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Hola amigos, qu tal? Stuart here from Spain Speaks with an update on the current situation

here in spain day 295 of the current situation i had to check which day we're at because i took

a few days off and i've lost count firstly a big thanks to all of the people that left comments on

the last video lots of comments lots of debate happening there as usual thanks to people that

supported the channel through a donation you can see your names here thanks to people that bought

merchandise and a big thanks to my patrons on patreon for your support now as i said day 295

we've crept into 2021 i hope everybody has had a fantastic start to the new year unfortunately here

in spain things don't appear to be getting any better and as we can see here several autonomous

communities are tightening restrictions with the beginning of the year due to the

increase in infections in the next few hours new restrictions will come into force in communities

such as andalusia madrid and aragon to face the rebound in coronavirus infections a hardening that

comes when the christmas holidays have not yet ended and it is the relaxation of compliance with

health recommendation makes us fear a worsening of the situation an example of this is the illegal

rave in an industrial warehouse in the barcelona town of unares de valles that was evicted this

saturday by the mossos de squadra after almost 40 hours of partying yes that's right you heard it

correctly the party was broken up by police after 40 hours of partying an illegal rave in barcelona

some people obviously thought that they couldn't let a new year's eve go by without celebrating

it in the typical style but who cares if every bar and restaurant in barcelona again has to

shut down because of an increase in infections the most important thing was to have that party

on new year's eve now keeping on the topic of the illegal rape the two organizers have been arrested

we can see here that the agents have arrested the two organizers the 29 year old dutch girl

and a 22 year old boy from taragona who have gone to court accused of disobedience and resistance

to authority and face an administrative penalty of up to 600 000 euros per breach of anti-covet

regulations another five people have been charged for their connection with the organization of the

event and the muscles and local police have identified and denounced 215 attendees at the

party many of them foreigners who are exposed to fines of up to 3 000 euros for skipping the

measures against the pandemic so there we go fines of up to 600 000 euros for the organizers

of the event and fines of up to 3 000 euros for people that attended the party i'm sure we're

going to see lots of crowdfunding events over the next couple of weeks of people who attended

this party asking for help to pay the fines now if you are a regular viewer to the channel you will

remember that about a month ago we were talking about the madrid miracle how cases in madrid were

going down while in the rest of spain they were going up unfortunately that miracle has come to

an end and we can see here that the christmas hangover has triggered cases and forces 500 000

madrid residents to be confined in total from monday there will be 18 zones in five locations

with perimeter closures the effect of the holidays with more social contacts and greater relaxation

and protection measures has been felt in the epidemiological data of the pandemic

infections have risen in the last week and it is foreseeable that they will continue to rise after

the christmas holidays explained yesterday the minister of health enrique ruiz escudero for this

reason because we cannot give the virus one step ahead the madrid authorities decided yesterday

to maintain the restrictions in the areas that already had them and extend them to another eight

health areas in the capital city and five new locations around the madrid community as of monday

so the holiday effect as madrid politicians are calling it leading to more restrictions

in spain's capital city now let's have a look at the health situation in spain by looking at a map

of the country in various autonomous communities we'll start off here with spain as a whole and

we can see that the risk level is high the total amount of cases creeping up to the 2 million mark

the accumulated incidence rate the last 14 days now sitting at 279 the total amount of covered

deaths since the pandemic began there have been 622 coveted related deaths in the last seven days

there are currently eleven thousand five hundred and thirty five copied patients hospitalized

around the country and there are two thousand and eighteen copied patients in icus which is just

over 21 of all icu's in the country madrid now we can see that the risk level is extreme the total

amount of cases just under 400 000 the accumulated incidence rate now up to 400. the total amount of

deaths since the pandemic began we can see the amount of deaths in the last seven days sits at

63. there are currently 1880 copied patients in hospitals in the madrid community and there are

305 coveted patients in icus which is around 25 of all icu beds in the madrid community catalonia

now the risk level they're also extreme the total amount of cases the ai rate in the last 14 days

