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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH in your EAR / LIVE LESSON / 31st MARCH 2019 / MOTHERS DAY / with Misterduncan in England

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oh hello there welcome once again to another Sunday afternoon in the uk first of all the

clocks have gone forward by one hour just in case you are wondering why I am here at

at a different time I'm not it's the same time but now we are into British summer time

you can see that everything is looking very lovely nature has once more woken up you can

see behind me there is lots of blossom doesn't it look lovely so lots of things coming your

way today we have many things to talk about including article 13 what is article 13?

I hear you ask we will talk about that today also maybe we will mention brexit because

that is in the news at the moment also mr. Steve will be here talking about words expressions

all sorts of idioms to do with time and you are more than welcome to join in on the live

chat as well also we will be talking about going into hospital words and phrases connected

to going into hospital and hospitals in general all that to come today after all it's a Sunday

afternoon it's just after 2:00 p.m. here in the UK British summer time and this is English

in your ear live [Music] didn't do do do-do-do do-do-do here we go again I hope you are ready

yes it is Sunday once more and here we go again hi everybody how are you today my name

is mr. Duncan are you happy I hope so are you feeling great today I really really hope

so so here we are live once again it's Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your English

listening with English in your ear live we are now talking live to each other I am talking

to you through my video camera and you can talk to me through the live chat the whole

world is watching right now first of all the big question must be did you get here at the

right time now it is coming up to ten minutes past two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon it

is the final day of March we are about to go into April a new month lots of new challenges

facing the human race over the next four weeks some of those things I will talk about a little

bit later on on the live stream also we have you as I've mentioned already and we'll be

talking about some other things today including something that I mentioned during the week

on one of my special live streams in the garden and that is article 13 now this will affect

many people who create or produce content that goes out over the Internet and it might

I'm not sure at the moment but it might also affect me so we will have to wait and see

what happens so I'm not sure it might affect me it might not so at the moment we are not

certain so it's Sunday and the clocks have gone forward by one hour this is very important

I I must mention this and I probably will mention it a few times today but the clocks

have gone forward by one hour so it is still ten minutes past two here in the afternoon

but where you are it might be a different time because we have changed our clocks we

have moved them forward by one hour I do know that many people also around the world will

change their clocks today in fact some have already done it including the USA so many

people do this as summer arrives so the clocks normally go back one hour before winter arrives

and the clocks go forward again just as summer arrives so we call this particular period

British summer time and then later in the year we go back to G M T which is Greenwich

Mean Time have you ever been to Greenwich there is the most amazing place in Greenwich

which is just outside London and it's the Greenwich Observatory and it's where the time

zones change so the Meridian line that runs around the world it separates the day from

today to yesterday from tomorrow to today it actually is in London the Greenwich Meridian

Line we call it it isn't a real line it is just imaginary so that's why we say GMT Greenwich

Mean Time but now we are into British summer time although today it doesn't feel like summer

is here to be honest let's have a look outside so here we go a live view that is the view

at the MOU outside my studio window are you enjoying the view today I was live during

the week I did a couple of live streams in the garden because we had such lovely weather

this week just in case you missed them my live streams are available to watch again

on my youtube channel so there it is the view out of the window right now and you can see

in the distance you might be able to see some yellow in the distance and that is this year's

crop of rapeseed so you can see in the distance already the rapeseed is starting to come into

flower and in a few weeks time many of the fields in the distance will will all be covered

in a beautiful yellow glow so around this area many people do grow rapeseed it is something

that is done quite often so I hope you enjoyed that view out of the window a lot of people

are very interested to see the area in which I live because it is in the countryside there

are some lovely views lovely sounds and can I say thank you very much for all of your

lovely messages during the week saying how much you enjoyed not only seeing me but also

hearing the sounds of nature as well I must admit I do love it I love nature I love being

in this part of the UK there is something I've forgotten I forgotten to mention the

live chat so let's have a look shall we the live chat is now on can you see it on your

screen you should be able to see it I wonder who was first on the live chat today let's

have a look shall we let's go back to the beginning of the live chat I'm always very

interested to see if there are if there are any new people so if it is your first time

today please let me know hello - Molly Noah hello Molly Noah I I don't recognize your

name is your first time today and congratulations for being first on the live chat is well I

suppose that deserves a round of applause well done

well done you are first on the live chat today congratulations to you who else is on we have

also go SIA hello Garcia nice to see you here as well also Martha khyber Lilia hey hello

mr. Duncan and hello class also mr. Bruno is here hello together again I'm happy to

be here hello mr. Bruno Belarusian is here Oh Belarusian can I ask you a question how

was your party last week you went to a party I remember you telling me was it a good party

did you have a good time I hope so hang is here Juli khyber is here Tomic hello Tomic

also leila Vitesse and grace hello grace chin watching as well so many people here today

already I am very pleased to see that you've managed not to get confused because between

you and me every year when we have to take change the clocks so when we turned the clocks

forwards or backwards I always get very confused I'm I'm easily confused you may have noticed

Louie is here also Lulu Palmira hello everyone hello to Facebook friends as well yes I do

have a Facebook page I do Guadalupe Mieke hello Tamika what a lovely day you have today

it isn't too bad it's a little cold very windy so when I went out this morning to do some

filming it was really chilly not as warm as it was last week when I was in the garden

but it's still nice there is still sunshine mirela is here also connell hello everyone

and hello to mr. Duncan Rosa says hello mr. Duncan also we have giong or yang Alamgir

Pedro it is Sunday it's a fun day it's English in your ear mr. Duncan the other day I was

wrong you were right it was one hour forward not backwards yes we go forwards in late spring

early summer and there's there's an easy way of remembering this because we can say that

you fall back in autumn and you fall forward in summer so you go back one hour before winter

arrives and just before summer arrives you go forward one hour so there is an easy way

of remembering that Rosa says hello Ana Alamgir Meeker Belarusian and Pedro Thank You Rosa

that's very kind of you saying hello to everyone on the live chat m/sec er hello to everyone

and a big hello to everybody from Barcelona thank you very much wow so many people are

here lene there is here as well also we have min watching in Vietnam can I say a big hello

to everyone watching in Vietnam apparently a lot of people are very excited about the

flanks so it around about three o'clock we always have a little break and we we show

the flanks of the world so a lot of people get very excited when I show the flanks of

the world and we will be taking a break at 3 o'clock to take a look at those Allen gear

is here also goob Jagger I've been teaching words related to going into hospital and questions

that doctors might ask patients for example you might say I've got blotches all over my

skin and the doctors say let me see your tongue this happens a lot when you go to the doctors

quite often the doctor will we'll take a look inside your mouth and quite often he will

say open wide open your mouth as wide as you can and also they might say can you please

stick your tongue out so you have to put your tongue out like that and also they might get

you to say ah because they want to take a look in your throat so yes thank you very

much goob Jagger for that brilliant and we are talking about hospital words today we

are going to do that later on Dina says I live in Azerbaijan hello to you nice to see

you here Anto is here wow so many people already joining me today thank you very much we also

have Martha in Poland and fest idiomas hello fast idiomas it's nice to see you here again

I know that you were here during the week when I was in the garden and we might do that

again next week it just depends on what the weather is like where is mr. Steve he will

be here later Sophia is here as well and we also have Jonathan Jonathan Eduardo hello

to you are you watching at the moment if it is your first time here today please let me

know because I'm always interested to find out Mohammad Suleiman says hello mr. Duncan

did you hear about Muhammad Salla the Egyptian football player who plays in Liverpool I have

heard of him I'm not a big fan of football I don't follow football very much to be honest

however however sometimes mr. Steve and myself we like to go out into the garden to have

a little game of football [Music] okay perhaps we are not as good at football as mosula I

think that is very safe to say

it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's true it's time time to improve your listening I hope

you are having a good day it is the final day of tooth mark March is going good by March

goodbye a couple of days ago something was supposed to happen do you know what it was

it was brexit but it didn't happen and that's why I went into the garden on Friday to talk

all about brexit and the reason why we are not now having brexit it has been put on hold

for a while it might still happen next month or it might happen in June but at the moment

no one really knows and another thing I want to tell you mr. Steve is off at the moment

he is taking a break from work so we might do another special livestream in the garden

I'm not sure at the moment we might do it I'm not sure no promises but maybe on Tuesday

or Wednesday we might see you live in the garden and that will be me and also mr. Steve

as well so I'm I'm rather looking forward to that to be honest if it happens the live

chat is very busy Wow let's have a look at some of the comments shall we Theo is here

I am Kurd and I am your your fam oh thank you very much for that franceska says mr.

