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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minecraft: BOSS BABY MURDER | MODDED MINI-GAME

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Yes, so get this!

My mom told me, but if I were to ever have a kid that it would probably look something like this.

I'm not that ugly am I?


Ian, thea

What is going on with that baby in the background and is that baby your wife? That is Madeline!

Her eyes hanging out

I just want to be your friend

This is welcome back to murder running away from keguh. You scary people this week

We're playing boss baby version and as you can see Madeline's head her eye is so pretty

literally hanging out of her head I

Don't think I've ever seen anything as creepy as Madeline right now, but eh

Welcome back to murder run if you guys are still enjoying this series and enjoying those

creepy freaking models hit the like button down below

Subscribe if you're new turn on notifications now this week crater thea and Madeline there has been more addition

There are new traps for the survivors and there are ok told me four items

for the killer

There is so the killer to get chance. Oh yeah, and also since Madeline won last week

She gets two stacks of extra extra nether stars throughout the entire game

Ian what what what why can we buy underwear that if we like have an accident in our pants?(yes)

Because you're scary we were prepared for you to have an accident crainer. w-wait we can actually buy


Yeah, that's what I'm saying

Dude, I

think it's supposed to be armor. I'm so proud of you thea. I just bought underwear as well

I want to try these new I want to try these new traps. So we have a new hot trap and

ooh a hack trap removes the killer sword oooooh?

Wait, what?!

that is sick, I'm getting like seven of them all right

So this is the house that we're hiding in Madeline the freak is back there keep going like this one

You're always so mean to me. I'm sorry okay


Madeline you you you Turner Madeline turn around turn around you cannot look at you hacker. Okay? Okay? Okay? So we're gonna go mike okay


No, I'm not

protect your position

Can we hide? Yeah we hide, we hide, we hide. Okay.. just gotta find a good hide-so we can go inside, outside

I mean there there are a crap-ton of spots just remember,

Madeline has traps that she can use on us so just be ready okay, okay, okay? I don't like that!

dude why did we give her traps?go away chance? I don't know I got a hiding spot okay. I'm ready when you guys are. thea go away thea! I'm not ready I'm scared

Why am I trying to go let me go okay? Okay? I think I'm hiding I think I'm hiding yeah

I think she's ready new does it does no mean yes? Let me go okay, okay, it's on Neo or it's on it's on Neo

to do the countdown

Okay, three two one oh

Nice Madeline. I just want I want. I want you to know that

I think you're ugly it was just a thing I said about your mask. She hit the trap! She hit the trap!I don't believe


Why aren't you dead? Because I have underwear, I have under--No-ho-ho-oh-oh!

I am like my size now. Oh

Did she already find you ian? what did he die? Oh yeah! I

Didn't think she would immediately go out the door

Okay Hold on...

Wait, what happened? Okay? I don't know, I just heard a glass break oh. I see you in there. How do I get back inside?

Thea, you must survive

Under you it. What is that screaming?

numbers all over my screen


Their body are close together

I am so confused. What happened?

So I laid down a hack trap the green emerald block it hit Madeline and it took her sword away

Right and then she was chasing thea. but she couldn't do damage to her. I couldn't do anything, okay?

Inside okay, okay? I am still alive though. and do you see where I am? but I'll be t p.m.

Et/pt okay, okay? Is that?

Tp. Tp. Mr.. Crainer did you step in one of the a

Jump-scare traps I don't know that's a jump scare, it's just something going down the middle of the screen. I don't know I can't see anything this

Oh i see where she is she hit a glow trap

Alright now that little chance those are the best?


I've got my screams. Yeah, that's what that was

What do you think about my hiding spot ian is a good ok the glue trap overall cia flow trapper wore off the glue trap

Wore off okay? Well can you see any more this is not good?


Can you hear my music Mm-hmm?

Where are you?

Crater just do do you mean - yeah crater

Just keep doing your boo boo metal who are you do you not have any traps Madeline?

Yeah, but they only work if you guys move over them, and I've laid a couple if you're running around

I feel forgetting that that closes that way I start going to run around the house

I don't know should I just should I stop talking about?

Hi Craner

My soul like that ever again

I don't leave him alone Metal is

Slowing me or something

But I found you oh

My gosh, all right, so crater was the last one to die. He's bleeding everywhere

Which meat is a killer?

