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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Culture Shock Korea: Horking

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hi I'm Sarah and I'm going to tell you

about something that I found really

shocking upon coming to Korea and this

is how much people spit in Korea so

spitting is just this spitting on the

ground it's something that doesn't

happen as much back in Canada but

sometimes somebody might spit especially

if they're smoking just just spit on the

ground but what's more common in Korea

is working horking is this one and

something green comes out and it sticks

to the road in the wintertime it freezes

to the road when I walk my dog my dog

tries to eat it it's so disgusting and

so many people do it and I just wasn't

ready for that

so the most shocking time was I was

teaching at school and one of my

students she's so tiny she's so cute she

wears beautiful dresses cute hair

ribbons everything she stands by the

sink and goes and this big green chunk

flies out of her mouth and it was just

so shocking coming from somebody so

small and so cute so that's my culture

shock story I hope you enjoyed it

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