Duncan I am getting used to the new time all good I'm glad to hear it clocks have changed

today they have gone forward by one hour I know that some of the countries as well also

do it the time has changed in Madrid today is very weird and very confusing this is true

because some people forget to change the clock and so when they get up in the morning they

don't really know what time it is they think it is one time but in fact it is another time

so it can be very confusing when the clocks go backwards and forwards so that's what's

happened today the clocks have gone forward here in the UK may I ask you something mr.

Duncan I always get worried when people ask can I ask you something greetings from Argentina

Thank You Cotto that's very kind of you Egypt is here as well Hosny hello Hosni nice to

see you as well on the live chat don't forget everyone is welcome fast idioms say yes it's

true I saw your your live stream in the garden and I remembered admit into hospital and discharged

from hospital we will be talking about that in a few moments yes Dan is Lao says last

night I got up at 5:30 a.m. to go to the toilet and I found my mother on the floor naked by

the kitchen door and then I had to wait half an hour until she felt like getting up goodness

me that sounds rather dramatic I hope your mother is okay now because it's Mother's Day

here in the UK so I'm very sorry to hear that I hope your mother is feeling much better

and I'm sure you are taking care of her right now have you prepared the luggage for your

next holiday mr. Duncan says Anna well we're not going just yet but we will be going on

a trip next month in April I'm not going to tell you where it's going to be a big surprise

so I won't tell you until we are actually there and then it will be a nice surprise

you can find out where in the world we are we have gone a question for everyone where

are you from we have people here from all over the world Cotto must staff is here as

well Mika says summertime in the UK is convenient for me because it's 10 p.m. yes it's very

good if you are watching in Asia so if you are watching ahead of our time it's very useful

because it means that I appear one hour earlier so yes you are right Mika it's much more convenient

because it's not so late Pal mirror says Lilia oh this is a message for Lilia did you know

that in my city there is a sweet factory called rushan oh I like the sound of that anything

to do with sweet things and sugar I'm in there definitely please do more live streams in

the garden I love it the only one inconvenience is that I can't finish watching it because

I work at that time oh I'm sorry to hear that Guadalupe I might try and do some live streams

earlier so it all depends but next week mr. Steve is off from work he's not at work next

week so we might do some special live streams in the garden it all depends on what the weather

is like to be honest mr. Duncan scattered so you want another word for scattered dispersed

if some if something has been dispersed it means it has been scattered around David says

I hope brexit never had puns well you're not on your own there are a lot of people who

don't want to leave the European Union to be honest there are many people that don't

want to see it happen Massimo says will you go abroad yes mr. Steve and myself we are

planning to trips one next month and one also in June so we are going away and hopefully

I am keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully we will be able to do some live streams from

the places that we are going to visit so we will have to wait and see see what happens

franceska is here Baraka hello Braga bragger photography from Brazil that looks like yes

Brazil hello to Braga photography what type of photography do you do what type of photographing

do you partake in some people take photographs at weddings some people take photographs of

family events some people take photographs of nature so there there are many different

types of photography around it is Mother's Day today we will talk about that yesterday

we went to see mr. Steve's mum she was having a lovely time with us yesterday mr. Steve

gave his mum a lovely bunch of flowers and yes we will be talking all about Mother's

Day later on today we will celebrate mother rings Sunday so it is Mother's Day here in

the UK now I know that many other countries today are not celebrating Mother's Day so

some countries celebrate it on another day a different day so we are celebrating Mother's

Day we can call it Mothering Sunday or we can call it Mother's Day so we can say happy

Mother's Day or as we tend to say here Mothering Sunday so there it is Mother's Day is here

today and I hope wherever you are you will say a special hello to your mum we are talking

about hospital words also words to do with time but right now we're going to take a look

at one of my lessons and this is one of my full English lessons some excerpts coming

up from full English number 17 here is an interesting question how do you know if you

are mad how can you tell that you are insane well apparently if you can ask yourself the

question then there is a good chance that you are not crazy at all we often use the

words crazy mad and insane to express disbelief at someone's behavior without actually suggesting

that the person being spoken to is really losing their marbles you paid 200 pounds for

Star Wars toy are you mad you walked five miles in the rain to get a hamburger that's

insane strangely enough we could also use mad or crazy when talking about something

exciting or thrilling we had a crazy time at the party these low prices are mad they

have some crazy rides at that theme park I'm crazy for you of course crazy and mad can

also be used to express anger to go crazy or mad is to lose your temper in an explosive

way of course mental illness is not a laughing matter however we do have many English including

many slang terms for appearing crazy in the head such as barmy bonkers cuckoo insane loopy

lunatic nets nutty nutty is a fruitcake nut job off her rocker off his rocker off your

rocker round the bend round the twist to lose your marbles you don't have to be mad to work

here but it helps [Music] do you often use slang in your English if your answer is no

then you might want to rethink what you believe slang to be to speak informally can be described

as vernacular or colloquial speech slang gives new definitions to existing words good examples

of past slang include cool and wicked as a way of expressing that something is really

good these days we might say that something is awesome or sick although having said that

by the time this lesson has been watched a few times there will probably be another way

of expressing how good or terrible something is using a negative word in a positive way

is nothing new in the 1990s the word bad was used as a slang word for good slang is an

ever changing trend so who knows by 2020 we might be using great to mean awful and garbage

to mean great in the world of slang anything is possible [Music] as we have already seen

today the English language can be quite confusing especially when it comes to words that seem

connected but aren't a good example of this occurrence is the apparent similarity between

the words affluence and effluence they look similar as their only differ by one letter

the word affluence means the state of having money all more to the point having a large

and considerable amount of money the state of being wealthy is affluence with affluence

comes great influence so affluence is the noun and affluent is the adjective we can

describe a place where rich people live as an affluent area the word effluence is a noun

that describes a substance which flows from something for example dirty contaminated water

being released from a pipe into the sea is effluence so the substance in this case is

sewage it is worth remembering that there is also effluent which is a mass noun that

precisely describes liquid waste and stinky raw sewage did you do here we go yes Sunday

and that was a full English lesson I hope you enjoyed that we are live on YouTube and

yes mr. Steve is coming soon don't worry [Music] they say that the best laid plans of mice

and men sometimes go awry and that's exactly what's happening today because I'm not quite

sure why but mr. Steve's camera mr. kit mr. Steve's camera is actually stopped working

well it is working but Steve looks very strange now I'm not sure if he's been eating too much

cabbage but he looks like he has changed color so let's have a little look at what's going

on with mr. Steve here he comes please excuse the appearance of mr. Steve because I'm not

quite sure what's going on here Oh mr. Duncan what have you done to me I can't really see

what's going on because it's difficult for me to look on this small screen that right

in front of it mr. Duncan seems to think I'm a strange color you are you are definitely

as well let me let me just show you the output oh it's yeah I don't know what's happening

here I had a few technical problems this morning where where all the cameras stopped working

but now your camera looks looks very arty I don't know why and it's very distracting

as well you you look like you've lost all of your colour let's because this is something

