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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: go away

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when a person or a thing goes away it

goes to a different location or it

completely disappears in this video I'll

explain how you can use the verb phrase

go away

you can use going away when talking

about problems for example it's going

away this means the problem is getting


here's the negative form it's not going

away the problem is not getting better

and there needs to be a solution


if there are bugs or mosquitoes in my

backyard then I wish they would go away


you's going away when talking about

movement they've gone away this isn't a

present perfect tense you can use this

when a person moves to a new location in

the United States a lot of kids go away

to college they go away in the fall they

go away but they come back home

eventually they're going away this could

be moving to a new location or when a

person goes on vacation sometimes you'll

hear somebody say they're going away

this is a beautiful place but in the

winter it gets very cold so many people

go away to a place that's warm last

summer I went away on vacation to Europe

it's fun to go away to a different



here is go away in the form of a command

the subject is you or the person or

thing that you're talking to and then

you just say go away when I tell my dog

to go to another place I tell my dog to

go away in the negative form don't go

away you want someone to stay hey where

are you going don't go away

you can stay


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