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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm going to be taking you guys

with us as we finish framing our

basement and then we are also going to

be cleaning everything up and just kind

of giving you guys an update on when we

plan to finish the basement I also

wanted to let you guys know that I am

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make sure you guys enter and don't miss

out and without further ado let's get

into it


she do is you take two cords put them

over like that plug them in and then now

it won't come and plug that's good

not as good as the other hacks I was

doing this morning but yeah but it was

pretty good



so by the time I had gotten down here on

this day Kyle had already finished up a

lot of the stairs and we were just

finishing up with a few areas and then

also finishing up the treads of the



this thing right here format they pull

it back and then pull the hose off well

that's not going anywhere this is a male

let you drive down into concrete and use

gunpowder kind of like a bullet to do it

so use this I call it a ramp set he put

the nail in and you put the charge in

close it up and you put it down on your

piece of wood you have to put it down

hard on and hit it with a hammer gunshot

shoots the nail through the wood all the

way into the concrete


we have stairs this looks like a super

easy job yeah let's talk all day


I think that I'm going to

some pop by a gay star baby they never

gonna find me




trust me off of the cheetah


finishing your basement ourselves has

been a crazy experience it's something

that has definitely taken a lot longer

than we had planned just because Kyle is

doing this while he is working full-time

and just kind of trying to fit

everything into his spare time but it's

also been really neat to just see

everything kind of come together and

just know that he has done this all



he is one



that looks so good you just leave it and

be done with placement now okay so it is

the next day and Kyle and I are down

here he got everything done everything

is framed he even framed in the bathroom

a little bit but now we have a huge mess

we actually have electrical coming this

week to look at everything and hopefully

get lights and outlets and everything in

and so we need to get everything cleared

out so they can make their way through

the whole basement and as soon as that's

done we are going to get started with

drywall so today I figured we would take

you guys along with us and clean up the

basement and then we will give you kind

of an overview update on our time frame

and we're out with everything and when

we are hoping to be finished now



don't say trust me I don't legit


so starting out cleaning this basement

was a little bit overwhelming just

because there was so much down here so

the first thing you wanted to do was get

all the scrap wood out we are going to

be giving this to some friends who have

a fire pit but first things first was

needing to get all of this out of the

basement so we just started by gathering

all the wood and extra scraps and then

after we take it into the garage it will

just kind of sort through what exactly

is trash and what is scrap wood



well breakfast in bed for the coffee


once we got all of the scrap wood off

the floor we just started taking

everything else out of this little area

we wanted to really focus on one area at

a time and clean that really well and

move things around as needed








once we have the theater room area

cleared out and swept we just started

moving into the next area these rooms

are going to be a bunk bed room and then

kind of like a little game room slash

media room I'm not entirely sure yet but

then we just started clearing everything

out some of the tools we're going to be

staying down here but a majority of them

we're going back out to the shed I just



nobody I'm supposed to



during the time that Kyle was framing he

had to pull some of the insulation out

of the ceiling so that's what all this

insulation is here for so he was just

kind of reorganizing that into one of

the spare bedroom closets and then while

he did that I just took care of sweeping

this floor


since Islands

nobody could see me see me

nobody could see me see me I wonder can

you hear me I just


I know it's a little bit too much for

sure so cold but we're always coming

back for more

it goes in this wicked gaming song for




I am getting so excited for this

basement I mean we've been excited this

whole time but just kind of seeing it

empty and seeing all of the wood up on

the walls has just made it feel so much

more real and the fact that we are

getting in an electrician this week and

also going to be starting on drywall

shortly after it's just making this

space feels so much more real and I just

cannot wait to have this added space

into our house and I'm also super

excited to be decorating this area so

definitely stay tuned for those videos

because this whole process is going to

be a ton of fun and I was actually

talking to Kyle that it would be really

fun to kind of have you guys help me out

in picking things out for the basement

and just kind of helping us decide on

things so we share that you were

subscribe so that you were not missing

out on that

and up on the car we know how to push

the buttons to the car



so we finished clearing everything out

it took I don't know how long did it

take yeah I probably took like three

hours it didn't feel like that long okay

it took like two or three hours so it

took a few hours to get everything done

but it looks so good and here we kept a

few things like obviously we kept all

the insulation and like a few tools that

Kyle's going to be using for drywalling

and that's pretty much it but all of the

wood has been cut it is unput up we are

done framing so we have an electrician

coming this week and then we have to do

drywall mutton tape okay texture just

can't tell me texturing painting all the

trim flooring all that kind of like

finishing work but honestly this is kind

of the last step that it's going to look

like this because next year doing

drywall and it is going to completely

transform this basement from looking

like so unfinished to looking almost

finished so we are definitely a little

bit behind schedule this the end of the

summer and September just really knocked

us back a lot so I don't think we're not

gonna get to be done by Christmas but

our goal is like early spring so we're

really really hoping that we can get it


my goal is February I would not say

February could we get it done by

February probably why I don't know I'm

thinking hopefully February but we'll

see we're gonna it's definitely becoming

like more of a like higher up on the

list I guess so

we're gonna try to get it done this week

as we can but there is still a lot of

stuff to get done and Kyle is doing most

of us himself plus working so he just

has to fit it in but anyway I hope you

guys enjoyed this video and I hope you

guys enjoyed just kind of seeing

everything thank you guys so much for

watching and I will see you in my next

one bye guys tired hungry let's go to