I don't normally do but we're going to try and get mr. Steve to look normal well this

will be interesting she liked while you're playing around the button she like to say

something about mother's day does that look better I don't know I don't know mr. Duncan

maybe people can tell us mr. Duncan's given me a little tablet here so I can easily monitor

okay they were at the livestream you don't need to talk about that really that's just

hello to Martha hello to Jeff Mika says what's happened to mr. Steve Martha says I'm I definitely

looking green well actually you know I felt so sick you know when you're feeling up very

well you do literally go green so maybe maybe I'm not very well but I don't know yet maybe

there's nothing wrong with the camera mr. Duncan maybe this is actually what I look

like you were a bit green around the gills as I was last week that's what we say we say

if a person is if a person is unwell we say that they are green around the gills but I

just don't understand what why you look so different on the camera Massimo says a dog

hideous it's very strange er I have I have absolutely no idea why you look like that

matrix says I look like somebody from from Shrek you do look a bit like Shrek and giving

you a bit more colour now there we go fifty shades of green it says a Luna oh yes am I

fed up with with brexit Oh pow/mia don't get me started on brexit now yesterday Steve was

sitting at the dinner table we went for a meal with Steve's mum and they started talking

about brexit and Steve went into this this mini yes well I'm just about to say that word

that mini rant Steve was getting quite angry about the brexit situation but really it's

it's a subject that you probably shouldn't talk about in public because there are of

course different opinions but you were getting you were getting quite irate it's almost impossible

not to talk about brexit I was reading actually just before only about half an hour ago I

was reading an article popped up a newspaper article about depression okay and anxiety

in the UK and apparently it's gone up dramatically since brexit since its into the vote people

are becoming more and more anxious and upset and are going to their doctors to do have

tablets because they are depressed and anxious over brexit which I can well believe because

it is it's the only thing that we are talking about in the UK nobody is talking about anything

else this is true you know some disaster could happen somewhere in the UK and it would the

news would still be talking mainly about brexit it's just one of those things that has completely

taken over the entire country and I think he's going to remain that way for some time

it was all supposed to be over on Friday that was the date we were supposed to be leaving

Europe we didn't want to of course but that was a date was supposed to happen and that

hasn't happened despite many promises so it goes the saga goes on and on and on it has

now become so complicated that hardly anyone knows actually what is happening and nobody

can predict what is going to happen next few days weeks no one knows we can have a general

election we can have another go at Teresa mais OU policy anything could happen okay

we can have a new prime minister okay Steve we get there even talking today having a coalition

government like we did in the 1940s I don't think anyone watching cares well T Bo I think

people are interested in brexit because it's a it's actually beginning now to affect the

whole world economy the stock markets are being affected cuz everybody's that what so

worried about brexit and the effect it will have on the european economy that people are

it's starting to affect stocks and shares and has done I think for a while but as as

we come closer and closer to the cliff edge as they're calling it then it's starting to

affect many different areas and all around the world brexit has become a complete jokes

as eric it has and unfortunately we are seen as a very stable pragmatic country a beacon

of light okay Steve world's in terms of yeah the way we think and democracy and it's all

seems to have fallen apart yeah am i okay Steve we get it Thank You ver don't see you

later you'll be complaining that you haven't got time to do your bits and that's because

you've been talking about brexit I I'm really finding it very distracting because I don't

know why you're all I look a bit better no no you don't oh okay well we're going to have

a break in a bit anyway when we have a break is to come on well have a break and mr. Duncan

will reset everything yes that's what I'm trying to do it for once again okay then yes

well Mother's Day is here mr. Duncan it is Mother's Day we went to see your mum we went

yesterday and I was looking up looking up some facts and figures about Mother's Day

facts and figures it's probably not the right expression I was doing a bit of research to

Mother's Day and it's historically the celebration of motherhood our of obviously a woman giving

birth having a baby and bringing up a child that has been celebrated throughout history

for thousands of years in in various shapes and forms the Greeks it was that there was

a goddess of motherhood so the Greeks used to celebrate it the Romans did now we've got

two expressions we've got Mother's Day and we've got Mothering Sunday and they're actually

two separate things Mothering Sunday is is a is a religious celebration of motherhood

and it's mainly it's mainly the Christian Church so we're talking the UK Ireland and

some of the islands around the UK as well and maybe some a few countries around the

world who are closely linked to the UK parts of Canada some parts of Canada some parts

of Australia and a few other parts of the world so Mothering Sunday is very much a religious

celebration whereas Mother's Day is a secular celebration so it's nothing to do with religion

and that the phrase Mother's Day only really started to come into being at the turn of

the the 20th century so it started in America in Iran and the first time it was properly

celebrated was around at 1908 and a lady whose name I can't remember started to form this

the celebration and wanted Mother's Day to be celebrated every day on the same day and

it has nothing to do with a Mothering Sunday which is a like Christian celebration so it

was come completely separate thing so most people around the world don't separate don't

to celebrate Mother's Day today it's just basically the UK really and a few other countries

around around the world a lot of countries celebrates actually the second Sunday in May

is the Communist day to celebrate Mother's Day and that that I think is this is when

Mother's Day celebrated in America Canada and many many other parts of the world it

just happens at mothering Sunday's are we we were brought up on Mothering Sunday but

we now call it Mother's Day although it's not the same Mother's Day as they celebrate

in America and other parts of the world a lot of parts of the world now celebrate International

Women's Day as a kind of Mother's Day as well Russia do that that's on the 8th of March

and a lot of other countries around that area and it's becoming more and more prominent

International Women's Day as there as a replacement for Mother's Day apparently but that's a little

aunt oh here we go and Jarvis in 1908 was an American woman who introduced Mother's

Day the modern version and of course the modern version of Mother's Day is very much you would

say it was a very commercialized operation and its really a money-making exercise cards

presents flowers that sort of thing whereas Mothering Sunday it traditionally was just

a religious celebration and you wouldn't be going out spending lots of money you might

because of course being a mother is hard work so it's something worth celebrating I mean

just to carry a baby for nine months is a lot of hard work childbirth is a very risky

thing and so the the you know a woman goes through a lot of pain a lot of anguish and

a life-threatening you know possibly life-threatening events to have a child and then has to bring

up the child because well these days mothers and fathers share the workload and bringing

up the children but certainly even when we were brought up it was the mother that traditionally

did all the most of the after looking after the child traditionally traditionally not

not so much now in Western countries but so that's why it's celebrated because it's amazing

what women do you know that yes okay Steve oh yeah so welcome to the Mother's Day lecture

so who's the woman then who created Mother's Day and at Jarvis Anna Jarvis she didn't mean

it to be a commercial thing it just turned into that no I imagine he's got on board yes

I would imagine the same thing applies to Jesus you see he probably didn't realize yes

how commercial Christmas would become probably he might have changed his mind you see he

might have changed his mind oh you think why am I saying this women that died in childbirth

it's still quite high if you if there's no intervention for that in the sort of days

before medicine and in countries that don't have very good healthcare still about two

in a hundred women died during childbirth so you know again we need to celebrate Mother's

Day because you you know women can die in childbirth apparently in the Western world

it's about 1 in 10,000 still died in childbirth that's why I think that's quite high you know

it's a very risky thing so you know we're celebrating Mother's Day today for various

reasons and as we're and as a way of cheering everyone up Steve decided to talk about the

infant mortality rate yeah well not the infant mortality rate the mother mortality rate okay

mothers that die in sharp you know I mean no wonder we celebrate it because let's face

it it's a risky thing I mean I know we're out fighting lions to get food and with Spears

and things like that traditionally it's risky for the man as well because traditionally

we were going out hunting I suppose but traditionally a risky thing so today's word that Steve is

using a lot is traditionally in the past before civilization I just lived the way that that

the cavemen are traditional well what I okay so historically they're yeah throughout most

at risk traditionally traditionally a woman would die in childbirth and the man would

get eaten by the lion as he was trying to hunt it actually a doubt whether we ever hunted

lines for food I don't think that ever happened because it's a bit risky why hunt for a lion

you can hunt for a you know much easier beast that isn't going to turn around and eat you

anyway we're already don't don't good things mr. Duncan thinks I've gone mad already no

I'm not okay mr. Duncan and we're all sorts of pills as you know I went green earlier

do I look any better by the way any better I have a feeling it might be the the camera

settings what's going on here says Pedro yes precisely that's what I'm thinking well it

is this is why we celebrate Mother's Day because there are a lot of risks associated with being

a mother yes there's a lot of risks associated with everything yeah you could die getting

out of bed you might trip over the cat and fall down the stairs if I'm talking can I

can if I'm talking don't talk because nobody can you understand what either is saying it's

it's just incredible two years we've always been doing this for two years together and

I'm still having to explain to Steve that if I'm saying something if you say something

as well while I'm saying it no one can understand what we're saying we're gonna have a look

at banging's erupting you have to keep banging everything around not banging anything mr.

