is here for Veterans during COVID-19

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Hi, my name is Rich Stone.

I have the privilege of being the Executive in

Charge (EIC) of the Veteran's healthcare system.

What that means is I get to lead

the healthcare system that you and I

use as Veterans.

I like you, am Veteran, I get my care at VA hospitals

and all of these events regarding Coronavirus are

frankly a concern for the continuity of

my own health care as well as yours.

I know you're all concerned and I want to

talk to you today about the types of

things that you can do to help us and

help your fellow Veterans get through

this crisis.

Number one I want to

reassure you that we will be here for

you throughout this crisis. There will

always be capacity in our system for you

as a Veteran to be seen should you

choose to do so.

In addition, our community care program continues to

work hard to make sure that civilian doctors

are available if that's what you choose

but in times of great pressure on the

healthcare systems with increasing

numbers of Coronavirus patients it could

be that your civilian provider is not available.

I want you to know that we are

I would ask you to call your local VA

Medical Center and talk to them.

It may take us a few minutes to answer the phone

during periods of very high demand but

we will be here we will help you refill a prescription.

We'll do a telemedicine visit if that's appropriate

and we'll see you in person if you need us.

We are going to be here just like we have been

for the last hundred years and if you

have any questions talk to your provider

call us and we look forward to working

with you as we work our way through

these unprecedented times.

Thank you very much.

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