369. there have been 41 coveted related deaths in the last seven days there are currently three

thousand and twelve copied patients hospitalized in catalonia and there are four hundred and twenty

nine copied patients in icus which is just over thirty four percent of all i see using catalonia

now 2021 is shaping up to be a big year for the united kingdom of course now officially out of the

european union and needless to say the problems for brits have already started when it comes

to traveling to the european union as we can see here from this headline britain's living in spain

barred from madrid flight in post-brexit travel rail british embassy says that this should not

be happening after airline staff claim pre-brexit id documents are invalid british residents flying

home to spain were prevented from boarding a joint ba iberia flight to madrid on saturday

night after airline staff said their pre-brexit residency papers were no longer valid a total of

nine people weren't allowed to board at heathrow among them journalist and photographer max duncan

who was told his green residency paper was no longer valid even though both the spanish and

british governments have said both the old foreign national identification nie document and the new

foreign id card t-i-e remain valid in a tweet from the british embassy in madrid duncan was assured

that the green paper was valid this should not be happening the spanish authorities have reconfirmed

again this evening that the green residency document will be valid for travel to return to

spain as stated in our travel advice officials said by the embassies at uk and spain account

so there you go both governments have said that this should not be happening but it has happened

i feel sorry for those nine people that had to put up with that bureaucratic blunder at heathrow

airport on saturday but welcome to the club of living in the eu being a citizen from a non-eu

country fun times ahead and finally some news about gibraltar or the rock as it is apparently

commonly known and we can see here that spain will have final say on gibraltar entry minister

says spain will have the last deal on who enters gibraltar under a preliminary deal on

border arrangements for the uk territory foreign minister aran chagon thalea told el pais in an

interview responsibility for overseeing the new passport-free schengen agreement terms for entry

to gibraltar's port and airport as envisioned in the accord would be spain's gonthaleth told the

newspaper however separately fabian picado or fabian picardo gibralta's first minister

said that only the gibraltarian authorities would decide who enters the territory under

the new year's eve agreement only gibraltar will decide who enters gibraltar and spanish officers

will not exercise any controls in gibraltar at the airport or port now or in four years time

he said on twitter this is our land so spain says this gibraltar says that good to see that the

terms of the agreement were clear now let's have a look at some of the comments from previous videos

one here from gene happy new year to you and your family thank you for the time it must take you to

put the videos together and keeping your followers informed about what is happening in spain we watch

your videos every time you upload one because we are in the process of becoming a resident in spain

we are back in the uk for christmas and to collect our belongings and dog stuart do you know if the

proof of application for residencia and pcr test will allow us to return in late january

our government website had stated proof of application would be accepted but now the site

does not say that can you shed some light on the new rules keep up the good work and many thanks

yeah gene thanks for the comment and glad to see that you like and appreciate the

videos unfortunately i can't help you with your specific query because i don't know the exact

type of documentation that you need to enter the country now that you are not part of the european

union as we saw a minute ago it is getting quite complicated as we saw people there at heathrow

getting turned away even with that green a4 residencia document but as i normally

do in this situation i will open it up to the community and hopefully you can get a more exact

answer to your question let's hope that everything goes smoothly for you and you can get everything

sorted out asap one here from australia happy new year stewart and family we had a different

celebration this time in new south wales but as you say we don't know how difficult it is for

you all in europe our family in spain and germany keep us informed and we appreciate the struggle

keep safe and muchas gracias for your videos we watch them over breakfast daily yesterday

thanks for the comment and a happy new year to you all down there in new south wales

i know that people are struggling a little bit at the moment with a recent covet outbreak i think

there was an outbreak in the northern beaches of sydney and a few more cases since then and

a bit of a worry whether the cricket test will take place or not western australia has reacted

in the usual way shutting down the borders to both new south wales and victoria don't

know whether they're open still to other states but i suppose it's only a matter of time before

all states are banned from traveling to western australia again and unfortunately we are doing it