Duncan relax relax calm down relaxed but oh dear of

course with mothers you can have it there's different you can have a biological mother

kind a biological mother mr. Duncan's getting annoyed already I was talking while you were

adjusting me to make me look less green have you succeeded have you succeeded mr. Duncan

do I look less green like I have no idea what are you it's the ticket why do you keep asking

me if I'm alright because you're all that made me green it's not it's not the color

that I'm worried about so what's going on inside that there's nothing wrong with me

my mother had me tested yes it's not enough times anyway we're coming up to three o'clock

we're gonna have a look at the flag soon we're gonna have a look at some hospital words as

well because I was asked to talk about that during the week when I was in the guard and

you say hey would you like to have a look at the live chat on the screen because I've

given you a tablet I think I should be giving you a quite a few tablets actually or maybe

or maybe I should be taking some of the tablets away from you but this particular tablet that

I'm talking about is a computer tablet so Steve can now look at the live chat very comfortably

isn't that nice so let's have a look at the live chat yes well you can have a look at

you you tablet Steve that's what I gave it to you now I look like I've been sunbathing

according to power mirrors well anyway that's better than looking green I think I look like

I came out of the set of UFO said Jamila everyone's just talking about my appearance today it

seems which is we don't mind that at all yes yes all sorts of opinions on Mother's Day

here opinions yes there are actually there's a few controversial opinion it's I think mothers

days should be banned is anyone saying that sort of but yes well what's wrong you don't

even said there's this Father's Day as well so we celebrate fathers on a different day

the year and we also celebrate Mother's Day you know they never celebrate sons and daughters

well some countries there is a celebration of children's day in some countries apparently

so yes they do celebrate different things in different parts of the world but you were

saying something funny earlier that they you think there should be a dog's day I do okay

yes that's exactly what I think I think there should be a special day put aside well I don't

think so myself because you know I don't like dogs I hate them but yes there should be a

dog's day and there it is there is a dog just to represent the fact that that we're talking

about dogs do you like that picture it looks like mr. Steve when it's cutting his fingernails

when he puts his little reading glasses on so there you can see a dog and I think that

there probably will eventually be dogs day and this will be where people buy presents

and gifts for their dog and maybe they give a card to their dog as well so that's what

I think will happen eventually I think eventually we will have dog day and the dog will be the

special VIP because it will happen someone somewhere will do that I think so I think

one day there will be dog day okay here are some more dogs because it would appear that

lots of people like dogs not everyone not everyone including me I see what our album

fires has made a comment about celebration of Mother's Day is an injustice many women

in the world are not mothers yes that that's a good point I don't think you you mean the

word injustice you mean it's probably unfair that only mothers are being celebrated well

that's why I said earlier there is International Women's Day which is when is that I'm not

sure when that is International Women's Day but a lot of countries now celebrate that

and Russia is one of them and if we've got anybody from Russia watching and I think a

few other countries around Russia in the same sort of geographical area also celebrate International

Women's Day as a celebration of women in general not just mothers so maybe that's a fairer

way of doing it for some countries but I think I think in the UK we're all get always going

to have Mothering Sunday that's always going to be around because it's a religious celebration

but yes let's see I see what you mean because you're sort of saying it's almost unfair to

women who don't have they a baby or can't have a baby or choose not to have a child

that how do they feel on that day that's a very that's a very good point that you've

made their album fathers I never really thought of it like that if you're a woman on Mother's

Day and you haven't had a child do you feel left out do you feel disenfranchised do you

feel upset about that maybe that's why International Women's Day is growing in popularity in popularity

instead of just celebrating women who have children hmm mothers in other words and of

course let us not forget is well that the other thing you've got a bear in mind is there

are a lot of people who've lost their mother as well so that their mothers are no longer

around to actually celebrate with them we're going to have a break now because it's just

after 3 o'clock and I think yes it is the moment that everyone loves it's time to take

a look at those fly from around the world [Music] you are watching live English and

it is a Sunday afternoon with mr. Steve and me mr. Duncan [Music] I'm desperately trying

to get mr. Steve on the screen looking like a normal human being which which is turning

out not to be very easy let's try again let's have another go at getting mr. Steve up on

the screen Oh dear me isn't it strange I had some technical problems before we went on

and I thought I had solved them all but it would appear that mr. Steve's camera is looking

very straight I will spend the rest of the afternoon trying to work out what happened

with that so there is again oh you look not much better

March what's that sorry say that again International Women's Day if the 8th of March a lot of people

have posted that on the on the live chat so thank you for that and I think Lydia said

it's in celebrated in Ukraine I think as well as Russia and a lot of other countries around

that same area it's just become quite popular for some reason well it's yes it's a non religious

celebration and of course it has nothing to do with just being a mother it's celebrating

women in general yes why should you be celebrated just because you're a mother it's unfair to

women that aren't so yes thank you for that point of view somebody mentioned earlier that

I hadn't really thought about before but yes so Father's Day what does it feel like to

be a man and not be a father on Father's Day maybe we need international Father's Day international

man's Day as well just to redress the balance of course you know what you know what people

will say Steve they will say that every day is men's day don't understand mr. Duncan well

people complain when we have International Women's Day but there's no international men's

day or male day yes but and the point I'm making is people that argue against and say

that well every day is man's day because our men dominate everything oh I thought you meant

man as in as in the the wider meaning of the word man great human beings yes okay well

we were talking about genders so I've got a few another interesting fact here it better

be well I think it's a fact you think it's a fact births to unmarried women so children

that are born out of wedlock as we would say here in the UK so somebody that has a child

and isn't married what do you where do you think them that happens the most frequently

and the least frequently around the world any ideas mr. Duncan which country do you

think has the highest percentage of children born to unmarried mothers I don't know and

the country that has the least again I don't know I think the UK might be up there we're

sort of in the middle in all countries the percentage of children born to unmarried mothers

has gone up dramatically since the 1980s I can't from one country and that country is

Japan okay hardly anyone is is handy hardly any children apparently born in Japan to unmarried

mothers it must be socially it must be it must be an awful thing obviously in that culture

not to be born out of wedlock because we would say that used to be such a shameful expression

in the even when I even when I was growing up in the 1919 sixties early nineteen seventies

it used to be a shameful thing but of course not anymore which is great but in some countries

that obviously still is so in Japan even says even to this even now only about 2% of children

are born and to you know with two unmarried mothers whereas the highest the country with

the highest number of children they were born when you're not married is Iceland okay well

I see well that makes sense I mean it's freezing codes has B it's freezing cold there that's

why I just thought that was interesting and the UK knit a lot of the Nordic countries

as we say Nordic countries as we said is that what we say is a way sort of northern European

countries all have a high proportion of children you know do you not a social stigma to be

born if you're not in the area if your mother isn't married stigma whereas in the UK used

to be but it doesn't matter anymore and of course in the United States and Italy used

to Italy's still quite low it's obviously quite a social socially bad thing in Italy

still because theirs is still quite low but the lowest is Japan I was quite surprised

but I didn't know so I don't know much about Japanese culture the clearing and but I'd

obviously didn't know enough about Icelandic culture either anyone from Iceland watching

and if you are was your mother married when you were born we want to know mr. Duncan I'm

annoying mister don't good today I don't know why I just I just think don't think that listen

well so what what is a stigma well a stigma is is something that is is what your the English

teacher mr. do if something's a stigma it's something that is seen as bad or socially

unacceptable or is it something that you will you will suffer for in society so you people

will look at you and so all that person's bad I think so you can say a mark of shame

yes it used to be I mean uh many probably in virtually all countries around the world

always used to be something that was seen as as bad or shameful if you were an illegitimate

child so if you went I mean when I was at school you went if one if we had children

the class who and you knew that their mother wasn't married it was still seen as quite

a bad thing hmm where is now nobody cares now and I think that's pretty much been the

