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It's been raining for a long time, and then the internet keeps reporting negative news

Even those at home are under tremendous psychological stress

Panic or restless

But there are still more people facing it outside

[Raining Wuhan, no one on the road]

Long lines in the pharmacy

In an atmosphere of fear

Wuhan people are snapping up masks and drugs

They do not hesitate to buy it at a higher price because it is out of stock

Ten days ago there were only forty-one single coronaviruses

There are now more than 1200 orders

Official shortage of drugs in Wuhan

Hospitals also demand public drug donations as they publish

The entire city is currently blocked

56,000 people in Wuhan face crisis

The Department of Health pointed out today that the deadly coronavirus has spread rapidly

2050 Baxian infection rates are rising

Previously in South Africa, Deborah virus killed half of infected people

The SARS virus in 2002 and the current Wuhan pneumonia belong to the same coronavirus

It also panics the world because it is a rare infectious disease

When the flu spreads wildly

We must pay attention to the following points when traveling abroad

Wash your hands before and after doing anything

Also pay attention to the nasal cavity

You must wash your hands if you want to touch your face

If you find dirt on your nose

Must be washed immediately with paper towels or water

This will prevent the transmission of flu or viruses

Second, try to open the window to let the air in the room circulate

This will allow indoor germs to be emitted in the air

Third, pay attention to eating habits

If you eat something weird, try to eat less

Eat as little fried food as possible

Food balance triangle should pay special attention to even diet

Eat more healthy food and vegetables!

The fourth is to pay attention to sleep

When you have enough sleep, you will have enough immunity

This will increase the effectiveness of prevention

The fifth is to go to less crowded places

Such as countdown events or multi-person venues (malls)

If you do nt need to, go to the mall or crowded places

Sixth, if it is an elderly person, a toddler or a pregnant woman

These people need more attention to body temperature

If you find a cold, go to the doctor right away, "Don't be a doctor yourself!"

Seventh, try to avoid contact with some livestock or pets that you do nt own

Don't touch some pets by the street

Or go to the farm and touch chickens or ducks or animals on the farm

Eighth, if you are a leisurely and wayward tourist like us

Be sure to wear a mask before going out, this can reduce flu and germ infections

For example, use a mask as much as possible on a plane or in a place with a lot of people

Then remember to wash your hands when touching your body

Then remember, you must see a doctor when you are sick, don't be a doctor yourself!

The above points hope to help you have an enjoyable trip and be capricious in your free time!

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