a bit tough here in spain at the moment as we saw a couple of minutes ago more restrictions coming

into place various places around the country going into a tier 4 restriction level or level

four as they call it here more hardship on the way unfortunately for small business and i don't want

to sound too pessimistic but i think we're in for a rough couple of months but hopefully and i say

hopefully we won't have another severe lockdown like we had in march 2020 he's hoping one hear

from paul many thanks for your very helpful videos we visit spain from the uk on a regular basis with

our touring caravan my wife and i wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year

and hope to visit this beautiful country many more times in the future despite brexit

excellent work and info thank you yeah paul thanks for the comment and again a happy and healthy new

year to you too i'm sure there's lots of people out there in a similar situation to yourselves

not being able to travel down here by caravan at the moment are a little bit difficult to do so

but i don't think brexit will get in the way of that i think people will still be able to

travel freely around europe obviously not as freely as you could do before because there's

going to be some type of time restrictions in place of course but spain's going to still be

here and everything that makes spain a fantastic country is still going to be here once we get this

pandemic out of the way i'm sure that the tourist sector down there on the costas will spring back

to life and i'm sure that people from the united kingdom will flock back down here in their droves

the only difference is that you won't be able to stay here one here from cheese eating happy new

year's mate look forward to your making the travel vids again finding some nice little park in some

obscure and remote town like the old days stay safe ah ye old days i remember them fondly when

i was able to travel around the country and as you said find some obscure little park in a wonderful

little city here in spain and record my travel videos haven't been able to do them for a while

probably won't be able to do them for the next few months but boy cuantas ganes tengo de podecochel

want to hear from linda hi stuart some random questions what language does your family speak

at home i'm especially curious if you have a rule about speaking english with your son

if you've become serious about moving to portugal would you try to learn more portuguese before you

go or just wing it since so many portuguese speak english and or spanish finally has the controversy

about actor alec baldwin's wife pretending to be a spaniard hit madrid it's a big news story in the

us especially on social media thanks yolinda thanks for the comment and i'll try to answer

your questions the language that we speak here at home is spanish that's the language of the

family however with my son i try to communicate in english at all times i don't often get a reply

it's mainly a one-way conversation in english and it comes back at me in spanish but he is now going

to a bilingual school and i'm starting to hear a little bit more english creeping into his day

to day if i went to live in portugal would i try to learn more of the language absolutely i would

try to learn as much portuguese as i could before i went to live in the country for me

it's fundamental to learn the local language and although portuguese has proven to be a bit of an

obstacle up until now i would definitely make more of an effort to get as fluent as possible

and finally about alec baldwin's wife pretending to be spanish i haven't heard too much about it

here in fact i don't think i've heard anything in the spanish press about it i did see it on

various australian media outlets but of course that's because they take everything from the usa

so whatever is big there is big in australia but here i don't think too many people are familiar

with alec baldwin's wife and i don't think anybody really knows who she is or where she comes from

and finally one here from owen valencians get stick for being so snobby about their paella

once you eat authentic paella valenciana with chicken and rabbit or snails and artichoke too

si estilo de campo you completely understand not being able to eat a tourist seafood paella with

peas yo and thanks for the comment to be honest i'm not really a huge rice fan i've never really

understood the hype surrounding paella i've never really understood why it is the most famous dish

here in spain don't get me wrong i don't hate pay but it's not in my top 10 list of spanish dishes

and you're right one of the worst paellas that i ever had was down there on the coast overlooking

the mediterranean one of the typical tourist payers it was a terrible experience i think that

put me off eating paella for a long time but a lot of people have taken the concept of the paella and

rum with it taken at the places where it should never have gone put things into a paella that

should never have been put into a paella and often producing a dish which is nothing more than mushy

rice and peas on that note i'll start to wrap the video up questions and comments please leave them

in the section below debate the situation out as you normally do give the video a thumbs up if you

liked it thumbs down if you didn't tell us your favorite spanish dishes see you in the next one

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