case in a lot of countries as the years have gone by but I presume the more religious the

country that the more the stigma is still there I don't know just generalizing there

but I would imagine that probably is the case but there you go I just thought to throw that

fact in there mr. Duncan guess what I've put your camera right have you do I look human

again mr. Duncan well you should be able to see on the screen well I can't really tell

because the screen it's not a true representation of me I'm not saying anything controversial

today I hope I'm not saying anything controversial mr. Duncan that looks better heart average

age pow Mira so the average age to give birth for women in Lithuania is 30 so that's another

fact again about motherhood I don't know what the average age is in the UK it's got it in

sort of westernized countries the age that women have babies has got that later and later

because of course a woman now can have a career and can make a success of her life and therefore

it doesn't want to have a baby too early because they might want to start a career so women

are having children later and later now which is good for society but of course carries

its own risks because the younger you are when you have a baby that the chattable higher

the chances of birth defects and things like that so BAPS that the best perhaps if you

want to be a successful career woman then you probably need to earn a lot of money and

get a nanny to look after your baby before you that's probably the best thing but of

course that's controversial as well everything I'm saying today is controversial mr. Duncan

yes but is it is it interesting I don't know that's for the live-chat to determine earth

the the seven people still watching watching mr. Duncan lots of people they want to see

if I go from green to brown well you did it now we're back to normal what whatever that

is right so anything else to say on mothers mr. Duncan I've got a few phrases like biological

mother surrogate mother yes are we just doing this for the whole hour then no oh it's your

show you decide what we're doing but what what the strange thing is and this is something

I don't normally like to talk about what goes on behind the scenes even though Steve constantly

talks about it he's always talking about what's going on behind the scenes but but I don't

like to do that because it's very boring and it also gives away too many of my little secrets

you see how I do things let's just get rid of Steve there he has gone there they can't

can't keep putting faces in interrupting me that's better I'm on my own now but earlier

I said to Steve and I said this two days ago I said we're going to talk about time and

words and phrases related to time and I made it very clear that that's what we were doing

but for some reason Steve has gone away and he's he's prepared lots and lots of things

about about Mother's Day and mothers and women and nothing to do with time or idioms to do

with time and I don't know why I don't know why Steve is prepared completely the wrong

thing you know you're not on Steve we can't hear you what did you say well you did say

we were going to talk about Mother's Day as well so there we go yeah matrix is getting

annoyed because we're not doing answering his comments briefly briefly we were going

to say it's Mother's Day today and then you would say oh yes here's an interesting fact

about Mother's Day and then we would move on to the things that I'd actually asked you

to prepare and you didn't prepare any if I have prepared the mr. tongue okay then matrix

oh he's getting rather annoyed that we haven't answered that there were comments well you've

got you've got the live chat and fred has the matrix wants you to explain the word furthermore

and moreover well they're both the same thing moreover and furthermore means you're going

to discuss a certain thing in greater detail there we go we've done it matrix I hope you're

happy now yeah the thing is we've said this before we can't answer everything because

there are so many comments the whole show would turn into answering the comments and

commenting on the comments which I'd love to do personally but mr. Duncan it doesn't

want to do that so I'm just trying to pick out certain one yes he is here's the thing

Steve some people don't want to hear me say hello to people all the time or answer the

comments all the time and other people want to hear other things being talked about so

we try to do something for everyone we we try to vary everything for example I wasn't

expecting you to talk for an hour about women and mothers for an hour we're not when I've

got piles and piles of things prepared here that we might not have time to talk about

it's 20 past 3:00 now Petra wants to ask me a personal question who said that before you

can ask it but whether I answer is another thing altogether I can answer the question

for you now I don't have any children I can ask answer the question for you now no no

he doesn't and sometimes he does but only on a Friday there we go knowing anything I've

answered the question do you want to quickly go through my words on mothers on Mother's

I don't know I think I might go in the garden and have a lie down on on the ground as I

still can't get you right that the picture is it's really really weird I have no idea

what is going on here you look like you've been on holiday let's just get rid that's

better that's it you don't look so you look like you've been on you look like Donald Trump

there we go that looks better slightly more natural this is wonderful mr. Duncan right

let me win through these mr. Duncan and then we won't talk about mothers anymore and it

will all be done oh I see yes but you've got a massive pile of words there I can get dinner

quite quickly mr. Duncan quite quickly yes well make sure you say it clearly because

there are people learning English here you may have you may have forgotten but we are

here to to help people with their English ok then off you go mummys boy or mother's

boy or in America mama's boy Steve were you a mummy's boy Steve was and it's a boy or

a man who is particularly close and overly dependent on his mother Steve that is not

me at all I am totally independent from my mother it's often used as a sort of a derogatory

term for a man or a boy to say that you haven't really grown up yet you're a bit of a mummy's

boy so it's if someone describes you as that it's probably it's definitely not something

you ever want to be called but if you're a bit afraid to grow up and leave home maybe

somebody might describe you as a mummy's boy it's used a lot mainly in the UK and Australia

they call it mama's boy in America so that's that one I'm throwing them on the floor similar

a similar phrase but not exactly the same is is to be tied to your mother's apron strings

what that means is that you are being controlled and dominated by your mother so if somebody's

described as being tied to their mother's apron string so an apron is something that

you wear when you're cooking to stop the splashes getting on your clothes and there are strings

that tie at the back so it means that you're just very close to your mother and you do

everything she says for example my husband is still tied to his mother's apron strings

he does everything she asks so if you just do everything your mother asked you to do

and you drop everything and go and do it then it means it your mother is is controlling

your life maybe too much mother nature if we use the phrase mother nature we just mean

the natural world everything around us nature but that usually putting the word mother in

there it gives an implication that there is some force controlling nature so mother nature

is almost like there is some there is somebody controlling nature that that's the--that's

what that phrase suggests and you can use a phrase like look at the wonders that mother

nature provides water air food the stars in the sky mother nature just refers to all the

natural world but you can use a phrase like I like all my food to be as mother nature

intended if you use the phrase as mother nature intended it means that you want everything

to be you don't want it to be being manipulated or changed in any way you want it to be exactly

as it would have grown or being produced in nature naturally you might not yes it natural

you don't want food with pests sides in it for example and you just want it to be as

it was off the fruit on the tree you don't want it to be changed in any way as mother

mother nature or as as nature intended I think also it's it's often used to talk about things

that are provided for for us to to use in nature so fruit on the trees vegetables so

anything anything that occurs naturally that we can consume we often talk about mother

nature that mother nature provides these things for us but I think it's just figurative it's

figurative yes there isn't really a woman in a field growing all of these things for

us no but because because there's all that wonder out there and that bounty and food

and and everything out there we liked it's almost like there is somebody looking after

us and providing all this this food and and everything for or so that phrase is used to

suggest that we're being looked after by you know a higher power in some way but a mother

hen a mother hen is a person in a group of people who looks out for the welfare of others

in an overly sort of fussy / fussy way overprotective way so somebody is sort of being over fussy

and overprotective then you can describe them as a mother hen just as a hen looks after

it's after it's little babies what do you call the offspring of a chicken I don't know

but what a hen looks after it's it's little what do these their word twiglets I don't

mean that it's their a hen looks after its offspring in a very attentive way so a mother

hen is somebody that looks after some people in a group in a very overprotective way Jane

for example Jane is like a mother hen when we go on our walking group excursions she's

always fussing about making sure everybody's got water and Sun cream and that their boots

are a well oiled for the walk the boots are well oiled Steve some of this always if you've

got if you go out for example if you go to a party and there's somebody fussing over

everything making sure everybody's got a drink everybody's got something to eat everybody

it's almost like they don't realize that you're an adult person and you can look after yourself

my dad is such a mother hen when it comes to looking at who I hang out with so it doesn't

have to be just a woman it can be used to describe a man who acts an open overprotective

way but usually it's a would be a woman somebody who's always fussing around you you want another

drink you all right you want only to eat okay can I get you a cushion to sit down on are

you comfortable there yeah I forgot to say I'm fine you know I'm an adult I'm starting

to wonder whether Steve has multiple personalities do you have some sort of some sort of illness

