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i hope i don't have pretzels in my teeth

whattup dog

i have a favorites video, i'm back!

i always do Current Favorites videos which is so rude

because if i did them monthly i would actually be on a schedule

but you know me!

so half of my favorites -- not half but

a lot of my favorites i'm already wearing

so the first is gonna be my angel necklace

which i got on etsy and it's from Uncostumed

it's so cute, it says "Angel"!

i don't know, that's literally all there is to it!

it says "Angel", it's a nameplate.

my name obviously isn't Angel but it might as well be Angel

from American Apparel are these faces

um socks

which i wore when I was getting on the bus the other day

and the bus driver was like

"your socks have faces on them?"

and i was like "huh?"

and he was like "your socks have faces on them???"

and i was like "yeah.."

he was like "that's weird"

i was like (silent)

"thank you!" like, i'm just trying to ride the bus!

thank you for the analysis, um, Show Studio

so another favorite is a sentimental fave

it's this Guess watch that my dad gave to me

i think someone asked me on SnapChat,

"where'd you get that" and I was like "it's Guess!"

umm, and it was from my dad!

oh, you knew this had to be in here!

feelin' alright, man! (squealing) feelin' alright!

this is like the most fun hat ever i'm so glad i bought it!

this is so weird! i love it so much

people always ask about it, they're like, "what does your hat say?"

"what is that" or they're like "whaaat?"

"feelin' alright"! that's me

i like these bell bottoms i got

like, i'm living!

this is a good day for me

look at this!

i like putting my leg up a lot lately too, huh?

i like that, that's one of my favorites

a lot of people have been like "wow, you wear pants a lot"

and it's literally because i don't feel like putting on lotion

i think i lied and said it's 'cause i don't shave my legs,

like, i don't care that i don't shave my legs

it's actually because i don't feel like putting on lotion

it's a hassle. so i wear these black easy jeans!

yes, these are the black ones! you wouldn't believe it

'cause they're grey!

another thing i've been liking is this crisscross trend

from the Reformation bodysuits

i knew this would pop off with like, dupes

i said it!

i wanted the reformation tops and i talked about wanting

them because alexa losey has been wearing them for like a year or two years or something

-- a long ass time

i don't know what it is about this! it looks good on me though, huh?

lace up? it's fun! i love lace up!

it reminds me of like, the early 2000s videos, or late 90s videos-- really fun

so my libra sister sarah created this beautiful vest

and i wore it in my diy video

and it's so beautiful and i'm so proud of her

and all the things she's done!

i think it's so cool that i can wear something she made

this is so cute, this is so Nature Rian Living

um, going out for drinks, and being lovely

like this dress is lovely, this is like when you put it on, like

"that boy is lovely!" when he's wearing this, like this is "IT"

this is the look- lovely!

it's so sweet, it's like romantic

next, i'm loving this lip color which is by buxom and it's called "revealed"

i'd been seeing it in sephora

when i was being followed around every single time that i went there

and asked 10,000 times if i needed help with anything

um, and i really liked it

it's such a nice color, it's the perfect nude and it looks like, dry

Ben Nye Banana Powder-- it is all it's cracked up to be!

um and being ashy..

that's number one on the list

"A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night" i put that up

because GirlPacino on tumblr put me on to this film and a lot of other films!

what i goofball! i forgot to do my music favorites!

(but) i've been liking the soundtrack from Crooklyn

it's not officially on Spotify but someone made a playlist and just put all the songs on it

so shout out to them!

i write down songs from my job and i just go on the paper, look it up on Spotify and then play it all month

movies i've been into--

um there's this movie on YouTube called Me-- Gay Mean Girls

i mentioned it in my description last month

um, and it's just like

an independent film which is really cool because, i don't know, i've been liking--

you know that boy's battery died. anyways,

a lot of representation of kids of color

um, what else have i liked?

oh, i know what i've been liking!

this month, i haven't been able to stop watching um,

The Walking Dead TellTale Game Series um

game play on youtube

Jessica and Vicki were telling me about the game and then I like went home and watched it

and I think that was like 3 weeks ago or something

I haven't been able to stop since then, that's number one on my list of favorites, (whispering) bye!

um these are my favorites, i hope you all enjoyed these

um, make sure to check the description for things i've been liking lately

since the last time i updated it

i'm glad people actually use it, people are like

"these links, oh my god"

and i'm like (whispering but yelling) YEAH!

'cause i love, like, linking them

i like sharing them

oh, and i wanted to say thank you all to the people who have met me in person again lately

thank you all for tagging me when you make the stuff from my videos

it's still so cool and surreal and

i hope you all keep empowering yourselves

with DIYing and sharing your thoughts

and learning things and shit! so, i love you all

*clicks tongue* bye!

(alternative music)

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