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Good morning dear Reptil TV community

We promised you to film one day in my life!

Today is the day

Behind me is my nice warm bed

7:15 o'clock in Germany. Standing up is not my thing

Today the camera and you can follow me through my day

Very important is a healthy breakfast

It's not fake, it's my daily breakfast

Not only my breakfast as you will see. I love cereals

Here some fruits that change over time

Kiwi, blueberries and physalis. Mixed with black cumin oil and oatmeal

This is how I prepare my Breakfast. This is how my day starts

I love it since I'm born

Here is Maddox. He is also eating cereals

We currently are doing Corona homeschooling

Melino is already at his PC. You may know IServ from your kids

My youngest child peaches is already gone

They have alternating schooling and are allowed to go to school

But the boys are at home

This is the only "cooking" I do in my life

There are many men who are great cooks in their private lives

I am not. But I think that I can prepare good and tasty cereals

You need fresh and tasty fruits

mix it and it will be tasty and healthy

It gives you power and gets you through the day well

Here is my place in the house. My table where I eat my breakfast and lunch

I like the silence at breakfast and don't want to sit with the loud family together

I am glad when I have my quiet time

Here is my daily newspaper "Sdkurier" from 26.03.2021

I read and eat my cereals. I have 15 minutes in the morning just for myself

I need and love that time alone

And if you wonder where Stella is

Here she is lying, you can see only her black hair

I am already happy if I don't get in trouble for my film action

Stella always does early shift and takes peaches to school

Then she lies down again for another 15 minutes

Now I show you my way to work

You will see it takes some time until I'm at work

I don't need a car

Those cars are from my colleagues

I walk down the stone wall

Here is my house where I sleep

Here my business, 20 meter away

And I'm already there

Other people have to drive 30 minutes and I'm super fast

Here Alex and Steffi packing parcels. Good morning

This is my first walk

Good morning. Here is Adamo. Ludmilla is also somewhere

The first thing I do is walk in the breeding room

We now have mating season and they also start to lay eggs

This is the first thing I do in the morning

Here is Jasmine. Hello

I have already told it. The pink notes are mean pregnant female

A lot is already pink

And if the hiding cave is on top it means that some animals in that row are mating

It is a Sunset male and a Piebald female here

If you look at the tail the man tries hard

Sunset is the male and the Piebald the female

But the female does not want quite yet

I always look through it in the morning

Jasmin also looks through and we then make points

Maybe we find a point. Here, 23.03.2021 Albino

They are already finished

They did not started yet

This is my morning routine

They all work already until I come at 8 o'clock

And when someone is at work, of course, is not cleaned up either

Here the pink sheets again

Marta just told me there are some eggs

Piebald female with Banana Piebald male

I would guess around 8-9 eggs

More eggs. Look at those eggs

Stefan counting...

11 eggs and one unfertilized egg. The day starts nice

Great, thank you!

Now I show you a bad side of the business

Our first Regius eggs from Champagne Highway with Super Gravel

The eggs were laid 2 weeks ago

The eggs look strange

They looked great when they where laid

And now they get cheesy and I can take out a dead egg each day

I don't know why. They are fertilized but they just die

This is rare, but it happens

They are the second eggs this year. A clutch with 8 eggs

This is also part of breeding to have such disappointments

Now I go to the office and see what is going on there

Good morning

Here my daily struggle with the emails. Info@ 140, amazon 8, MS 66, Stefan 2 and Reptil TV 4 mails

First I have to delete some Spam mails

there are still around 100 mails left I have to answer

Most of them are important and I get a lot of questions from you

When something does not work, warranty cases or when will my order arrive

Some people ordered yesterday and ask today when is the delivery. It will arrive today or tomorrow

This is my struggle. I try to do this as fast as I can

But I have to write 100 mails a day

I get some help from Vanessa over there. We split the mails

But this is a big part of my day to answer the mails

9:30 o'clock coffee break in Germany

Around 15 people are here today

Back there is Carina, over there is Ludmilla. Jasmine and Marta are upstairs

Due to Corona we have to spread out over a large area

Normally we all sit around this table

it's 10 o'clock and time for the animal shipments

A part of the customers is still called when they want to get the animals

We pick the animals and pack them outside

Look at this nice Platron Reticulated python

It is Platinum with Citron. They are tame

The Reticulated python colors are better than their reputation regarding handling

Reticulated python are also among the most intelligent snakes

If you are calm and decent with them I have the impression they notice that and are also relaxed

We pack the smaller animals in boxes

Snakes go into bags

Some newspaper that they can hide a bit

I think for the animals it is like half or one day bad weather

They get picked up this afternoon and are delivered tomorrow morning

He now hides 15 hours in this bag

They arrive tomorrow morning and then they are back in the terrarium

You also see the animal inside, it doesn't panic or want to escape

i think a snake is a animal you can send without stress over night

You do not do anything bad to the animal

Now we have everything together and we can go outside

We put them in those boxes

Here our Reticulated python

and the frogs in the next box

Here we have nice albino corn snakes

here a Ilam leopard gecko

here a Yemen chameleon

Today is Thursday and we have around 10 animal shipments

at the beginning of the week are the most shipments

and at the end of the week there are less

We call a few more people for a delivery date

Maybe we then get around 10-20 shipments

This is a relaxed day for animal shipping department

its 13:10 o'clock and time for lunch break

You already know my long way to work from this morning

same way back into the well-deserved lunch break

The way goes on the outside but I'm too lazy and take the shortcut over the wall

before lunch break I do a sport activity. It relaxes me

I go jogging, inline skating or ride my bike

I think it is important, it is stress relief

Most of the time I sit in front of my desk

Thats why I go exercising

Today I ride my bike. Great spring weather today

We are here in the Schwarzwald-Baar district near Heuberg where it goes up and down

I drive for 30-60 min and I feel a lot better afterward. See you!

I'm back, it was great and I feel better

After that I do a few exercises here

I have here a board from climbing. You can do pull-ups here

Or even harder at those wooden bars

Here I workout around 10 Minutes afterwards

I also have to show you what I lately also like to do

My wife bought a hula hoop ring she saw on the Internet

But I can not do it so well

Stella does 500 rounds

With luck I can do around 100. I'm a little bit better like now

At the moment this is the new trend for my family

I like to do sport in my lunch break. Not because I have to. I really like it

I have been doing sports all my life to relax a bit

That was part one of my reptile breeder life

In the course of the film I realized that the film was getting too long

Give us a thumb up if you like it and we film part 2 for you

First I eat lunch. Later the store is open and there are customers there

And it will end in the bed at night

If you want to see it give us a thumb up and subscribe

next week we maybe bring some animals and then part 2

I am looking forward to your reactions

I'm going to take a shower now. Maybe you will see that in part 2

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