in your brain as I said my mother had me tested everything wrong with me how many people are

in there shall I be mother infinite mr. Duncan is an infinite number of personalities within

this seemingly innocent exterior you think a baby chick in his car is killed you think

a baby chicken is called the tweekly may be somebody good what baby what baby chickens

are called they're called chicks chicks that's it thank you no cool twiglet I know they're

not ridiculous I know that I should have just let that stay in my brain and not and not

tell everybody not share that information what's the tribe you mother is a phrase that's

used for somebody in a group who wants to help everybody else out for example if there's

a if there's a lot of food on a table that somebody might want to serve that food to

everybody and they may say well shall I be mother because obviously a mother would normally

put the food out for you on your plate say you were pouring some drinks for somebody

that there was a pot of tea and there were four or five of you all going to sit down

have a cup of tea and the pot sitting there brewing and somebody says or shall I be mother

it just means shall I help everybody and pour that tea out or serve that food or whatever

shall I be mother you can be the mother of something no sorry the mother of something

it means it's the largest or most extreme or ultimate example of something the mother

lode it just means what's missing laughing at Wow Oh mr. Duncan well that's the mother

lode of all chocolate cakes that's the mother I'm still recovering from you thinking that

baby chick is a twiglet Oh having fun today this is therapy this is I don't need tablets

this is therapy just going so the mother of something just means the largest amount of

something so if you saw a whole load of chocolate cakes all together in a shop right so that's

the mother of all so a jumpring chocolate cake a huge chocolate cake please stop talking

please stop no chocolate cakes it's just something that's very big you think baby chicken is

a twiglet if you were playing tennis with somebody and he went on because it'll be no

tennis can be just three sets or it could be five sets you could say that was the mother

of all tennis matches earth incredible or the mother of all battles that this phrase

is a relatively modern it's a relatively modern phrase and it was an adaptation of Saddam

Hussein because he used to use that expression well he didn't use that exact expression this

is an adaptation of what he used to say about having a big battle during the Gulf Wars in

the night early 1990 90s having a having a this mother of battles this giant battle and

because of that he used that phrase and I think it was sort of quite wild widely shown

on television they was very rapidly adapted across the world to mean that the largest

or the biggest of something so that's the the mother of something there we go this will

make mr. Duncan crack-up again mother lode spelled l OD e not L o ad because a load is

ism is metal or it comes from a mining expression meaning that we found a giant seam of of metal

but we can mine under the ground but it just means an abundance of something so if you

find a mother lode of something it just means it's a huge amount of something that you found

yes I could use this one but shall I mr. Duncan is it too rude no don't use that well I won't

use that one I think Steve is a day a swear word and I've shown it to mr. Duncan yes okay

we've we've we've just seen what you did we understood you don't have to explain actions

that everyone can actually I'm now drinking with laugh I'm now drinking from a glass you

don't have to keep explaining everything you're doing you don't have to keep explaining that

I don't have to keep explaining everything I must admit I think I left so hard then a

little bit of we came out usually Pooh I think that's slightly I think I've slightly weed

myself a little bit just a little tiny bit ah Tomic says this is the mother of livestreams

thank you very much oh dear laughter it's very good for your help because you know I

haven't been in the best of health over the last few weeks mr. Duncan let's face it and

going live to everybody across the world is therapy what are we moving on to next mr.

Duncan this is your show I think I think I'm gonna move onto a retirement home Oh Dave

and me oh what a compliment the mother of all livestreams I'm not sure I'm not sure

if that was a compliment by the way the word that Steve wanted to use started with mother

and then the second part of the word rhymes with truck or trucker so I think we all know

what that but we can't say it move on and now you've gone back to it mr. Duncan well

I I was thinking to myself that maybe some people were wondering what what the word was

so that's why I mentioned it we seem to spend more time explaining things that are actually

happening in the live stream then actually explaining what we're supposed to be explaining

like a bleep about to say something you can press something rude oh here we go this is

this is this is when Steve makes a mistake this is the new sound that we're going to

use listen listen to this Steve there we go so when Steve makes a mistake that's that's

the sound that's the sound we're going to use or if Steve says something funny it doesn't

happen very often we can have this sound but that won't happen very often either people

laughing at me rather than laughing with me I think they're definitely laughing at you

people are very intrigued about this word I'm not using now yes Sergio very close yes

it's a very well we're not going to say the word but what it means these don't say the

word extremely bad or unpleasant person or thing sometimes said seriously sometimes said

quite often now jokingly yes people you could use it for example if you were trying to put

some self-assembly furniture together for example self-assembly self-assembly furniture

he means IKEA or so anything you buy these days if it's furniture quite often you have

to put it together yourself and he might he might say this beep-beep-beep won't fit together

anyway we're not going to say it are we miss this this mothertrucker you you beat you're

gonna die for that so anyway right let's move on what's next mr. Duncan well I think it

might be me having a lie-down in a dark room for those who have just joined in don't worry

this isn't the local mental asylum in Much Wenlock this is actually live English on a

Sunday with mr. Duncan that's me by the way I'm the sensible one and over there in the

corner that that is the guy that I think is having some sort of maybe a nervous breakdown

you're watching mr. Steve having a nervous breakdown mr. mr. mr. Steve is the person

who thinks that a baby chick is called the twiglet Oh Oh it's very I'm comfortable on

this chair mr. Duncan I've got a number yeah that's not the everything that's number a

twiglet what what what could you what could you say would be the offspring of something

that would be called twiglet a baby tree mmm tree you see how my brain it do you want to

see the inside of my brain a lot of people have asked if I have a brain this is what

the inside of my brain actually looks like this is a special x-ray of my brain look at

that so there it is just a rule yes well there's a lot of space because of the heat you see

it has to escape because it works so hard because my brain works so hard so there it

is proof that I do have a brain and it's like a computer is that why you don't wear a cap

anymore because you that heats got to get out somewhere yes to cool the processor down

I've got a little fan in the back of my skull so a program on sort of human evolution oh

yeah the other day and they said that the human brain couldn't actually be much bigger

than it is now because it would go over heat well it could barely bigger because it come

out your ears literally like a computer there's so much processing going on without brains

with that much bigger produce too much heat also your head would be too big you wouldn't

be able to stand up you'll be able to stand up you keep falling over is it time to talk

about time mister is it time to go no we've got 25 minutes hey I tell you what he is something

I promised I would do today Steve now we're going to talk about words to do with going

into hospital and this is something I promised to do last week so I wish I had a sound effect

to go with this [Music] as an ambulance that the Doppler effect it's something I don't

know what exactly it is but it's something hospital words mr. Steve there are lots of

words that can be used to describe going into hospital and and the types of things that

happen when you go into a hospital so first of all if you are rushed into hospital you

might need one of these you don't want to see that turning up on your front door no

not at your front door unless unless unless you've had a severe emergency in your hallway

but yes you might need an ambulance and ambulance so an ambulance is something that takes you

to hospital in a hurry quite often there will be blue lights flashing and there will be

a siren D daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy that's twice you don't miss that's that's the Doppler

effect mmm that Oh aren't we intelligent so there it was an ambulance now when you arrive

at hospital the first place you will go to if you are rushed to hospital well maybe you

will go to a place called accident and emergency so this is a place you'll go to if you have

to go to hospital suddenly and quite often you will have to wait you will have to wait

so if you go to a and E that's normally the place you'll go to if you've I don't know

if you've injured yourself in some way maybe you've cut your hand or maybe you've got something

in your eye or maybe you've accidentally swallowed something you shouldn't you had a heart attack

