Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath – Official Reveal Trailer

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RAIDEN: Our work is finished Liu Kang.

Lord Raiden?

It falls upon you to architect a new history.

Then together,

let us begin.

SHANG TSUNG: Cease Liu Kang, before you doom us all.

Shang Tsung?

SHANG TSUNG: In defeating Kronika you destroyed her crown.

Without it you cant restart history.

SHANG TSUNG: Send me into the past to steal the crown from my island

before the hourglass shatters.

Why are we listening to this snake?

Because I am a snake whos toiled beside Kronika,

learning her secrets.

I know them, do you?

We need help.

But whose help?

Welcome back your highness.

What have you done?

FUJIN: I must ask sorcerer,

how long before you betray us?

SHANG TSUNG: I find your lack of faith amusing.

Ha ha.

She can aid us against Kronika.

I was her protector for life.

Shang Tsung,

he's become far too dangerous,

and I doubt his new allies realize quite how dangerous he is.

No one can predict what happens next,

not even me.

10 10 need back up now!

You are under arrest, dirtbag.

Get over here.


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