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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RAGE QUIT SIMULATOR!? | GETTING OVER IT (React: Gaming)

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- Ah, yes! Please don't fall!

- No!

- Is this supposed to be some freakin' explanation of life?

Because this is what's happening.

- ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪

- "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy."

What is that?

- Is that an ax? Is that how you get over things?


- I watched Pewdiepie play this literally yesterday

and he was so frustrated. It's the one where he's--

he has to use the hammer and climbs up a bunch

of random shit. Have you played I Am Bread?

Because it is the same, exact thing.

- (FBE) What we're gonna do is we're gonna have you play

30 minutes and literally just see how far you can get.

- All right. I'm gonna get over it.

Whatever it is, I'm gonna get over it.

- I don't think 30 minutes is enough time.

Sometimes, I play video games and I completely forget

that three hours has passed, because I forget to blink

for three hours.

- I'm gonna get so frustrated in the next 30 minutes.

I can tell. Let's get it.

Let's do it.

- What the [bleep] is this?

- Hey, okay.

- Oh, whoa. He hops around.

Oh, this is pretty cool.

I don't know what I'm trying to do.

Oh, I just died. I just drowned him.

He can't swim. He's in a pot.

- Okay, ooh. All right, this is

a weird pole vault. Oh, I didn't climb the tree.

Oh, do I have to get over that? [Bleep] that.

- Who created this game? Why?

What's the-- come on, come on.

- No, shit. Gotta get a running--

- (narrator) There's no feeling more intense than starting over.

- You shut the [bleep] up.

- (narrator) Starting over is harder than starting up.

- Is he gonna give me this lecture every time

I go back to the start? Because he can just stop.

- I'm stuck. I'm stuck!

- Okay, okay. Heave-ho.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go.

Yeah, [bleep] you, tree! Oh, I'm still stuck on the tree.

- How did this guy end up in this pot

is what I wanna know. Why is he just

in the wilderness, in this weird pot?

Oh, come on. No, no!

All right. Come on, little man.

Yes, yes! Okay, please don't die.

Please don't die.

- We're getting somewhere. Hold on.

Yes! Okay, [bleep] you.

- I'm not gonna get past the beginning part.

I already have a feeling this is gonna be--

oh, I did it! Yeah, whoo!

All right, now to start the game.

- Damn, this is a strong guy. You gotta be pretty strong

to do this.

- It's a rock. Just jump over it!

- [Bleep] yeah. We're cooking with gas.

- (narrator) Thanks for coming with me on this trip.

I'll understand if you have to take a break...

- No, you shut the [bleep] up, narrator man.

- Okay, okay. No, not okay, not okay!

This feels like QWOP on steroids.

It's just the same kind of weird limb movement

where it's like the controls are supposed to match up

with the way they move, but it just kind of does

whatever it wants at times.

- (FBE) So, it's the same maker as QWOP.

- Is it? Oh, shit.

- I think the secret behind this game is

you can't lurch forward. It's a circular rotation.

- Yes, yes. Gotta go to the edge

of this row thing. Come on.

Let's go. And go, yes.

- (whines) (screams)

Oh my God. (sighs)


- We're gonna try to swing it.

- (narrator) Oof, sorry about that. - You shut the [bleep] up!

- (narrator) This game is a homage to a free game that came out...

- No, no, no!

- The narrator's annoying. He's trying to be nice,

but in a condescending way and he's just making

everything worse. I just feel like there's

no happy ending to this game. There's no "Congrats, you won."

It's just gonna be never ending climbing up a mountain.

- You [bleep]. How do you jump?

It's weird. It only does it sometimes.

Is that true, or am I just doing it wrong?

- ♪ (old radio music) ♪ - Nope.

If you grab half way up the house,

you're automatically falling. I just don't know how

to [bleep] get over it.

- Okay, okay, okay. Keep it calm, okay.

- Go, go, please. Please don't fall.

I just see-- ah, yes!

Just please don't fall.

- Come on, baby. Let's go, let's go.

Climb the mountain. No!

- (narrator) ...the perfect embodiment of a B-game.

- Okay, okay, okay. - (narrator) In a way, Sexy Hiking

is the perfect embodiment of a B-game.

- What, no! - (narrator) It's built almost

entirely out of found and recycled parts,

And it's one of the most unusual and unfriendly games of its time.

- Can we turn it off?

- No, no! - ♪ (old radio music) ♪

Going down the road feeling bad ♪ - I love this music.

(singing along) ♪ Down the road feeling bad

- This is what you're playing in hell.

Forever. You [bleep]!

You turn the [bleep] music off!

Poor Me Blues, huh?

No! - (narrator) had the eyes

no tears. John Vance Chaney.

- I'm not quitting. I'm stretching.

- And you don't know how [bleep] upset I am right now.

No, no, no, no. Guess what just happened.

I almost went all the way to the bottom.

How great is that? Do you see how

I'm not yelling this time? 'Cause I'm [bleep] pissed off.

Do the thing. Ha!

Oh, I'm not religious, but praise the Lord!

- (narrator) Once you have the correct method

- Oh, it got harder, 'cause it's zigzagging.

I can't just fly.

- (narrator) My inability to get past a new obstacle

was my fault as a player rather than as the builder.

- No! - (narrator) And it's our

repeated attempts to reach the summit...


- (narrator) The correct method or the correct equipment,

or just by spending enough time.

In that sense, every pixellated obstacle

in Sexy Hiking is real.

- Did you see what...

- Is this supposed to be some freakin' explanation of life?

Because this is what's happening and I don't like it.

- Keep spinning. Nope, keep going.

Keep going! Son of a--

keep-- son of a--

no! Okay.

- All right, here we go. - ♪ (old radio music) ♪

- You cheeky bitch. You cheeky bitch.

You [bleep]. All right, I quit.

I'm [bleep] done.

- Ow! No!

He bounced off the house.

- I feel so accomplished right now and I feel like it's all

gonna be taken away and I'm gonna be

back at the bottom trying to get on that paddle again.

No! No.

Go, no, no! - (narrator) Hit the escape key

if you need to change the mouse sensitivity.

Oof, you just lost a lot of progress.

That's a deep frustration, a real punch in the gut.

- I said go! No!

I can't, I can't, I can't do it. I can't do it.

- Yo! [Bleep]!

You saw that was off one swing.

Yeah, that's a wrap.

- (narrator) This is a little awkward, but you've clicked

the mouse button 500 times now. I'm gonna say you're

gripping the mouse a little bit hard.

- I will smash the screen. I know he doesn't own this screen.

I just want him to go away. Whoa, baby.

I meant to do that. Okay.

I'm so cl-- okay.

No! Okay.

Nope. There.

- (narrator) It happened again. Keep on trying.

Don't let it get to you.

- This game fried my [bleep] brain.

- I can spend my entire lifetime playing this game

and I still won't finish.

- It's a metaphor for life, really. We're just climbing up the mountain

and then we keep falling back down

and then we think we can get farther

and we climb, and we get farther,

and then we fall down again, and we just keep going, man.

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