I'm not sure if you go to accident and emergency with a heart attack well you turn up it accident

an emergency well the ambulance will take you there okay then where are you going to

go for the local museum well there is another place of course you can go to and this is

a word we use a lot here in the UK casualty yes casualty so this also means a place that

you'll go to if you are injured if you've done something to your body that you shouldn't

have maybe you have something stuck somewhere and you can't get it out well yes yes people

put all sorts of things into their bodies and then it all goes wrong and they have to

go to A&E or casualty to have them removed I I mean of course I I quite often my job

involves me questions often seeing doctors and nurses and they often tell me stories

of people who have turned up at casualty with all sorts of things stuck in all sorts of

places and they couldn't remove them so they had very embarrassing yeah very embarrassing

you do wonder sometimes why why a person would suddenly just decide to do that maybe they've

got a maybe they've got nothing to do maybe they're a bit bored and then they notice across

the other side of the room there there is a large bottle of tomato sauce or maybe a

long light bulb and they think to themselves hmmm I wonder if that will go in my bump I

think sometimes you have to leave these things to people's imagination mr. Duncan rather

than spelling them out Lilia says what about article 13 oh yes article 13 is something

we've been talking about on YouTube YouTube have been very vocal in their their complaints

and their protests about article 13 a lot of people asking what is article 13 what what

is it what is it mr. doe can can you please tell us well article 13 is part of a proposed

European Union copyright legislation created with the internet or created for the internet

to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their

content online so this basically is all about copyright protecting people's ownership of

the things they have created the only problem is many people are afraid that this will be

used as a form of censorship to stop people from showing things or talking about things

so at the moment it would appear that it will affect people who make memes or use photographs

to make a joke or maybe people who play computer games on the Internet because technically

a computer game that you are playing and if other people can see it well that computer

game was designed by someone else and it belongs to another person so some people fear that

it will be used in a very heavy-handed way so if something is used in a heavy-handed

way it means it is used or maybe even abused so that particular power will be used in the

wrong way and in this case it means perhaps people will be censored on the Internet now

this only applies to Europe so I'm not sure what the outcome will be when we eventually

leave Europe whether we will still be affected by it so it might also affect me it might

affect me Steve we'll have to be careful about the information that we use and the sources

of information perhaps that we use yes another thing that will happen is if you talk about

a news story or if you feature an article then that particular video can be actually

removed from the internet because you are using some analysis information or someone

else's new story so if I if I put on my live stream a story that was published by the BBC

that might be seen as as going against someone else's copyright because they published the

news story eventually so certain things will be taken from the internet they will be removed

so yes it's it's a worrying time but it won't happen for another two years so who knows

so we have two years to wait until article 13 comes into effect European Union have been

a fining is it Google billions of billions of euros for for all sorts of things they've

been really attacking I'm sure it's Google or is it Facebook or both I'm not quite sure

now you're telling us they've been applying the European Union Union have been applying

there's a certain person who's been there they're really gunning for the for the internet

Facebook and Google and internet providers like that at the moment mr. Duncan to try

and control what is being seen as a medium that's got a bit out of control yes most merciful

out on there yes most of it is about people's information data so that they are they are

misusing the data that they are collecting they're selling it to other people and using

it using it in malicious way yes so it's interesting today that the owner of Facebook yes has said

that he wants the internet to be more controlled and more censored which is odd because years

and years ago one of the things that Mark Zuckerberg was very proud of is was the openness

of the Internet and now he wants it all to be closed and censored to be honest with you

I don't agree with that well the problem is there's two schools of thought there aren't

there that there is the the school of thought that says everything should always be free

and open all information should be available everybody ought to be able to say anything

they want in a free and open society but the problem is that often then becomes abused

by people and and then it can be offensive anti-religious of anti race or you know it's

got to be the problem is if you let people just do whatever they like they usually abuse

it when I say they I mean Jen the generally people generally if it's if something isn't

controlled that you do have to have I mean a certain amount of control I mean we've got

free speech here but you can't say anything you want you can't say things that might incite

racism or or anti religious feeling that there isn't with very few countries have complete

free freedom of speech there are always some things that you can't say because it could

be very offensive or incite violence so maybe Mark Zuckerberg has realized that he is incapable

of controlling Facebook himself so he's saying look government's legislators it's about time

that you do this and you put some controls in place maybe that's what he's saying because

I haven't seen much information or or have understood what what is behind what he said

this but it's been it's been talked about for some time that Facebook and other social

media sites need to have some form of control and maybe he's finally accepting that they

probably do yes from my from my point of view Steve I think it goes against the original

concept of the internet and cyber space and maybe not not many people know that the original

concept of cyberspace was a place where people can be free and can express what they think

so almost it was almost a thought utopia so that's the whole concept of cyberspace yeah

and the internet so it was supposed to be something that would allow human beings to

express what they think and share their thoughts and ideas and sometimes they might disagree

but that is the nature that's also the nature of society so imagine if you controlled society

in the same way that people want to control the Internet we would all be taken off the

streets in about two hours because of all of our thoughts and all of the things that

we want to say in some the things we do say so you would have a very strange situation

so I think the Internet is a place where everyone should be allowed to say what they want and

what they feel and you have the right to disagree but as long as that doesn't the problem is

that that certain percentage of people will use that to abuse people yes and in and push

forward their political or genders yeah and and it can become quite dangerous then so

you only need to have just just as I said before we've got freedom of speech here in

the UK but you can doesn't mean you can say anything you want you can't say that's something

that would that is abusive or could incite racial hatred so you'd have to have some controls

in place so would you blame would you blame World War two would you blame World War two

on the Internet no no you wouldn't would you because it wasn't around and yet we still

had World War two we still had what happened in Germany we still had the rise of the far

ride and there was no internet so all of that happened with no internet I don't see your

point mr. well the point is everyone's saying that all this will come back because of the

internet what we'll have another world war because of the Internet no no extremism is

the thing you just mentioned no I didn't mean extremism I'm just talking about abuse yes

I will and misuse of information yes I'm not talking about Jay I mean it's one thing to

have a debate about a subject yes and share your view and everyone's got different views

it's quite another then to tip into it into abuse and you know you don't just you don't

want to allow people really I don't think to to say things on the internet that is with

one is not factual and and could be used to incite you know racial hatred or or hatred

towards certain religions yes I think that will be I know it happened before what's extremism

well exactly and everyone's entitled to that point of view that I you can't allow total

freedom I don't think okay there has to be some so you have told somewhere you've got

to be a balanced approach that isn't doesn't suppress so so if I walked how much freedom

is yes okay I've got it so if I walk down the road and say something you don't like

you can actually sort of drag me into a corner and punch you in the face I don't like what

I've said I know I have me removed from the street yeah but if you say something abusive

to me yes or something that's factually incorrect okay and you know I might have reason to be

upset yes but but you wouldn't bill to do anything because there's freedom of speech

well some people do things don't they yes but that's nutcases and extreme moments of

anger we were we're not going to get to the we're going to answer that question today

no I'm not trying to this is this is what the internet is for it's it's it's about talking

about different subjects sometimes sometimes you agree and sometimes you disagree That's

Life that's society that's the internet that's everything the problem is you know ninety

five percent of the human race is good and once once the best for everybody but 5% or

10% or what the percentage is okay psychopath so you try and control and rule the earth

so you were just talking about faxing so you were just - I getting facts right and you're

just making up facts there well I I didn't I wasn't saying that it was a fact I'm saying

that I wasn't a fact I didn't know the exact percentage of bad fare when he said so where

did you get ninety five percent from well as I said I didn't say it was a fact okay

I said price somewhere around what I'm saying is that most people are good but a lot of

people are bad and that whenever there's something opened and free for everybody to use then

it's abused by let's say bad people okay for for Bad ends that things yes bad things exactly

that's right so so you've got to protect society against the bad people okay yes well I think

we have laws for that domain well exactly that's what we're talking about the internet

has to have some kind of control prevent these you know abuse is taking place yes okay that's

why we have laws and the police because then if you if you hit someone in the face and

it's but it's saying something to someone isn't really I don't know I know that you

can drag people into a police cell for saying something well you can if they if their race

of the abuse if to orgy oh yes but that's inciting and that's that's not happening all

the time well I know just lambing all the time but it's happening some of the time which

is why you need to say no you can't say that or you can't do that no I think the internet

should be free that's that's the original way it was intended yes but that I guess but

it was what it was intended by a person of good who has complete faith in the human race

to be always good okay but unfortunately they're not as we know throughout history there are

very very bad people that come along and will manipulate and use information to their own

advantage and their own gain you know the expense of everybody else and that's what

we have to that's what laws and legislation has to protect everybody else against so yes

freedom of speech but not you know it becomes abusive or or twisted by bad people is what