I'll be like this wrong guys. Let's do it

What's up guys?

Am I in my brain dude?

Stay awake Ray or you are creepier than the other one. Oh my gosh

Do I do look very creepy don't I can't you. Oh okay, okay? Let's lie

That looks like everybody buy your trays crater. Don't buy anything don't buy anything give us your nether stars. It's how you play no, I'm

Sorry, baby right now. Okay? I did all right craner turn turn around I think

You are wearing underwear by the way

Okay, so turn around we're get we're gonna. We're gonna go hide. We're gonna go hide okay, okay, okay? You guys go hide

I'm just gonna be the creepy, baby

Okay, I think I I think I have a good hiding spot recon okay? Are you guys all hidden okay? Okay? Okay?

It's like I know where you're headed

Okay, yeah

Okay, are we going the time yeah perfect view Craner finds in me two one go?

Samer right in front of aesop's just got a bread couch, and I just break off yes. I can break out the bacon. Oh

My mistakes did you avoid the glue traps?

Yeah, it didn't that went off earlier. I think where did you put it on him?

Mmm. Hello hello, are you doing - yeah? No no?

I don't need you guys. Do you're pretty stay alive

- no way

Nobody live where I was hiding

Why did you say hi?

Susie owned me. What happened? I don't know II just ran

Funny told you everything I could see all of that accident. I scream

Oh my there are way too many trips. I literally can't see anything. I run around all out there

Now what is he that scared the crap out of me? Oh?

My gosh, that is dad

This is so kids football

25 blocks away, oh he has partying on how he's using your skills. Oh

He's using what a visit oh

Wait, wait you got levitated. He got levitated you got my limit seated? Oh, my gosh - fifteen blocks

No, there's only one man. See you're bleeding out of your jugular everywhere. Oh my God

Maddy Maddy what a shame. I don't know. Yes, Maddy

Madeleine just stay quiet, Madeleine stay quiet Madeleine stay quiet. Don't say a word don't say a word about


Was such a fast around

There that was so bad none of them wants a man in shifts, so I saw oh

my God

All right, so Medal and says you were the last one alive. You choose who's the killer?

It's between me and kia. So who do you choose please not me please tell me please don't you see yeah, I pick yeah

Okay, so now it's your turn. I mean she she looks like a happy creepy boy. Oh

She just killed me so she one-shotted you I'm standing in your blood

See why why would a Master even stop our usual healing it was?

perfect, oh

Guys, okay, you can just leave now to you. So thank you. Well. I just go wrecked

You should be

Greater what is wrong with your girlfriend what I don't know little did I know your couch tonight

I would sleep with when I hope I would I were just not sleep at all right? I'm coming in you guys in oh

Sierra, Please oh

Okay, okay, okay, Kevin for you again. So I have I have a pendant look at my heart's that okay, okay? Let's go ahead

Let's go, ahead okay. Yeah. Can't turn around kate turn around you have to look into the wall

You can't see where we don't see you

All right, yeah

And okay okay everybody. Hi everybody. Hi, okay, everybody everybody hide in your respect to Mary

Yes, okay, I gotta find a good spot. Oh nice traps. Okay. I'm alan go away

I'm going over here. You're not just spreading glow steps

Okay, oh, you gonna be so good

Paul wait, I forgot that also need to buy the hidings fire and ha ha ha oh

Yeah, put that there um use my belt yeah with that. I'm gonna get you crazy. Oh. God. No, you're not

Now it's time to see if she steps of it

Got it. I can hear I can see her yeah, we do oh nice

Okay, now get that nice feel good. We know exactly where you are. - yeah, that's very various

Are you blind or something?

No, she just liked running in circles. Yes

Jim a trap she's wearing. This is where she had

That is annoying

You're not doing so good this Raffia no

I am not you still haven't killed anybody oh

No, she's flying

What oh?

Hello, hello

I can tell I'm feeling that one

Where you should killer ue I think I do stir fuck he just gonna get

Please step it another glowstone traps here. No I

Can't hear anywhere everybody. I'm are you hurting me

Am I close I?

Have no idea where you are, but I don't hear the music. So I'm happy with that. I don't either

Oh my gosh, that was terrifying. Oh that was great. I guess oh you have been close to I need to kill that why?

