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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 하... 외국인 남자친구랑 말이 안 통해서 답답해 죽겠어요...? 핵답답 대환장 파티 ㅋㅋㅋ ❤️ [한중국제커플 장난]

Difficulty: 0

I wanted to show my boyfriend how great place MYEONGDONG is. So, we are here!

- Babe, see Myeongdong! Isn't the decoration pretty? -WOW... NOW I AM AT MYEONGDONG!

- Listen to me

- Babe, listen carefully - Ok

(Speaking in a new alien language, "JUAH-LANGUAGE")

- You got what I am saying? - (nodding)

- Babe, I told you listen to me - Okay, I will listen carefully...LOL

Actually I don't know what I am saying, HAHAHA (Some words : 6, 7, 8, uncle...)

He seems like he is in the chaos...LOL

- Now you got me, huh? - (LOL)

- No idea again?!?! (Pretend to be upset) (Sorry to annoy you,

- It is your last chance! Listen to me one more time

- No more chance! - Give me a hint. Is it Chinese?

-Yeah, Chinese! Now I am speaking in Chinese (ACTUALLY NOT...LOL)

- Bro, listen to me - Okay, I am ready

(As it was the first day of I speaking in JUAH-lang, I need a bit of time to think about how to

@@*#[email protected]#&( Uncle @(# six, seven, eight !(@ RIGHT?!


- What language are you speaking in?!?! - YOU DON'T KNOW?!

- What is 'Jangsushi?!' - See, I found out that you are not a Chinese

- What is that? - Something pretty

Juah is studying New-Alien language now (As I love to learn foreign languages!)

- We are at Myeongdong and this place is well-known for 'Night market'

- Most of workers in Myeongdong are Chinese. So if you can speak Chinese, just speak in it

- In Chinese, pretty please

As he is a Chinese, of course his Chinese is fluent but you know? I think he looks cool now hahaha

- When I just started to learn Korean at a language academy of an university,

- You know? Myeongdong is the place where I heard about the most

- There were some characters like 'Julian' and 'Jeongwoo' in the book (It seems like he studied pretty hard)

- Most of people in Myeongdong are foreigner tourists - By the way, what is that?

- Strawberry that rolled around the rice cake! - What! I saw it at Nampodong, Busan!

Chewy rice cake, sweet black bean and fresh strawberry (But it is so small. Just for a bite!)

Enjoy your food!

- How's it?

- It is just like 'Strawberry' (But he seems satisfied. Even no single bite for me)

K-Beauty products and K-fashion stores! You should visit Myeongdong when you come to Korea!

What foods are in Myeongdong Night market? Corns, Fried shrimps...

Taiwan milk tea and bubble tea...

FRIED OREO?!?! (I got shocked when trying it in the states)

and ROASTED CHICKEN SKEWER!! I can't just pass it

I feel really good to find this nice long chicken skewer!

- Can I have a bite of yours? - Sure, you go

- But I think you like yours more

- Yeah, I like mine more - Oh, do you?

- As yours is sweet - By the way, this is super long!

- Yummy? - I love it

- I am thirsty... Oh, ORANGE JUICE?

- Yeah, but small portion... (As I eat a lot, the quantity is as important as the quality)

- Let me buy you the juice - Sure! (We respect someone who buy food)

- You got me many snacks today - What did I get you?

- Strawberry rice cake... Chicken skewer... and more..

- I have enough money to hang out with you. No worries - ARE YOU RICH?

- Yeah, maybe I am...???

JUAH-LANGUAGE Listening Test

(Yeah, you are right. I am speaking along the stream of my consciousness...LOL)

(Aww, he seems so serious with my meaningless words... I am so sorry, baby.. LOL)

- We can't communicate... - What the hack did you say?!

- I bet your subscribers can't get what you are saying

To You : @*!)(#*@([email protected]!( Right?!

- I bet they can understand me better than you do! (Leave the comment of your translation of my words!)

- Peach flavor almond? What? Strawberry one? -WOW, THAT's CRAZY!

- Red bean and Cookie and cream flavor of ALMOND?! - I don't want to try fruity almond

- Shooting star flavor?!?!

Strawberry and mango juice or strawberry and kiwi one?

We are waiting for our fresh fruit juice...

I think the best combination at JUCCY is STRAWBERRY + MANGO

I did teach him how to play Korean card game(Go-stop) and he downloaded the game of it to beat me next time

(Are you a Korean guy...? I can't believe that you are a foreigner guy...)

It seems like he feels good to get a bonus card

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The Description of 하... 외국인 남자친구랑 말이 안 통해서 답답해 죽겠어요...? 핵답답 대환장 파티 ㅋㅋㅋ ❤️ [한중국제커플 장난]