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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Triathlon Training Programs : Squat Exercise for Triathlon Training

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Hi my name is Carey Kepler, Im a functional training coach. I coach triathletes and do

triathlons myself. If you would like to improve your sports performance, improve the quality

of your life or have questions about the following exercise please contact me at

This is a squat exercise, this is going to focus on the bike and run portion of your

triathlons. This builds core strength and lower body strength for sure. Also, it does

increase the heart rate. What you want to do is make sure that you know youre squatting

so your femur or thigh is parallel to the ground. Otherwise you want to have a bench

behind you so that you know you want to squat back and touch the back of the bench. You

can use, of course this is a body bar, of course a squat rack, the strong you get I

encourage you to use a squat rack. You want to go from ten repetitions up to twenty repetitions.

Your feet should be at shoulder width apart, the distance that your legs sit as you bike

and run. Youre going to squat, with a tall chest, butt back.

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