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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Hindu Vocabulary Volume 4 Lesson 2 English Grammar - Unacademy

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hello guys welcome to my name is I teach

English you guys can follow me on and

also the champ award at the end of the

lesson so hey guys so this is the second

lesson under the course daily Hindu

analysis part 4 so the date of the

newspaper is also mentioned so just like

the previous lesson and the lessons from

the previous courses we will be learning

a food fifth sorry few difficult words

from the Hindi newspaper but unlike the

previous lessons or the courses we will

not learn a probably the end of the

lesson but a jumbled word you know to

which the meaning will be given in the

following lesson and also you guys can

give it a try

because I will give you two hints as to

you know I will tell you guys if the

word is an adjective noun verb adverb of

what part of the sentence speech it is

and also a synonym of the word so it

will be much easier for you guys to you

know give the meaning or the correct

word in the comment section so let's get

started with today's set of words

the first one is defunct defunct is an

adjective that means something that no

longer exists or has stopped functioning

or operating that is no longer something

that is no longer in you know in

function is called a defunct synonyms

extinct gone something that no longer

exists it it's extinct okay and it is

stopped functioning or operating example

the little of the now-defunct political

party has started his own school that

means that specifically there was you

know he was a leader of a party which is

now extinct that meant it is that means

it is no longer you know in function so

he has started his own school next one

is melon melon gim we pronounce it as


okay it's a verb which means to say

unpleasant and untrue things about

somebody okay I beat anybody for that

matter so when someone says untrue

things or unpleasant things about

somebody so that act is called Mallen

synonyms are abuse rundown okay

example the female political leader was

often manland by the male counterparts

that means the female political leader

was often - I mean was often accused of

false or unpleasant things by the name

political leaders okay third one is

ingest ingest is a verb which means when

animals of plants ingest a substance

they take it into themselves for example

by eating or absorbing it so when

animals eat something they ingested or

plants when they absorb something they

ingest us ingest it sorry

example the death of the culprit was

assumed to be natural but the tests

revealed that he had ingested a deadly

amount of cyanide

so culprit is a person who is found

guilty of something that he's done wrong

so the death of that culprit was assumed

to be natural but then when they

conducted the tests on him the tests

revealed that he had ingested that means

he had consumed a deadly amount of

cyanide cyanide is obviously everybody

knows it's poison fourth one is baffle

baffle is a verb that means if something

battles you you cannot understand it or

explain it so something that just leaves

you dumbfounded you can't even say

anything because you don't understand it

in the first place and even if you

understand it you can't explain it to

others because how will you explain when

you yourself can't reason reason it

right so if you don't know the reason

behind it you can't explain it to people

so something that leaves you baffled is

something that makes you very how do you

put it something that

something that is out of someone's

understanding okay synonyms puzzle amaze

example an Appletree producing square

fruits producing square fruit sorry is

baffling the locals that means obviously

we know apple the shape of an apple

but then this apple tree producing

squared shaped fruits is just baffling

the locals because they don't have any

reason to explain it or to support the

claim that the tree is producing squared

shaped fruit so that's baffled so it is

leaving people amazed a puzzled next one

is Mao Mao is a verb that means to cut

grass using a machine called lawn mower

so using the lawn mover when you cut

grass or trim the grass in your garden

is called moving so synonyms are cut or

trim example Paul continued to mow the

lawn and forgot about his interview so

he was so busy moving his lawn that he

forgot that he had an interview ok so

the next word is exhort exhort is a verb

that means to try hard to persuade or

encourage someone to do something so you

try and your level best to convince

someone to do something or you

encouraging them to do something so that

specific act is called exhort ok to

exert someone means to encourage someone

to do something synonyms are urge advice

we've already done the word urge in the

previous lessons alright so the example

is the actor exhausted his fans to turn

away from violence

so since an actor being very famous in

that specific place has a lot of fans so

he exhorted so that means he urged is

found to turn a blind eye or turn away

from black sorry from violence alright

so the next word is rested you residue

is a noun that means a residue of

something is a small amount that remains

after most of it is gone yes something

that is remaining is called a residue so

this is usually used in scientifical

chemical terms

the CEO of so-and-so item or so-and-so

in a solution so the the chemical items

okay so the residue is something that's


sudonym remainder left over

okay so reminder is different from

remainder example experts say that using

the same shampoo means that the residue

could build up on the hair that means if

you according to the experts if you use

the same shampoo for years together the

residue the leftovers or there could be

something left behind on your head could

build up on the hair so I don't know how

far that's true or even you know it

doesn't even make sense to me so before

starting off with a jumbled word let's

you know pay attention to the

pronunciation once again

the first one is defunct the funk so

you'll have to pronounce every single

letter defunct okay that means that we

should know which no longer exists next

one is mal Lynn MA Lynn that means son

she says something very unpleasant or

untrue about somebody in jest in jest to

intake something

baffled so something that leaves one

amazed or presumed mouth is to cut grass

using a lawn mover exhort is to try hard

and persuade and then create somebody to

do something residue residue is the

leftover or the remaining of something

okay so the word that I I'm in the set

of letters that I suggested in the

previous lesson was a s a B the eye II

eye are sorry so the clues that I gave

was adjectives and synonym was stuff

so the actual word is abrasive a br a s

iv-e abrasive that means it's an

adjective which means you describe

someone as abrasive when that person has

a very unkind or rude manners very

unkind and a rude behavior so that

specific person is described as abrasive

in nature so example Pamela

was hated by all the contestants for her

abrasive remarks so this specific judge

has been giving out bad or unpleasant or

rude remarks which has in turn caused

hatred you know among the contestants

haha so abrasive is a person who is

always very unpleasant or rude with the

ax comments so yes that is it abrasive a

B Ras I ve ok the letter that I would I

mean the world that I would suggest for

this lesson is so here's a jumbled up

letters that is e F and a sorry es n are

a oh I su so obviously this specific

word is an adjective and the synonym of

this word is wicked so if you guys know

what is this word and if you know the

meaning please post it on the comment

section and I'll see you guys the next

lesson that's it for today thank you so

much for your time bye bye

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