Another glowstone trap are you guys going what I?


Falling into trap. I don't even I don't

I think I you're going off on me my dress are going off on me

Did you look at where I am trainer? I'm kid. Oh, no one

Lets you survive

I made it very far. Yeah

No, okay, okay? Now. She just needs to fight you madeline not ian. Oh

Yes, the lighting the same spot of the cage. I haven't moved

Where is she we did more glue traps tagget?

No, we out

What happened did something go off on you really surprised he hasn't found metal easy

dude if you if you only saw my point of view say ders

Melon Melon would survive battle of smelling your this better. They just did to play after century dude

Where anyone is very happy very big subconscious I?

See in we went over it. Don't say that don't say that you scare me. You're literally going around in a circle - yeah


Why is he dying? I am oh yeah? I am literally taking no damage

Are you literally not know?

that took a fricking while

Okay, okay, so that was just Madeline idea

It's the girls versus the girls, okay?

Madeline I need to find you now. Oh my gosh. This is the longest round in history

Wait, where did Maddie go?

Wait, where did many goals?

of the century

The only downside to this is it's now 2080 day. That's it forever

Alright, so now it's my turn to be the killer

I'm the last killer then we add up the times and see who wins this is I look like I'm drawing blood

Do you look very creepy as well? Oh, what's up with these baby hits I?

Okay, so what's demented? Let's do our tracer. I'm gonna get a player a player tracker

I already traded all of mine on camera, and now all right is everybody hiding everybody good. Everybody's hiding. I think

Okay, saad neo. I'm coming for you. Okay. Here. We go three two

One go, please sniffing all of the juicy

Ice went through the wall, you're welcome

Okay, let's use this time to look around the map okay, okay? We can do this their interests, okay?

I'm going to use two player tracker

Yen is the disavow forty people you guys are down to decide the maps okay? Oh, you figured it out

You can something else inside of the bag at least we can see away

Yes, guys keep an eye on if we can definitely see where he is. He's tempted another one

I think I'm just getting rid of a wall

I'm getting rid of all the traps right now gabe reread of all of them keep doing that just keep doing that

25 blocks away, oh

Where you guys know where all my player tracker ran out? I'm going to do that do that

Okay, hold on. Oh guys. I'm really scared

Where are you guys? No way? What what why?

Where are you? Where are you guys?

We would why did you do that in Somalia? Why did here? I got ya

Where are you guys?

Great. I found you get over this

Don't you go traps at me?

Okay, okay guys. I tried to make you step in the chat. What's due

Camera right there okay? Oh

Yeah, by the way, and you look directly into my eyes like three times before you saw me take it, okay

Hold on kid now. It's only victory only went past me like three times. Oh, I didn't you're lying. You're lying

Where are you guys? He's hell it up anymore. Oh, I see where she is oh my gosh

Yeah, that's a really good spot. Thank you

Where's Madeline oh?

My goodness damn fault hiding so well on our blind now dang it

Stop it. Come on

Wait what?

what what hold on

Wait, how do you?

know I'm Gonna Say

Madeline you're so good. Oh

My darling Natalie just been a giant yuki did she took again? Oh?

Okay, okay, okay? Oh boy doing this madeline. I'll give you a rich alive lives. That was awesome

What is he doing? I can I get in so slow

I wasn't running or anything went right under your feet when you levitated oh

my gosh

Where are you guys?

I got her yeah

Run to me, and then go above me. I knew you were doing that did you just break through the map you?

Wrote through the map to get to Battlin okay?

No, I just got a can you look right at me and then run around this only one left. Where is she where?

It's either her where have you hiding spot battling you've gotta fight, so you see it

You just have to make sure it's both her name, right

All right, let's go back to the Lobby that was good

Let's see who has the fastest time alright, so the scores are gonna end up on the right side

Let's see who killed no faster. Okay, three we're gonna put up scores. You three two one go

How I won way my you you and I in you literally last

How did I get second by two seconds not only save me by two seconds?

You are 300 seconds above the other two

Closer this time alright

So crater gets a special book next week if you guys have any more trap ideas let us know down in the comments

but for now

We're going to end this episode here if you guys have enjoyed hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button on notifications

And I'm holding ahead

Okay, alright


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