I'm saying the problem is and this is the problem with laws and control and censorship

they will come for your neighbor they will come for your friends and then one day they

will come for you and that's the way it works so when you start censoring things where do

you stop where do you actually draw the line to say that's that's oh that's where we're

going we're stopping there but then someone might say oh no but I don't agree what this

guy's he should also be censored oh okay you end up with China basically you end up living

in China yes but we're not and we're we're in a democracy not Ricans we can we can vote

people out in four years if we don't like them so it's extremely unlikely that in most

of the Western world you might have any doubts about America at the moment but that you would

you would get somebody into power that would would suddenly become a dictator and and change

all the rules I mean you know it can happen anything can happen we're living in a time

when since the Second World War where everything is you know pieces most part of the world

is in most of the world has been in the Western world we've lived certainly in Europe which

is why we wanted to stay in Europe because the whole European Union was formed in order

to make sure there were no more wars in Europe and we don't want to go back to that yeah

but we are about so there's always that risk that extremists extremism is on the rise around

the world well I was about to say that that's the point I was trying to make earlier that

today they were talking about extremism in the UK becoming more and more apparent but

but it's not just the internet you can you can meet people in the street or in an in

a community center and talk about these things so if you if you do this if you do it on the

internet you've got to do it in normal society as well so you've got to rate these places

drag all these people away and put them in prison cells just like they do in China but

we're not about to do that no well I hope not or else I don't think things have got

that bad yeah I think I think they will be coming they will be coming free for you and

I first definitely they'll be coming for us too first of all I think that's it still it

could be worse you could be living in Brunei by going in it they're going in a moment let's

have one last look at the live chat go on there it is I'll look at it on my tablet or

your tablet well it doesn't matter whose tablet it is well I haven't I haven't got one of

my own right Pedro is going to bed after this livestream I think I will I think I will as

well and it's still daylight here ok I'm enjoying the silence Steve well I'm just I'm just Sergio

says are you trekking our brains I think he means something else yeah that's a resonating

topic yes ok some people agreeing some people not as you would expect but of course we're

not going to censor any of your comments no is there all there for everybody to see yes

that's it I mean sometimes I might I might get rid of someone from the live chat but

that's normally if they're personally attacking someone or maybe if they are just advertising

something that I don't want on here because if they want to advertise on my life chat

they should send me money and then they can advertise all they want if you want to advertise

something on my live chat just just make a donation and then I will let you do it but

if you just advertise and you don't give anything to me it's only fair I think we've been having

a live chat I'm trying to understand what's been happening how I say really yes well we've

got moderators here so I hope they've been doing their job maybe we've been inciting

all sorts of unsavory behavior I don't think anything we say is really bad it's all fairly

tame no but the problem nowadays is is someone somewhere on the planet because don't forget

there are 7 billion people not million billion and so someone somewhere will be offended

by anything you could walk down the road with a hat on your head and it might say howdy

and someone somewhere will be offended by that and that's the problem the problem is

nowadays it's very hard to do anything without offending someone because everyone is tuned

in to the Internet everyone is watching and listening to what is happening but again going

back to my original point that is the point of the internet isn't it to share ideas yes

which wits are very good at twitter is the worst place it really is for ideas and arguments

and quite often people say some very strange things Louis's made a made a comment which

is something that is resonating very much again with people who voted to leave the European

Union okay but I don't think mr. Duncan wants me to go back to that subject no no you talked

about that for almost 10 minutes earlier we did you took him to quite a quite a large

chunk of the show was taken it with you talking about bricks it's the problem Luis is that

it because the vote was very close 48 52 % of 48 yes and that was only a percentage of the

people who actually voted it's generally assumed that most people in the UK do in fact want

to stay in and that has been the whole problem and in fact the people that the the vote leave

campaigners have been I've actually dropped they were actually accused of spending money

incorrectly on their campaign and they appealed against it and they've just apparently today

announced that they're going to drop their appeal another in other words some quite prominent

members of Hannity said President may of Prime Minister Mae's government are basically guilty

of misuse of of funds when they were running their leave vote leave campaign so it's going

to be very interesting to see how that develops but all of that is irrelevant now because

we're three years down the road and we still have no no solution in sight seventh eighth

it doesn't matter about all of this all of this is just pointless squabbling between

groups what you actually need is some sort of resolution because it has to be sorted

out we have become the laughingstock the whole world is laughing at the UK because we seem

so indecisive and so I want to use the word pathetic there's a huge conflict it really

has opened up the divisions in in society the divisions within political parties I mean

to be talking about a coalition government is you know which we haven't had since the

Second World War just shows how the people are now talking about that as the only way

out of this just shows how serious it has become you know you know we had a coalition

government about six years ago five years now I'm talking about a cross-party coalition's

all all the parties coming together that's not going to happen well how do something

that may well happen the only way out of this is to have a general election and whoever

wins then invites all the other parties in to the cabinet to to actually try and sort

this mess out what a ridiculous idea I don't know I think they should have done that from

the beginning and then we wouldn't be in this mess now they could have all come to an agreement

over over how they wanted to proceed with brexit that it would have all been over because

because may push their own agenda and blue did everybody else's nobody likes it that's

why we're in this mess yes okay then Steve thank you very much for your editorial it's

not quite where why we're here I feel like I'm reliving yesterday's meal Steve was banging

on on the table he was getting really angry yesterday that wasn't getting angry I wasn't

banging on the table people stood Uncas exaggerated there were people watching us I thought I

thought we were gonna get thrown out not at all anyway this might be the worst livestream

we've ever done or the best no I think it might be the worst so we might not be saving

this I might erase this it's the greenest I'm going to hit the delete button as soon

as this finishes because I don't quite know what was going on today at some point Steve

seemed to be having a very public nervous breakdown and the fact that you thought a

baby chick is called to twiglet oh there are people at the door have you come to take me

away yes they have are we going mr. Duncan we've got no tea cakes or Hot Cross Buns today

and I wanted to talk about hospital words and I only got two of them Oh perhaps we can

continue that last up next week also with words to do with time I want to continue it

last week shall we go back in time shall we go back have you got your time machine Steve

we're going back in time apparently to last a week I was very good yes I wish we could

go back to this morning we can't turn back the hands of time at mr. Duncan and undo what

this livestream has become we've cut we definitely can't undo the damage that we've done today

I think that's safe to say we're going now anyway at least Steve's going anyway so we

will see you later Steve next Sunday I believe okay okay mr. Steve we'll be back next week

and thanks for joining us bye bye [Music] shouting I'm shouting standby to Steve he's

just he's just maybe I'm a man man whatever what but well sorry you say why are you still

talking Steve you know Todd now that's it your bits finished for goodness sake we were

out in the car yesterday by the way and and some people asked what is mr. Steve's driving

like so so here is a short video clip to show you what mr. Steve's driving is really like

[Music] to do so there it was and I don't know about you but I thought Steve was driving

rather fast there what do you think one last look at the live chat and then we are out

of here let's have a look live chat very busy bye from Darby bye Lilia bye also to write

learn Thank You Mathilde lui Nasus thank you very much also who else was on the live chat

let's have a look let's go back thank you also to Nikolaj also Erik Martha Tomic tsukete

also we have Anna Anna no teacakes today unfortunately we didn't buy any because we went to see Steve's

mum so unfortunately we didn't get any tea cakes yesterday I love watching you laugh

so hard says sue cat well we had a lot of laughs today mainly due to mr. Steve in some

of the strange things he was saying thank you very much for your company today it's

been a great day thank you very much to Junko Jeff also Martha and Maria and Julie thank

you very much for your company today it's been an interesting one and that's putting

it mildly it's been a very interesting one we had lots of things today talking about

brexit article 13 mothers women dogs we have mr. Steve having a nervous breakdown and also

we had myself and you as well I will see you next week this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace

of English saying thank you very much for watching me we might appear during the week

live maybe outside or here in the studio that remains to be seen and of course until next

Sunday or during the week you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)

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