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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 킹크랩 가격 싸졌다해서 5.5kg 초거대 킹크랩 주문했는데 얼마가 나올까요?! 그 맛은?!

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Make way for King Crab!!!

Whoa! Are you all seeing this?

(Lets start the SUPER HUGE King Crab Mukbang!)

Hey, Heopop here.

Im at the Noryangjin Fish Market.

Im here cause of king crab thats hot on the internet these days.

(Price of the king crab is going viral on the web!)

Lets buy a really big one and film a mukbang!

Lets go!

-Is this king crab? -Yup!

-How much is it for a kg? -Theres a $65 or a $70 one.

-How much does the biggest one weigh? -About 4kg.

Let me have a look around.

Whoa, that thing is super big.

(The biggest king crab at Noryangjin Fish Market!)

(Super heavy!)

Its over 5kg, so we need to weigh it on a big balance.

(Weight of king crab: 5.508kg)

-Is 5kg considered big? -Its super big.

-This ones $73/kg. -$73?

I saw a red shelled one- is that a different type?

This is red, Ill tell you the difference.

-This one has 6 of these! -Oh, theres a bump.

If there are 6 of these circular things, its red. If there are only 4, blue.

You can check this way.

Theres also a brown one, but thats a cheap one.

This is 5.5kg, right? Ill take one.

(Got a discount and bought it for $69/kg!)

-Can I hold on to it? -Sure!

Im gonna try holding on to this. Where do I have to hold it on to?

-Is this alive? -Of course it is!

-Does it bite? -Nope!

This is kinda scary.

Wanna see?

Look at the face! Looking good.

(Done packing!)

Thank you.

-Everythings inside? -Yup!

Thank you!

Theres a 5.5kg king crab in here!

Lets go up!


This is my pay for the day, I cant let this be stolen!

Dont follow me...

Dont follow me!

Im here!

Oh no, I dont have the car keys! Its with the cameraman.

How can this be

I surrender...

Thank you.

Lets go!

(Lets go eat the 5.5kg king crab!)

Behold, King CrabThe time has come!

Behold, King CrabI brought this all the way from Noryangjin Fish Market.\

Heodoong, no.

Im so nervousThis is my first time eating such a big king crab.

The moment weve all been waiting for.

One, two, three!

What the? Theres a plastic on top.

Lets wash out hands first!

Look at those dirty water!

Gotta freshen up your hands as well as your mind before eating king crab.

'I will eat the king crab up til the last bite!'

is the kind of mindset you wanna have!

How many seconds do you have to wash your hands again?

30 seconds!

Im suddenly feeling energetic!

Whats my all-time favorite food?

Its crab!


Weve got clams and prawns.

Looks good.

My mouth is already watering up and the main hasnt even come out yet.

Whats the main dish today?


I cant wait.

WowThis is wrapped in plastic.

Its out! The moment has come

The insides are out…!

Should I just rip the plastic bag?

Whoa! Are you all seeing this?


Make way for King Crab!

Are you all seeing this?

The legs looks about 1m in length when stretched.

Lets flip this over!


Look at my fists! See how big it is?

(Cant wait to dig in!)


Lets eat this now!

The person that sold this told me earlier,

If there are 6 pointy ones in the middle here, its a red king crab.

(Red King Crab)

Where should I rip off first?

(*amazed at the size*)

If you take a leg off



Whoa, look how full it is!

(Right into the mouth!)

Where am I?

This is heaven.

Im speechlessWow

Its so good.

I think Im gonna be full with even just a leg.

A leg is about the size of my face.

(What kinda face is that…?)

Its crazyIts so big!


I should do more mukbangs from now.

Grab on to this, and put it right in your mouth

(Automatic applause mode)


Ive finished a leg.

The insides are so full.

I cant stop.

Whoa, this is it.

(Automatic applause mode yet again)

Hold on! How many times have I clapped my hands?

I dont know either

This is really amazing

WhoaThe crab meat just keeps coming out.

What is it when it comes to king crabs?

Its these claws. Lets try the claws.

Its the size of my fists.

Lets open this up.

Lets eat the meat in here as well

Gah, I got poked!!!

See how sharp it is? Gotta be careful.

The more pointier the crab is, is it the more tastier?


Do you all see this?

The claws are super huge!

Theres water coming out

If you crack the claws…!

Nothing came out

Theres meat hiding inside,

but it wont crack.

(Winner - claws) OwI guess my head isnt as hard

How do I crack this open? I wanna eat it but it wont open.

Im so happy cause Im eating my all-time favorite food.

Im super hyped up right now.

Do you see this?

Its all thanks to you guys that Im eating this, open up and take a bite!

A bite for the cameraman as well!

-How is it? -Its good

I cant leave anything behind.

I gotta scratch everything up and eat it all

What theIm done with this too?

(Still more left)


Wow, look at those crab meat.

Its different from those artificial ones.

Its just amazing

Im done

(King crab mukbang continues…)

I havent even had a bite of the clam and the prawn.

First things first! CRAB!!!

Dont know about the other ones! lol

Ive just been to heaven and back, I tell you.


Its so good.

Ive already finished half!

Lets split all the legs up

How do I crack the middle part…?


Ooh, the insides! People usually eat this with rice mixed.

Im not gonna eat this cause Im just gonna have the legs.

Ill give it to our researcher. Enjoy!

I still have 4 legs left!

Ill share this with our researchers.

Come out!

Come on out.

OopsWhat a fail

Gotta be careful since its pointy

(Might get hurt!)

See all these?

Ill give these to the researchers along with the clams.

(End of King Crab Mukbang)

Today, I finished the 5.5kg king crab in just 10 minutes

Kinda looks like cake.

When it comes to chicken, hamburger, pizza, I eat it with a drink but I didnt have anything with the crab.

The fact that I didnt have time to stop and think about what to drink, shows to prove how good it was!

My love, crab… ♥

Its my first time filming a king crab mukbang and it was great!

I really liked going over to Noryangjin Fish Market and seeing all the fish and eating such good food.

Go check the place out with your loved ones and enjoy the food they have!

Hope you all have a good time there!

I finished it all

Until the next time I get to eat a 5.5kg king crab again, Ill work hard!

Dont forget to press like!

(Hope all of you have a great weekend with great food!)

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