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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ice Storm Vlog 2/7/20

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Hello and welcome back to another video. Today's video is going to be a little

bit different from some of the videos I have done recently. When I asked people

who were watching this channel what they wanted to see, several people said they

would rather see more vlog type stuff or American culture type stuff, so of course,

I have been doing a lot of that on the podcast, but since YouTube allows me to

show video along with the slow audio in English to help people who are learning

English, I figured let's do that today. So today is the second day I have had

off from school where I didn't have to go in because of weather. Yesterday, it

was more snow related but today it's more ice related so starting this

morning I have taken little snippets of video to show what's been going on with

the weather throughout the day so the first one you'll see is starts around

six o'clock in the morning where the rain is falling because it's warm enough

up in the clouds for the rain to fall yet when it reaches the ground it

freezes so it's really very potentially dangerous especially if you have a car

or one of the reasons we cancel school is because the sidewalks are also very

icy so children walking to school might slip fall and really hurt themselves and

to be honest ice storms are about the only natural disaster

that I have to worry about where I live we don't I live in Maine which is in the

upper northeast corner of the United States about two hours north of Boston

and when Americans say oh it's two hours away or it's four hours away that means

driving distance that's how we measure things in the United States by the

amount of time it would take you doing the speed limit mostly to get to a place

so my school that I work at is twelve minutes away from my house the school

that my wife works at is 40 minutes away from our house so getting back to the

natural disasters in Maine we really just have to worry about ice

we don't have tornadoes here we don't have hurricanes by the time a hurricane

reaches us has probably been downgraded to a tropical storm or tropical

depression and I live about 40 minutes from the ocean so it's inland far enough

that hurricanes aren't a real problem snow we have excuse me we have snow of

course but it's not a real natural disaster we're usually plowed out within

a day sometimes just a half a day if you need to go to the store just wait a

little while and the roads will be fine but the worst natural disaster that I

had to worry about growing up in Maine was an ice storm and that was back in

1998 I was actually going to school in Alabama which is one of the southern

states it takes about 24 hours to drive from my house straight through to where

I was living in al but an ice storm was coming through and

I was home with my wife girlfriend so our girlfriend at the time my girlfriend

who's my wife now but we were up visiting and we knew the ice storm was

coming and we got one of the last flights out and as I mean as I'm talking

I'll put up some pictures I found of the 1998 ice storm but luckily my parents

were able to drive us to the airport we got one of the last flights out to

Alabama and my wife started like she had to do her student teaching we call it

within a few days so it was lucky that we got out of Maine when we did because

my parents didn't have power for like two weeks some people in Maine didn't

have power for a month and it was cold and I'm not sure if there were any

deaths from the ice storm directly there might have been some people who needed

maybe some respirators or something because of the electricity and maybe

they died as a result but the thing you have to worry about is when the ice gets

really heavy on trees it starts bringing down power lines it starts maybe falling

on houses or onto cars so it can do a lot of damage and if you are without

power in Maine in the winter for several weeks it could be pretty bad because you

will probably be very cold hopefully not to the point where you know death is

close but we're relatively safe here in Maine crime is actually pretty low in my

state it is usually ranked as one of the safest states so Maine has a pretty good

life not too bad the only thing you have to worry about

is the occasional ice storm but as you'll see when I start playing these

videos it turned out to be not that bad so thanks for watching please comment

let me know if you like more of these vlog type videos not so much grammar I

will definitely do the grammar because people have been saying that it is

helpful but one thing you'll see in these next couple videos is the Dollar

Tree I make a trip to the Dollar Tree where everything is a dollar and so all

the stuff there is pretty cheap and I show some of that in the video during

the ice storm that turned out to be luckily not so bad I think everybody has

power in my state so far and it's almost over as you'll see at the end of the

videos the freezing rain actually turned to sleet so thank you click the like

button and subscribe all that stuff thank you so much for tuning in hello

it is super early in the morning at my house we are currently getting this

light mist of rain that's falling and I hope the glare of it in the camera but

it is forming a nice layer of ice on the road and there's no way my phone will

capture that light mist coming down from the streetlight but this could be a

morning that you don't want to go out in your car as the Sun comes up I will try

to get more footage but I can imagine that later on the trees will be getting

a nice layer of ice on their branches and that is not good not good for the

powerlines this is my driveway I'm not sure if you can see that a little bit of

a skating rink starting to happen here

so it's a little lighter now and this is out my back deck but you should be able

to hear the rain falling on to the snow

so it's around ten o'clock in the morning right now and this is my

driveway it is pretty icy the mail just came and

should be coming back on my side once he turns around but I don't know if you can

see the basketball hoop right there but it is certainly icing up and this is

supposed to last until five o'clock tonight so that could have been a lot

more ice right now 28 degrees so just below freezing but it must be warm

enough in the upper atmosphere for it to come down as rain I'm going to take a

little walk so you can see what the main road looks like that is what the mail

truck looks like we have these large dump trucks that come and spread salt

and sand on the road to try to break up the ice so that helps I wouldn't want to

drive right now just because I don't have to but this is what is happening to

the limbs of the tree I don't know if you can see this like

starting to ice up and that could be a problem so walking down a street right

near my street probably typical American neighborhood and the Main Street is

right by that stop sign in the distant distance so we're here at the main road

and as you can see driving seems to be fine since there's more traffic here

it'll break up the ice and warm the road a little more with cars coming down but

the real problem we have are those trees and I'll talk about it more when I'm

back in my house but the limbs falling down that could be a problem and that's

the mail being delivered to my house that's how it comes every day and the

u.s. mail says it delivers through rain sleet and snow every day guys we're at a

shopping center or supermarket right near my house and that's a plow that a

lot of people have on the front of their trucks to move snow over here this trees

we're filling up with ice and the profit and you can hear them crinkling the

problem is if there is a tree hanging over the power lines the power lines

might start snapping and we'll lose power but this is the supermarket I'm

about to enter my daughter needs a birthday cake her birthday is in just a

couple days so that's why I'm here the driving wasn't too bad you can see the

parking lot where cars heaven thin is a little bit icy but other than that not

so bad I've heard Europeans talk about American shopping carts apparently don't

have shopping carts in parts of Europe maybe oh there they are

may they be here for my daughter's cake but

gotta get some of this ice cream it's pretty good it's got little

mouschi bits in it that's what we call it in this country Moshi and I think it

comes from Japan Moshi it's good stuff we are here in the bread aisle of the

supermarket if the storm is bad usually the bread disappears but not so

bad this time hey I'm at another store now but just about to go in it has

stopped freezing rain for the most part and is now sleeting and that's what we

call it when it's not snow and it's not rain it's in the middle its kind of

bouncing off the hood of the car I did a podcast about sleet snow rain hail

earlier this week but looks like it's getting better out driving not so bad so

a lot of people talk about Walmart being kind of a trashy place in the United

States don't forget about Dollar Tree

everything in this store is a dollar so it's maybe worse than Walmart and I do

want to do a a video from Walmart but right across from Walmart is good old

McDonald's and as one of my favorite youtubers says it's Simon J Wilson he

calls it a Mackey's Mackey's alright there aren't really any people in here

right now and there's no music playing but this is what the inside of a dollar

tree looks like everything you see is a dollar maybe less but I'm here for some


Valentine's Day is coming up you can get some Valentine's Day balloons here they

sell stuff for cars tools now all of the stuff they sell here is really cheap and

will probably break within a day or two but it is only $1 want some light bulbs

for a dollar cleaning supplies if you need some plates some cups

a nice can't touch this mug with a cactus get it

can't touch this

all of the best beauty products are found at the Dollar Tree high quality

high quality mittens and socks to keep you warm all winter

I bet how thick those are

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